Change your life script…Change your life.


The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
Albert Einstein

Tatyana is here..

In  the past  couple weeks I had  major aha moments and a quantum leap in my personal  and spiritual growth to see and experience the power of strong intention, action and faith! I know it sounds simple but it takes YOU to do it all.

You are the Creator of your own life! Only you are responsible for your actions. You must focus on what brings positive results, and it starts with your mindset, acceptance of the past mistakes and forgiveness of others and yourself included.   You can compare your life with a movie script and you are a creative writer behind the best script the world wants to see! You can change the script any time and that is the best thing!

Yes, your life is a movie script. You have many choices: drama, comedy, action movie, horror, or cute romance.  It can be simply a boring script. You decide! Only you see what you really want.  My best advice- put your thoughts in a journal. Believe the story you want to create will come true or even better.

What script do you want to write? When you see things in a new perspective and focus on loving your new life you will want to create positive experiences. You will not want to have thoughts of low energy- rage, anger, revenge and hate…because they are going to poison your soul…We all want to have a good ending to a story…It is time to plant the seeds of positive lifestyle and abundance, self love and joy!

When my life was turned upside down,  I saw the perfect opportunity to make the most positive change in my life. It was a blessing to start fresh and discover the courage in my heart to move forward and be around people who celebrate you. Honestly it was a  fresh beginning.  I knew I had to do it.  I saw the vision of what I really wanted but  that vision was too blurry because of toxic events that were clouding my ultimate purpose. That is how the movie script works…as we write a perfect script we make changes and sometimes the ending is not what we expected!

One lesson I learned in creating a new script- to let go of others who disrespect and belittle  or find the ways to revenge  you or show anger because they think they have a RIGHT to do. I focused on my own peace and my well-being so I can be the best mommy for my sons and the best woman as God intended me to be.  You cannot convince others to see YOUR best and your do not need an approval stamp to tell you if your life script is perfect. You have an ultimate producer of your life script and he can orchestrate things if you focus on taking care of you!


I believe everything is possible.

If you want REAL change, check out how you can do that and what I am about to do…


Best wishes



Announced! Nerium AD Nashville and Nationwide PR and marketing campaign!


Finally! An anti-aging discovery, NeriumAD campaign to transform your life!


I am excited to share that I am  launching a major PR campaign for an antiaging breakthrough NeriumAD and I am accepting new brand partners to leave a legacy of life changers and launch local markets in US and later in Canada.  When most families are strapped for cash Nerium International is allowing moms and dads to replace income or create additional income. We are ready to teach you how to build a solid Nerium business!

With a big focus on inner beauty, personal development, NeriumAD product brought a new wave of confidence, self love and prosperity. It is more than a BEAUTY product. It is a life transformation vehicle for you and your family!  This NeriumAD  project will bring a new safe home business that you can work part time or full time…With an amazing leadership of Jeff Olson and his team Nerium International is creating breakthroughs and new heart felt stories!!!

Tomorrow October 30, 2012 Nerium International is hosting special calls all day long!

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We are looking forward to build Nerium business with leaders in Nashville TN and nationwide!

We look forward to our partnership


Tatyana Gann

How to create bigger profits during the holiday season


Tatyana is here..

Don’t you love fall?  You feel nice crisp air outside and you crave some hot chocolate or hot apple cider or enjoy a fireplace with your loved ones…

Fall season is a perfect time to start thinking about the Holiday promotions. It is time to design and develop your promotional campaigns. Usually you must have 90 days to get everything done and make things happen. However majority of business owners leave it to the last minute a month before special events and do not think to consider to reach local media or do any online PR. They think people find them on its own…WRONG!

You must build awareness and let people see what you do and how you can help them to have a better experience in life.  Once they see your promotions long enough they will get some interest or try your products.   In the midst of your advertising campaigns you must utilize power of media and SEO press releases, social media marketing, video marketing and  other creative ways to share message . Regardless what your product is,  you must focus on solving your customer problems. You must have FUN with it and make it MEMORABLE!

Here is what I have to make your life simple and how we can work together.

Option #1 Promotional Creative Campaigns For Your Small Biz

Are you interested in product positioning, marketing and publicity content to launch product or announce promotions?

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We are launching a major campaign for an antiaging breakthrough NeriumAD and we are accepting new brand partners to leave a legacy of life changers and launch local markets in US and later in Canada. When most families are strapped for cash Nerium International is allowing moms and dads to replace income or create additional income. With a big focus on inner beauty, personal development, NeriumAD product  brought a new wave of confidence, self love and prosperity. It is more than a beauty product.  It is a life transformation vehicle for you and your family!

