How to Write A Press Release: 10 Tips To Drive More Traffic

By Tatyana Gann

Nashville TN

How many times have you thought of writing a press release for your business but then decided to turn to something you considered more effective? You considered it old fashioned method and looked for something more fancy!   How many times have you gone online to do research and found newstories about your product that someone has written that got a lot of reviews and applause.. You thought, “Oh well, next time ”

Now you are ready to write a press release to promote your business but stuck where to go?

Writing a press release is a very creative way to add more online exposure.. While back ago I did a training on  and articles, and I wanted to discuss with you the importance of press release in your personal branding and as one of the best attraction marketing methods that is forgotten and not used by many owners. I shared my story of generating few million views to my press release in 8 months. Of course not every press release I wrote got so many hits but press releases are still my favorite method. I have used press releases to promote my previous business. My current clients love press release method as their promotional approach. It gives them stability, credibility, instant traffic, long term traffic and solid buyers who share their story with their inner circle.

When you are ready to write a press release you have to be prepared. You must get your kit together of information ..Top press release submission firms charge up to 1000 dollars just to write and submit one press release.

Press releases marketing is considered one of the most forgotten marketing methods.  The online marketers are looking for more sophisticated methods (ppc, seo methods) or trendy marketing such as youtube, twitter and facebook. It is all good but not enough in my opinion.  Press releases can be a good addition to what an online marketer does on a daily basis. The excuse I hear so often, “Tatyana, I do not know how to write”.  Well, it is a pretty lame excuse.  Everyone can write. WHY? Because every day we share news, announcements or even gossips with our friends, family, church members and our business collegues.  We forget how natural it is for us to share the news or events that occured in the past few days or months.  Google loves rich content that is natural and has good flow and it will crawl its content with its powerful spiders.

How can we write a press release that are not only good content rich editorials but also bring quality traffic and buyers for our product or a business?

First of all, you need to understand that press release is about 4 words: Where, Why, Who and What. Once you understand that press release is not about selling but it is more of announcement of event, news, sharing   testimonials and real stories. Press release is about presenting solutions to a reader and grabbing their attention in the headline and then two paragraphs.. Remember stories sell not facts.

Here are few little tips to help you to write simple and quite effective press release.

1. Voice of your company: Determine what you are going to write about.  It could be event with your company, your personal achievements, announcement of the partnership with a particular company and etc.

Better way- bring solutions to the clients with your company services, products. Do not focus on your company and products. People do not care. they care if you can deliver solutions!

2. Keyword research: Research keywords you want to target. Make sure they are buying keywords not some generic keywords. You want to use keywords that a customer or a business seeker would be looking for on google or other search engine. I recommend to use services such I think it is the best keyword research software.  I love to use

3.  The length of press release: Make sure you write a  press release is about 5-6 paragraphs with 4-5 sentences each to make it easier for you than counting words.

4.  Only 2 keywords and 72 characters in headline: Use important two keywords in the title or headline then summary of your press release. Repeat headline sentence in the summary then in the first paragraph.

5. SEO: distribute keywords you plan to use to the left of each paragraph and if you have an option to hyperlink that keyword to your personal site or a blog then do it. That will help with optimization. Do not overuse your keywords.  Create natural flow of keywords without too much repetition and relevant to what you say. 2-3 main keywords max per each release that you want to focus on..

6. Include your website address in round brackets in the beginning of the first paragraph to help with SEO and make sure include information with your link in the end of the press release.

Make sure you include free report, free ebook, free resources, free training video series and link them to your sites. It is a great way to build your list.

7.  Where to submit? After you write your press release, you need to submit your press release to online press release distribution sites such as PRWEB and Pitchengine.

Some are free and some will cost you money. I do not recommend free press release sites and I will explain why later in my next newsletter

We have put together special PRWeb and media press release writing and submission services packages for our clients and they really love

8. Social bookmarking– submit to social bookmarking sites such as digg, technorati, stumbleupon and more. I recommend to use services called “Social Marker”

9. Sharing is caring. Ask and it will be given. Bring value. Share with your friends, collegues via twitter, facebook or forums.  Ask them to repost it for you and leave comments on the press release. Remember comments are very important for search engines to crawl your press release and get more exposure! The press release that got a lot of traffic had many comments that turned into heated debates and it was actually fun because it allowed me to post my answers and create more interest among my viewers. I was receiving calls about my business every day just from my press releases that they saw online.

Use social media such as Facebook to spread news!

10. One press release a week can keep bad reputation a way: Write at least one press release a week if your time allows you. Just imagine you will collect over 50 press releaeses in one year. Talk about online presence!

The last tip: Take your press release and distribute offline.  Find local companies that can include your editorials in their local news papers or magazines.  You can even find good national publications that will accept your articles as contribution to their community.  Do your own research and discover targeted publications. If you write about real estate crisis, find popular real estate publications. If you want to promote your business, find magazines like “Who is Who In Nashville” as good example and it will give an option to submit article about you and what you do.

Tatyana Gann is the founder of Smokin’ Hot PR  Ezine, and SmokinHotPR Boutique, providing publicity, online PR services and even private VIP coaching. Tatyana is a published writer, a mompreneur, a lover of international cuisine and red wine! Grab her free publicity and promotion tips via her newsletter at

(c) Copyright 2009 Tatyana Gann. All Rights Reserved.

What Hot Cocoa, Irish Creme Has To Do With Your Publicity!

How to add more media buzz and flavor to your publicity?

By Tatyana Gann

During Christmas I love to make old fashioned hot cocoa. I heat the milk, get my favorite peppermint chocolate hot cocoa mix and add Baileys to the cup.

