Writing a bio for your website: 10 questions you must ask yourself


When it comes to writing “about me” or “our story” page or  your social media profile, many business owners think that accomplishments and college education is important. YES they are…but people connect with you on an emotional level. They want to know if you have experience and knowledge. I have met many street smart business owners who have never been to college..but they have mastered something they were passionate about and made it work for them.  What  if you were just a beginner, your knowledge and your passion to serve others is important as well.

Before you sit down and start writing your website bio or your social media profile to impress potential clients and or get media attention, I will give you a list of 10 questions you  must have ask yourself.

Question # 1

Why am I in this business?

It is your why. It is your vision. It is your deep desire to be something more.

Question # 2

What does make me an expert in this field?

Your life experiences can make you qualified to coach, mentor and teach. Life is a great teacher and you can share your lessons.

Question # 3

What are my core values I stand for?

Question # 4

How do I help others to solve their core problems?

Question # 5

What is so unique and fun about me?

Question # 6

What do I love to do when I do not work?

Question # 7

What is your vision for your business?

Question # 8

What type of clients have you worked in the past?

Question # 9

What is your WOW factor?

You can talk about your strengths, passions, things that ignite your heart.

Question # 10

If you watched yourself from a distance….what would you say about yourself?

Here are additional questions that can help you to create a good bio for your website  and your publicity:

1. What words would you use to describe yourself? What words do others use to describe you?
2. How you would like to be perceived by others?
3. What are you passionate about?
4. What is your mission?
5. What talents and skills do you have to offer others?
6. What makes you an asset to the society?
7. What steps have you taken to share your brand with others?

Your brand identity is very important for you and your customers. Knowing what you stand for, your core values, your vision is the foundation of solid business. When you have a great business bio or about me page, you can share the most intimate part of your heart, your mind and your soul to build long term relationships.

Make sure to print these questions out and use them for writing your bio.

If you need help to get your bio written and help you with your PR strategies click here.

Have a great day!

Your coach



#1 Storytelling Tip To Launch Your Media Presence


photo1You have a vision. You want to be seen in the major media publications, TV, be interviewed by the influencers and the hottest talk in the town. You have so much passion buzzing in your veins that you are cannot stop You want to share your vision. ……here you go…

….You might have been told that in order to get media attention and have others talk about your product or business you need a story.. With so much marketing and content marketing advice you can get confused. It is quite easy!

Now I am going to show you why and how storytelling can help you launch your media presence, be the hottest success story and have fun in your professional life! PR can be sexy!

But… You need to know who YOU are first.

You might have heard storytelling is a new way to make connections, get new leads and get more sales. In every story you play a role. We call it a persona in the world of online publicity or public relations. Today storytelling is an amazing way to share your story right on your blog.

What is a persona? Persona is a role you play in your story…Your story comes from your professional and personal life experience. A persona is something you develop and build your story around it to support it Persona is NOT your brand but a part of your brand. It helps to showcase your brand. When I started my PR consulting in 2009 I was known as SmokinHotPR boutique owner. It was my starting point. My persona was Trendsetter and Superhero. I wanted to set new PR trends and serve people to use PR to create freedom with their business. Create BIG buzz with less work!

First important element is POSITIVE EMOTION.  It connects with people on emotional levels positively to inspire to motivate them to make new choices, new decisions and improve life.

Second important element is CONTROVERSIAL EMOTION. It does not have to be positive. It is often controversial. It makes people think. It often stirs us discussions, hot debates. Some controversy will do, but make sure it is not negative.

I will cover few types of persona I believe would be great for your stories in the media publications

1. The Adversary: The One who takes an opposing view of the most important matters. You  love to draw some attention. When they go left you go RIGHT.

2. The Superhero: you demonstrate some heroic effort what people remember. You show courage to serve people. You believe that you have the key to freedom.

3. The Trendsetter: You are interested in future trends and innovations. You love technology. You love social media. You share all the coolest things with your fans.

4. The Adventure lover: you love to share your life adventures. It is your lifestyle. People in the home business industry, musicians, writers who travel, love to share their lifestyle stories.

Love to hear about your persona. Leave a comment below. If you need help with your media attention, developing your online presence, become recognized and make you unforgettable apply for my private consulting and coaching.

To your success

How To Write Magical Headlines To Generate New Leads

How To Write Magical Headlines To Generate New Leads

In a busy world nobody has time to read the full story and customers want INSTANT delivery. When it comes to pitching a media or getting attention of new customers via social media you should stand out! 