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Once you join our team, you will receive these awesome bonuses. I call it Local Market Launch Made Easy Training.

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  • Press release system available to you and we will write a press release  about your partnership with Nerium and submit to PR directories. ( value $300)
  • Weekly promotional creative marketing training and consulting (value $1000 )
  • Weekly Personal development and spiritual growth training and mentoring (phone sessions or skype sessions)
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We look forward to our partnership


Tatyana Gann & Associates

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9 am till 5 pm CST


Tatyana Gann

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Mom, Author










You cannot have spiritual growith without this…..

Tatyana is here. I have not written in a while. 

Spiritual growth became the fancy phrase in the world of “self help gurus” but “spiritually hungry” people are still looking for answers.  Where do you start?

When you realize that the best asset you can have is not your real estate, cars, money in the bank and fake friends who are there for you when things are good…it is HOPE in the IMPOSSIBLE, FAITH in GOD and LOVE you have for yourself because God loves you.  When you are going to realize it, feel it and understand at a deeper level you will start your spiritual journey.

Quite often spiritual journey starts when you are wrecked, when you fall apart and when everything in your life has drastically changed. For a moment, you do not believe what is possible…But it is only for a brief moment. You regroup. You move forward.  You can look at it as the most challenging times in your life, but you can also see them as the most beautiful times in your life because God is FINALLY revealing your true power!

One of the most important principles in spiritual growth is LOVE. Learning to love you is a step one in spiritual growth. It is not something you want to leave for later. You want to allow God’s love in your heart. It will move mountains and open new doors. It will give you strength and wisdom to do what you never did!

Love is the force that opens hearts of others to see the light in you. God’s love  that people will see in you changes hearts of the ones who hurt you most and makes you a big believer that God favors are coming your way…Believe it…Trust…and Take action…even small ones.

Choices are very important. From this VERY point in your life only you are responsible for your choices…Only you can make things better or best in your life. Do not rush with choices…Make sure you feel at peace with them so everything follows smoothly…It will be if YOU believe it.

YOUR WHY will make you do things that are not comfortable…It will open hidden gems in your soul and your heart that you never thought you had! Ask God for guidance because he placed them there and patiently waited for you to see your true power. Go for it. Aim HIGH…There are no limits!

My big WHYs are my boys…They are my reason to become a true polished diamond…Dream BIG!

Your clarity is very important to see your path and recognize the right people in your life who could guide you and coach you. In confused mind it doesn’t happen. My point work on purifying your heart your soul and your mind!!!

In order to create the most precious moments in life you must do what you never done. You must leave your baby security blanket and put a shield on, find solutions to make things happen!!!  As a mom I am on fire and the best mission EVER- to give my boys the best gift- my unconditional love and show them that HOPE, FAITH and LOVE are most powerful attributes that God gave us…

 ( my boys are my spiritual teachers…Yes they are…I learned major lessons of self love and unconditional love!!!)

You cannot have spiritual growth without this: clarity, big WHYs,  love, self love, self acceptance, wise choices and YOU is the main actor on the stage of life! It is never too late to start dreaming again and loving yourself!!! I have simple solutions for you so you can dream again and dream BIG, feel better, look better and have more choices to do what you always wanted to do! It is a part of our journey to recognize our mission, our life purpose and be what we are meant to be!  Our spiritual growth is the foundation of who we are about to become! 

Get details about one of my solutions right now!






Six Steps To Reinvent Your Business


Tatyana is here.

As creative entrepreneurs we get so many ideas every day and we can get easily confused and even distracted. You might put ideas on the back burner and wait till a perfect moment…You might want to create a new brand or change a direction of your business!

Trust me, I have been there and had to follow my intuition and lead with my passion. However, we cannot jump into the unknown world without a good plan. It is a business. Without a business plan nothing works…We must put it all on a paper.. I know it sounds simple but as a great mentor to many successful business owners MaryEllen Tribby with  told me last week, “Tatyana, put everything you want and the outcome you want on the  paper. You will see the results you want and start there!”

We must be strategic… We must take one step at a time. If we do  not follow simple steps we can get lost and even more confused.

Sometimes we must start with these six steps:

  1. Ask ourselves why we got burned out and maybe we must change our business direction. We might need to step aside and take a new look at what we did and if it is something we want to pursue.
  2. Change our ideal client market. Just in a recent conversation with my friend James we saw his values were not aligned with his customers values and he had to make changes.
  3. Change a business model: You might go from one on one coaching to speaking in groups to free time and get more exposure. You can write a book and become an expert in your field.
  4. Breath. Relax.  Focus on things that make you feel GREAT!
  5. Hire a consultant/coach to guide you. ( That is where I come in and guide you with my strategic consulting or even some coaching)
  6. Do what feels unnatural. Success is always going to make you feel unnatural. It is a part of your journey

If you are ready to create a breakthrough or make changes, I am accepting brand new clients for a limited amount of coaching and consulting engagements…

We will together in the areas:

  • personal breakthroughs and spiritual growth
  • PR strategies
  • personal branding
  • creative writing
  • content development and bring you resources to help you to grow!


Contact me today to explore new opportunities for your growth and schedule a complimentary 20 min session to see how I can serve you best!




Tatyana Gann



Creme brulee thinking ….



Are you living a creme brulee lifestyle?

I love creme brulee. I love the divine taste and five star experience and my dear friend James knows my taste! Well,  James and I have a monthly tradition. We get on the phone and discuss life, business and what we can do to improve our lives. We share resources to grow our business. We laugh a lot and talk about our lifestyle, dreams and families. However, the last phone call was quite different.  James felt lost. He wanted a new direction in his life and business. He was getting frustrated! As we talked we both saw his values were not aligned with the work he was involved in. It was not making him happy, complete and he was loosing a desire to continue doing the work he has put so much energy into.  He was seeking new solutions. But they had to be simple!

I said , “James why are you being an apple pie when you want to be a creme brulee?”  He started laughing and said to me,  ” I love a good piece of flourless chocolate cake. I get your point and i never thought of it this way!!”  He simply gave up on his dreams, his desires and passions. He wanted finer things in life and felt he needed to do things to please masses.  He did everything to bring resources and solutions but they could not provide the income he wanted to have to support his dream lifestyle. He appreciated fine things in life and he was afraid to accept them. His values were WEALTH, BEAUTY, ART, RELATIONSHIPS, FINE THINGS ( great food, wine and so on..) and EDUCATION.  The solution- he had to accept his desires and dreams and FINALLY claim them!

It does not matter if you want to be a creme brulee, a cake or heavenly apple pie. You must change! James  made a decision not to lie to himself about who he was and what he wanted in life was perfectly wonderful!~ He had to get out of circles he was in and start surrounding himself with people who would help him to be at that level. His professional and business experience was outstanding, but he was trying to be just another internet marketer, just another trainer of low cost marketing methods thinking it would attract BIG THINKERS.  Some of his clients were not willing to pay BIG bucks, and he was giving the education and resources to grow their business! He believed nothing was working and needed an immediate intervention! He needed a breakthrough…

We came up with a solution to get him out of the work he was doing .  It was not bringing satisfaction any longer. It was making him quite angry.  He had to let go of projects he was not passionate about! He had to stop to fear what he loved the most- his appreciation for fine things and teaching people who think BIG. He had to let go of idea  that serving his knowledge to people who did not appreciate his vision was a great idea!

He saw that he had gifts that were not fully utilized, and he was dying inside to share them with the right people.  He had to think differently about his passions, his values and a wonderful life he wanted for his family! He saw that self love was a missing ingredient in his work!

The best advice he received in our chat was to do what he always wanted to do. He had to stop living on the planet he did not belong to and move to the planet (a new platform) where he was destined to be and follow his divine blueprint. He had to take a space ship ( his new thoughts and powerful intention) and make a leap of faith. Total surrender and trust!

So…Are you living a creme brulee lifestyle?

Change your thoughts, expect only the best and  feel it is happening to you!   Then, take actions to match your desires and your thinking.  You can start today…Why not?


Tatyana Gann


How can you recognize a personal breakthrough

Tatyana is here.

You hear a lot about breakthroughs and what to do next after you have one. Thousands of people spend money on courses, training workshops to experience breakthroughs and let go of blocks. I know I did that until I said to myself ” It will be my quest to bring awareness to people about real deep breakthroughs”.  What is a real breakthrough? Breakthrough is FREEDOM!

How do you recognize a breakthrough and stand firm in your truth? Should we expect some magic things happening in our life?

I would say NO.