Here are 7 signs of a good headline. Plus I prepared couple exercises  to help you to improve your content writing skills.  Good headlines are MUST in your lead generation. Regardless what you write – a press release or a blog post- your headlines give a first impression. Let me give you some tips on writing a good headline.


What is a good headline?

  • It has a great hook – If you want to get message across you must capture attention like a hook. Your hook should be sweet, authentic rich, exciting and unique
  • Clarity– headline should describe your story and share message on the first try. It has to stand out! Readers do not want to solve puzzles they want information
  • Short headline…focus on the main keywords you want to use as hooks to get attention. Here is what you do…
  • Witty headlines- smart, sharp, controversial, upfront.
  • Witty but still clear- do not get distracted from the purpose of your message
  • It is Current and shows current news and updates
  • Use of buzz words from your niche but only for your niche not anybody else…


Exercise #1

  • Write a summary in one sentence. Does not worry about how long it should be…Just go and write.
  • Underline each word that does not make sense or is not important in getting your story out
  • Circle with a different color the words that are essential
  • Write a new sentence with circled words
  • Sleep on it…Wait till tomorrow or at least few hours before your publish it.

Exercise # 2

  • Take a flash card or over sized business cards or cut the paper the same size as a flash card.
  • Write your headline on the back of your card. Can you do it? If it is too long, then idea is not clear. Write a new one.
  • Take old magazines in your niche and cut the headlines that fit your story and try to mix and match…It will open your creative flow

What if you are totally green to content marketing?

  • Write your story first
  • Write 4 headlines for your blog or press release and then give yourself few hours then come back. If they are bad and you feel blah…write new ones.
  • If you are feeling stuck, ask for help in your facebook groups and among biz colleagues
  • If the idea is limited and you feel stuck you should develop a new idea or new angle that is easier for you.
  • Readers are headlines hungry! They want it now, short, clear, clever and fun!


Are you ready to develop a new content for your blog, a newsletter or your social media campaign? Want to get new clients? Schedule a complimentary 15 min consultation with me today and we will see if what I do fits your business situation.

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Tatyana Gann

Writing your bio or a little pitch?

datewith hubby

Good morning . Let’s have a coffee chat about you!

When I asked my clients in the past if they had a great bio they said they never had time to put one together…or did know what to write. I decided to give you  some ideas .and questions to ask yourself to remove your writing block. Simple. Fun. Easy! You need a good short bio/pitch when you introduce yourself to a group or new friends/biz partners.

Make sure print the questions and write answers beside each question.
What is the most UNUSUAL about what you do?
What is exciting about what you do?
What are you strengths?
How do you satisfy your customers?
What does motivate you?
What is the most interesting thing for people about you when they see first time?
Do you have WOW factor?
Make sure it is only 2 sentences and use essential words…
Make it for specific audience…It depends on each niche you target!

Step 2. Resources:

My favorite blogging platform to get best exposure is Empower Network…If you do not have time to build a blog and want to get more exposure for your business for a small marketing fee I recommend Empower Network. Click here to see my blog and decide for yourself…

I would be honored to work with you and consult you to map out your creative writing or publicity plan. I only take serious qualified business professionals who have patience and willingness to get work done…Schedule your appointment today

Have a great day




Your PR should not be your 99 cents menu item!

Tatyana small

From the desk of Tatyana Gann

This morning I got  a cool email about  Pitchegine, the most innovative PR and social media platform for brands.    Pitchengine was recognized as ” leading the way in reshaping how we think about public relations by embracing technology.”

I was excited to see that work that Jason Kintzler CEO of Pitchengine had put into Pitchengine, has been recognized I have known him for a few years and he has been known as an extraordinary, out of the box creative thinker.  I reached out to him on Facebook chat earlier this morning and we talked about new PR for 2016. I shared my vision for my brand for 2016 and he gave me some exciting insights.

Why do I share this with you?

If you are a coach, a writer, or have your own product, sharing the content about what yourself and your brand is MUST. By making it exciting and simple you will be able to leverage such platform to talk about your passions and be of value to your customers.

I believe that new PR will be more simple, accessible and business owners will learn how to create the engaging content and connect with the right communities. They will be news makers. They will write their story. It will transform their business.

With product launches happening right and left on the internet, internet marketers creating the coolest marketing campaigns I asked a few of them a very simple  question “Do you have a PR campaign?” They honestly look at me as if I were speaking a foreign language to them!