It happens when we go through major life storms. The breakthrough does not arrive at our door in a nice pink package. It is quite opposite. The breakthroughs come in ugly packages. They march into our life with storms, loses, trials, pains and major disappointments. You might have been ready to give up and say “Forget it. I never make it!” and the feeling of apathy overpowers you that often follows by a feeling of anger or even anxiety…You start believing you are looser. You failed…but…in the midst of it you might notice a little gap, a little light that shines a new hope. It is like a little doorway to a brand new beginning. Once you recognize this gap and allow yourself to take a good look, you finally can see your raw truth! You needed a challenge to face it and your inner guidance led you to that doorway.


The best advice I can give you today – Don’t give up when you feel you are losing energy, courage, faith and hope. I wanted to give up many times. I wanted to hide myself in a cave and just sit there. I even believed I was not worthy to have success. I created a story in my head that I needed to be MORE and BETTER. I believed that my talents or skills were not enough…I sabotaged my own breakthrough. But little by little pieces of my soul got back together and like pieces puzzle I saw the big picture that I needed to see…I saw a vision. Finally. It was a truly awakening experience.


But listen me out…You must hear my message now so you know how to recognize breakthrough…Okay, here we go..


There is a little space between this feeling of being defeated and having MAJOR success. It is called breakthrough…Once you feel you are getting defeated, or failed DO NOT walk away, it is a fake feeling /low energy that wants to sabotage you…God or what you believe as your highest power will NEVER do that. Pray to God for guidance to see the invisible little path, little tiny thread to pull you through and you will be on their other side of defeat called NEW vision. You experienced breakthrough.


You will be able see things differently…You are now on the path to real victory…what you thought to be insignificant – that little belief you had- became your major FORCE to push you and pull you through! I have been through this experience to see my vision, my purpose and passion and I believe you can do the same. We all have this ability. …Sometimes you have to get through dark life moments to see your light…You cannot hide light in you…breakthrough will happen.


I think having awareness about real breakthroughs is very important. Some folks think breakthrough happens when…things will get better and when success is here. Nope it is when you feel like BS and your feel you have metal iron walls closing on you and you feel pressure, fire, heat and everything seems go against you. You want to run away and instead you must regroup and find courage to go forward!

Don’t feel defeated when storms in life happen. They shake you up to see clear your truth and obtain real peace. You gain clarity and new vision. Never EVER give up! Don’t let people or events dim your light. I am here to bring you solutions to look better, feel FABULOUS, make an awesome income and have FREEDOM!

You deserve it. Believe it. I am here to serve you! I want to offer you two options:

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How to grow and manage your business with Facebook fanpages

Tatyana is here.  As a  business consultant I get emails every day about different tools, systems and your head can really spin from too  much information. Today I want to invite you to learn about a simple marketing platform that can help you to grow and manage your online business on Facebook .  What I love about this platform is quite simple. Love simplicity then read on…I have been very fortunate to work with a brilliant CEO of Fanpage Toolkit Aaron Friedman and I can highly recommend his platform to my customers and all my business collegues who want to improve their Facebook presence, grow fanbase and increase sales using simple social commerce and marketing solutions.

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See you on the inside,


Tatyana Gann, Business Consultant/Coach

Aaron Friedman CEO Fanpage ToolKit



How to share love and create serious profits in your business!


As we step into the most beautiful and busiest season of the year, I would love to talk about love, love for our clients, love for what we do and love for people we deal with on a daily basis. What does it take to express love? Do we take this beautiful feeling  called LOVE for granted? Do we give LOVE  freely to people around or do we feel we need a special event to show love?

Let’s have a coffee talk…Grab a cup of coffee and I want to hear your thoughts .  I have been thinking about this: we live in a very busy world and we do not take time to  show love and have a deep soulful conversation. We often say “Hi, How are you?“  That is it. Short. Sweet. In our daily activities we say this phrase to be polite, and we look away or even worse- we get on our Blackberry or Android and reply to new messages in front of people we wanted to talk. Crazy RIGHT? No wonder people feel they build better relationships via Facebook chat or Twitter because at least they are heard and they can express their heart to everyone around!

First, do you want to be heard, loved and appreciated? I am sure you do.  I believe we must speak the words of faith, hope and love into people hearts and speak from the bottom of your heart not because YOU HAVE TO SOUND KIND and LOVING. We must show people they matter and at that moment they got our attention. I love spending evenings with my husband talking about his days or going on a quick coffee date and just listen to him, reflect and plan our week. We often wonder why people do not take time for their friends or family and they live few miles away or a call away. How can we expect to have a great business if we do not take care of our relationships with loved ones and our friends? Why do so many people become very cold and distant and wonder why their business suffers.?!  Everything you do reflects your inner state and  your clients and business associates can feel your energy even miles away.