For some internet marketers PR is like a 99 cents menu item in the fast food restaurant. They believe it is not an important element of their business plan and it is overlooked. They put it on the back burner. They come up with the most ridiculous excuses or I call them PR Myths:

Myth #1. PR costs too much

Myth #2. Need to be more famous to gain popularity

Myth 3. I have a great marketing plan…I have customers raving about my product and why do I need PR?

Myth 4 . I do not need PR to create authority online.

Myth 5. I do not have a PR team to do that for me.

Start simple. Start with your stories. Find a publishing platform. Become creative.

I recommend Pitchengine to get your message heard. It is FUN. EASY. It WORKS.


Have a great day!






8 ways to write your media story

Tatyana is here.

Are you still thinking about your next big media story…?

I was talking to a friend of mine who has been in advertising and PR field for decades about writing a good media story and what it really took to put a good story together to impress readers and compel them to buy your products and share it in social media …It is all about results.  It takes research, creativity and being a good writer to bring your message to masses and to media.

However we can get a writer’s block and feel lost.  I know I have been there…stuck, confused…and looked at the ceiling and said to myself…Hmm….what should I write about?

My simple advice to you is to think about your goals. What do you expect as your outcome? If your goal to submit your story to a media publication make sure contact editor and ask for guidelines. Do not be blind and make assumptions. Be prepared! Show them they matter by bringing the exact answers they are looking for.

—1. Always focus on how your readers can benefit from your story (it is not your product that matters to them but how it can make a difference in their life)
—2. Think how you can inform them and entertain them. Entertaining  your reader with a good story, with some humor can do a lot of good!
—3. Help your new readers to accomplish their goals, even small ones. Being famous is your second goal,  not first.  Help them to get success in life or business, you will bring it back into your life. It is a law!
—4. Share 3 to 4 lessons you have learned from your product development.
—5.  Few ways you paid attention to your customers and what determined to better meet their needs
—6. If you got  a new client,  share your strategy and what you did to compete with heavy hitters or may you did not have to compete
—7. Share stories in which you failed and what you learned from it.  Take your readers on a tour and explain what you learned, how you recognized your mistakes and what you did to correct them.
8.  If you landed a brand new business partnership, share news.  Share strategies and what you did  to help your new partner to see your vision.  Share your insights on what formed the foundation for this solid partnership.

Have a great week!

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Как начать бизнес EMPOWER NETWORK в России


Сеть  Empower  Network  расширяется и разростается по всему миру, влияя на жизни людей в более чем 100 странах. И русские бизнесмены и предприниматели не исключение. Когда они видят великолепную возможность создать лучший стиль жизни, они решаются на это.

В прошлом единственное, что удерживало русских предпринимателей от использования Empower  Network – языковой барьер.

Но это больше не проблема!

Как говориться: « Если есть желание, найдётся и путь ( способ).»

И поэтому мы хотим дать вам полный обзор Empower  Network на русском языке и показать как вы можете стать частью этой бизнес системы, этого гениального феномена маркетинга, который коснулся жизней тысяч людей за 1 год.

Вы спросите:  Как это сможет мне помочь заработать деньги и дать мне возможность помогать другим людям?

В чём же настоящий секрет онлайн бизнеса и благосостояния?

Kaк же может русскоговорящий  человек без знания других языков построить международный интернет бизнес?

Мой ответ прост. Это желание изменить свою жизнь и жизнь других. Это распространение хороших новостей, быть вестником информации, которая может изменить чью-то жизнь. Просто надо следовать простой системе, которая проверена и работает.

Когда вы говорите о построении традициального бизнеса, то мы знаем, что нам надо обучаться определённым навыкам: техническим, навыкам продаж, стать экспертом  и заслужить доверие, а также навыкам презентации, чтобы заработать прекрасный стиль жизни.

Как вы уже знаете на наработку навыков тратится много времени и денег. Я знаю как бизнес консультант, писатель, что занимает несколько лет, чтобы обучиться  этому и создать свой собственный товарнвй знак- бренд, построить репутацию, создать своё имя и начать традиционный PR бизнес.

Наилучшим в  Empower  Network является то, что вам не надо иметь супер технические навыки , опыт  продаж и тратить время и деньги на изучение того, что устареет к тому времени, пока вы начнёте свой реальный бизнес. Поэтому люди и покупают бизнес системы и франчизы.

Основатель Давид Вуд , один из самых захватывающих экспертов интернет маркетинга, который прошёл путь, когда его домом был автофургон- всё что он мог себе позволить в то время и дойдя до создания мультимиллионного бизнеса, создавая команды из тысячи людей ,не имея даже телефона. Он  использовал свою убедительность и надёжную репутацию, чтобы построить Empower  Network.

Он поделился самым большим секретом – если ты хочешь что-то в жизни  изменить– тебе надо её изменить.

Принимайте решения, вносите изменения  и жизнь будет следовать вашим мыслям и желаниям. Какие же изменения нужны вам в жизни?

Вы можете создать Empower  Network в русских общинах или в России и мы покажем вам как.

С  Empower  Network у вас будет доступ к:

  1. Персональной странице
  2. Правильно записанному видео
  3. Маркетинг странице, которая принесет  результаты
  4. Треннинг по блогам
  5. Тренировка  «Обогащение в  сети»

Начните сегодня только за $25.00 и начните делиться своим наилучшим советом, историей, треннингом, чтобы связаться с  друзьями и бизнес партнёрами. Э то ваш шаг № 1

У вас будет доступ к нашей русскоговорящей команде в США и сможем провобить с вами треннинги и вебинары по скайпу на русском языке. Вы получите руководство по маректингу, как начать зарабатывать деньги при помощи Empower  Network. Делитесь своими увлечениями с миром и увеличьте свой доход и благосостояние.


Татьяна Ганн,

Бизнес  тренер

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skype: russiandiva2

Why I decided to partner with Empower Network after I resisted this thing for a year…especially on 12/12/12


Tatyana is back…and it is December 12, 2012.

They say 12.12.12 it is a day of change and new beginnings. What we feel today will set the right mood for the rest of December and 2013. We can set our mood to feel more gratitude, attract more abundance, more love and more joy into our lives and empower lives of people around us.

Yes, I am filled with gratitude today…for everyone in my life. All life lessons, people I met and people who blessed my life, my children, my special friends, my loved ones and my true friends. As I feel gratitude more and more every day I see new doors opened! My faith has increased because of small steps I took.

Life can throw many surprises and you find yourself asking “What do I really want from my life NOW and in the next 90 days that can SIMPLIFY my life to focus on my family and finally finding time to be with them?”

First, I wanted CHANGE. I did not want glamorous solutions and rah rah stuff that polluted everyone’s mind. I wanted simple life, where I could focus on my priorities- my kids, my precious boys. Was I resisting doing EN thing? Yes…I did…until I heard David Wood video and I got goose bumps…

As I was sitting on the sofa one Sunday afternoon and listening to his message I realized I wanted CHANGE . But it was more than that…I knew I had a way to share with you a real business solution: from creating more profits to increasing YOUR budget, while learning marketing and biz skills from people who have created success!

Learn more about EN solution:

This simple solution was in front of me for over a year but I allowed many people influence my decision.  The reason I am telling you this story is to encourage you to simplify your life and focus on what matters most to you today! You  have NOW, this moment to make a change.. Do not wait until all gets perfect. There will always be something that keeps you busy…or distracted.

I am grateful to a friend and biz partner Alex said to me few times,“ Tatyana, do it for your kids !” When I heard the words “your kids” I knew I had to make a change.  I had to change my mindset and accept the fact I had something that worked!  I could not believe that something could be so simple and I am sure you probably wonder too.

I saw it was a real business system which incorporated all the elements of a successful business without adding extra stress! Let me tell you….I know a lot of about stressful work and admire people who can handle it…But do we really need a stressful career? That is the question. One day I learned my profession of a public relations professional was one of the most stressful jobs in the world…With EN I can eliminate a lot of stress related to running a business and create more time freedom.

Are you ready to let go of what causes you stress?

How often do we believe that it must be complicated in order to work? We let our ego speak very loud in our head and we think it is not going to work and we create a mental block. But we can change it all and create a new picture in our mind of what we really want in life. In the end of the day it is all about our family, kids and peace of mind that we receive from knowing prosperity is everywhere. Solutions are available. We must be open to receive and take action.

Are you ready to receive a simple way to improve life? Are you tired of spinning the wheels?

Secondly, Empower Network platform allows me to express my writing talent. As I am finishing my book and will be sharing my journey to America 18 years ago…all life lessons, all trials and great joys…I believed that I could empower YOU to find courage and move forward in life. I want you to believe that your life is only going to better and I believe you will experience increase if you focus on what matters most to you!

Would be cool if….you could share your life lessons, stories and passions to make a change in someone’s life?

The best part about EN…You can start for only $25

Join now.

Start NOW.