Secondly, do not worry about creating your image. You are not a politician. When you a ask your team member, your business client, a biz associate how they are doing, really take time and focus on them. Give them your “time” and look in the eyes. Even when you are on the phone feel them, imagine they are right there and you are enjoying a cup of coffee together. When I started using social media few years ago I even made a video “Smile when you tweet!” People care how you make them feel. Do they feel special in your presence? Do they trust you? If they do you have won their attention and possibly new clients.  If you focus on building authentic and kind relationships with your customers, it will create miracles in business.  As your nurture your relationships your business will thrive.  Do you want more fans and more referrals? Then focus on treating each client as VIP client even if they pay you 10 bucks!   You never know they could be YOUR star, a person who can open your heart to see new things, a person who can guide you or be just your best friend. Be a giver…When you start being a giver, God will open doors to everything that seems so impossible!

Third, love yourself. Self love is the force that pushes your forward and allows you to accept people as they are. When you accept yourself the way God made you, you would be more patient with yourself and others. You will be able to have passion and purpose in life because you know your values and your decisions are based on them!  Self love is the most important factor in creating profits. If we cannot look at ourselves in the mirror and say “Hey YOU, did you know you are so cool and smart and I LOVE YOU!” If we are afraid to see the best in ourselves, we would NOT be able to see the best in others, at least fully!

Final note: I am accepting serious professionals who want to look better and live better.  I recommend to  reserve your spot for our Thursday webinar to learn about the coolest discovery of a century in the beauty industry and how you can become our partner.   You will hear  meet my special guest, one of my mentors,  Carla Ferrer Russo, a bestselling author, a wellness expert, a professional speaker, a business coach who appeared on Oprah, FOX, ABC and NBC and more…I am honored to be mentored by Carla and be a part of an amazing community that focuses on building new  YOU!

Reserve your spot TODAY!


Enjoy your day!



Tatyana Gann


12 Things You Can Write In Your Newsletter

Do you feel  lost, exhausted and have a creative block? ….Or may be even worse- asleep while thinking of all types of content you could write about?  I have spent many nights in my kitchen writing and putting all ideas down on the paper or in a note pad.  I would stay up very late and with a dear friend called COFFEE and I would research the hottest topics and what people were  complaining about.. ( PS ..shhh that is my husband totally asleep after he exhausted all his creative juices LOL)

Let’s talk about your business and what you can do to write a good interesting content:

If you have a service based business:

Be an expert in your reader’s eyes so they see they need your service

Everything you know about your topic makes your expert especially you lived it.

If you have a product based business:

Share highlights of your products. Share the simple how to tips and success stories. If you sell essential oils give tips on holistic living, personal growth and spiritual awareness.

If you market anti-aging skin care products give tips on how to choose the right skin care . It can be  educational videos or press releases with case studies and tips on  how to find the best skin care …

If you are selling a business opportunity:

Give success stories of people who worked this business, tips on getting started in any business and how to work the leads. In my new business project with Nerium International we constantly share success stories and show what people did to achieve that. It empowers them to make a move and reach out to you.

Now….your next step…

Write 10 bullet points at least so we can get your content arranged.

  1. Focus on the content to educate, entertain and serve THEM
  2. Use your expertise as the foundation for all your blog posts or videos.
  3. Share great stuff. Do not be stingy.
  4. Your magazine is not your text book or  manual but more of tips they can do themselves and then get to you for more coaching or consulting or buying your products

Remember three things

  • Some readers will love your ideas and share
  • Some readers will apply them
  • Some will do all above and then come to get your products

What should YOU write about?

  1. Share updates with them. What is newsworthy? That is why writing a little press story to sell your products will be better especially if it is a new product  or special sale
  2. Think of three areas you will would love clients to see you as a resourse
  3. Read industry publications to know and share ideas, opinions.
  4. In building your OWN brand leverage other people success, contribute, give opinion. They have started somewhere…Still you are the SOURCE.Always ask how you can help them and what they want to learn, what problems they want to solve. Use the answers for your content in blog, videos, even images and press releases.
  5. Write down 8 questions customers or clients asked in the past
  6. Offer top 5 or 10 tips on a subject of your choice
  7. Share real life examples. They work and add them to your newsletters
  8. If you go to conferences, events and workshops share what you learned and how it can help THEM.
  9. Invite authors – guests. Start with 3 to 5 ( even well known)
  10. Write three experts you would love to interview this fall.
  11. Share books, resources and write reviews
  12. Create rolodex of resources ( even affiliate links)


Look forward to serving you

Tatyana Gann