Talk to me…


Mompreneur, Business Coach, Author





Announcement! Nerium AD, an anti-aging breakthrough reaches russian women in North America….

As I am approaching 40 I realize how much time and energy we, women, invest in our beauty,  health and creating success.  One of powerful lessons I learned was a lesson about inner beauty and self love . It all starts inside before it shows up on our face…However, women are always looking for the ways to look and feel good! They are also looking for a solid opportunity to create better life choices.

I have read this quote by Nicholas Sparks, “But even though she was attractive, there was something else about her that caught his eye. She was intelligent, he could sense that right away, and confident, too, as if she were able to move through life on her own terms. To him, these were the things that really mattered. Without them, beauty was nothing.” Women must embrace their inner beauty and learn how to love themselves. When they do it shows!

That is why I am very excited to share great news about NeriumAD, an anti-aging discovery that created massive results in less than 14 months. It is finally reaching Russian Women in America.. As a part of my PR project for NeriumAd we have launched a marketing campaign sharing education on inner beauty, health and women lifestyle.

Our first step was a  marketing campaign in the Russian health magazine for women called “Zdorovie” ( translated as HEALTH) and we are very honored to showcase NeriumAD in November issue.

We are in the middle of designing and developing media stories right in time for the Holiday Season.  As we are launching a major campaign for an antiaging breakthrough NeriumAD and we are accepting new brand partners to leave a legacy of life changers and launch local markets in US and later in Canada. When most families are strapped for cash Nerium International is allowing moms and dads to replace income or create additional income. With a big focus on inner beauty, personal development, NeriumAD product  brought a new wave of confidence, self love and prosperity. It is more than a beauty product.  It is a life transformation vehicle for you and your family!

Step 1: Watch Success Secrets Video

Step 2: Purchase our business premier pack today

Once you join our team, you will receive these awesome bonuses. I call it Local Market Launch Made Easy Training.

  • Business building training from top income earners (PRICELESS!!!)
  • Team marketing and training webinars and team support
  • Your customized promotional campaign designed and developed (Value $1000)
  • Press release system available to you and we will write a press release  about your partnership with Nerium and submit to PR directories. ( value $300)
  • Weekly promotional creative marketing training and consulting (value $1000 )
  • Weekly Personal development and spiritual growth training and mentoring (phone sessions or skype sessions)
  • Resources to advertise your business and promote you ( priceless)


We look forward to our partnership


Tatyana Gann


Change your life script…Change your life.


The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
Albert Einstein

Tatyana is here..

In  the past  couple weeks I had  major aha moments and a quantum leap in my personal  and spiritual growth to see and experience the power of strong intention, action and faith! I know it sounds simple but it takes YOU to do it all.

You are the Creator of your own life! Only you are responsible for your actions. You must focus on what brings positive results, and it starts with your mindset, acceptance of the past mistakes and forgiveness of others and yourself included.   You can compare your life with a movie script and you are a creative writer behind the best script the world wants to see! You can change the script any time and that is the best thing!

Yes, your life is a movie script. You have many choices: drama, comedy, action movie, horror, or cute romance.  It can be simply a boring script. You decide! Only you see what you really want.  My best advice- put your thoughts in a journal. Believe the story you want to create will come true or even better.

What script do you want to write? When you see things in a new perspective and focus on loving your new life you will want to create positive experiences. You will not want to have thoughts of low energy- rage, anger, revenge and hate…because they are going to poison your soul…We all want to have a good ending to a story…It is time to plant the seeds of positive lifestyle and abundance, self love and joy!

When my life was turned upside down,  I saw the perfect opportunity to make the most positive change in my life. It was a blessing to start fresh and discover the courage in my heart to move forward and be around people who celebrate you. Honestly it was a  fresh beginning.  I knew I had to do it.  I saw the vision of what I really wanted but  that vision was too blurry because of toxic events that were clouding my ultimate purpose. That is how the movie script works…as we write a perfect script we make changes and sometimes the ending is not what we expected!

One lesson I learned in creating a new script- to let go of others who disrespect and belittle  or find the ways to revenge  you or show anger because they think they have a RIGHT to do. I focused on my own peace and my well-being so I can be the best mommy for my sons and the best woman as God intended me to be.  You cannot convince others to see YOUR best and your do not need an approval stamp to tell you if your life script is perfect. You have an ultimate producer of your life script and he can orchestrate things if you focus on taking care of you!


I believe everything is possible.

If you want REAL change, check out how you can do that and what I am about to do…


Best wishes