The amazing aroma fills the cup. I feel relaxed, comfortable and special. I gaze at my Christmas tree with beautiful decorations and lights and see my candles flickering in the distance on the fireplace. What a beautiful moment to feel and capture!

When I think about the holiday celebrations, and how we try to impress our family, our friends and neighbours with what we do for Christmas, I immediately think about the way we add a special buzz and promote our online business.

Quite often we create a temporary buzz in our life only focusing on the desire to get attention. We do the same in business. We must realize that in order to get quality targeted leads we must show them consistency of what we do. The Publicity Buzz might sound like a temporary solution but real buzz causes your customers to pay attention to you because all they hear is your name!

Your publicity can create everlasting buzz!

Good publicity is like a cup of hot cocoa with all amazing flavors of mint, irish creme and hot smooth milk!  Serious publicity plan has a great recipe with wonderful ingredients:

1. Your passion- your passion for what you do and think about every day!

2. Your determination- your desire to stand out in the crowd and be unique from everyone else

3. Your patience- understanding that best publicity results require 90 days and more.

4. Creative flow of ideas- they give  you inspiration to write, share your story and solutions you can bring to your customers

5. Marketing research – you want to know what customers want and what reporters are craving to know.

6. Press releases – they add buzz and extra flavor to your marketing campaigns. They are short stories that get attention and newsworthy!

7. Vision- you have a bigger plan and you use publicity approach to spread news about your name, your company, your books. and so on..

The tip of the day: If you want to have real results, you must have publicity to catapult your business. You heard the quote, “A horrible thing happens with no publicity. Nothing”

Your publicity is like a blend of delicious hot cocoa, irish creme, chocolate drizzle, and fresh whipped cream. It leaves your customers craving and desiring more of what you have to offer! Your publicity leaves an impression..

Are you excited  to add some sweetness, buzz and even entertaining to your publicity to put yourself in the spotlight?

Want to learn the best ways to launch your media blitz through the many different media distribution channels available to you?

Are you excited to explore why your company might need PR and what it can do for your business growth  (and get very clear about what publicity is…and what it isn’t)

Register for our call December 27, 2010 9 pm EST

You owe it to yourself to see how easily you can get mass media on your side. But don’t delay.  Our free training call starts in 3 days!

See you there

Merry Christmas!

Tatyana Gann

The Press Release Headlines: How To Get More Traffic and More Media Buzz

“Press Release Headlines: 7 Easy Steps To Getting More Traffic, Stirring Up Media Buzz and More Sales!”

“What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure” Samuel Jonson

Ready to write a press release? Did you know the most effective element of a press release is a headline? We live in the media world of headlines.  Headlines are telling us everything. They help us to decide what is best for us as customers.  The headlines are informational pieces for people who do not have time to read the entire story.

I love bookstores and I often go to bookstores with my two boys. They are my little bookworms. At such early age they get the power of headlines. They go to kids books or comic books section and they pay attention to headlines. Why? They know to know what is all about! They get excited if they see something they wanted to hear about.

Does it sound like something we do every time we see headlines? We wonder why cannot we write the best headlines. The problem is we focus on the financial aspect of promotion. We become sales people. We sell and sell.


We must be consumers and be in their shoes. Honestly, we are already consumers and we know what we respond to.

The Key- people have little time, so your headlines must be catchy! That is one way you can get attention from media and your customers.

Here is what lovely editors want to know and what buyers buy.

People think media folks are aliens. They are same people. They have same emotions. They love life. They are customers too!

The editors will pay attention to something catchy and controversial and fun!

Often humor can be appropriate to create an exciting headline.

Here are some suggestions that helped me to reach more media with our PR platform. I wanted to share with you today.

1 Before crafting a story, take your time and read magazines to see what people are paying attention. Same they have online presence cane be good and frees time!

2. Watch TV shows and see what stories are out there and how they are presented. Give yourself time to watch them and even record them so you can watch it over and over until you see patterns/.

3. Visit websites, even Facebook groups as an example.  See w hat people complain about and also want they want to know. Write them down.

4.  Get your old magazines for this year and you will see similar stories with different catchy headlines in every issue.

5. Write short headlines about 72 characters only. If you do write longer headlines Google will not show much love and your headline end will be cut off.

6.Keywords:  use 2 keywords in the beginning of a headline.

7. Submit to top SEO directories such as,, and for paid publicity resources use and They are my favorite PR tools.

Make them dynamic, exciting and worthy of reading. Ask yourself, “Will a reader care for this story and would I care if I were a customer myself?”

Remember readers love  new trends, they love to be entertained first and secondly, to be educated. With three topics I mentioned  in my previous issue, you cannot go wrong with your headlines!

Have an awesome day!

Tatyana Gann

Tatyana Gann is the founder of Smokin’ Hot PR  Ezine, and SmokinHotPR Boutique, providing publicity, online PR services and even private VIP coaching. Tatyana is a published writer, a mompreneur, a lover of international cuisine and red wine! Grab her free publicity and promotion tips via her newsletter at

The heart of a perfect PR plan

Ready to develop a PR plan ?

You might ask me, “Tatyana, why do I  need a  PR plan and how can it help me to reach my goals in selling  more of my products?”

How long have you postponed putting together a PR plan? May be it is time to get moving forward!

In the past few weeks I have been writing press releases and researching what our publicity clients were really seeking to achieve with their PR plan?  I realized that in order for me to be effective and efficient at what I do I had to put my entire heart into it!

One of my clients Mari Ann has approached me to help her with a mini publicity campaign to share a story of one of her clients success story. To be brief, Mari Ann is the founder of The MARI Method, a permanent weight loss program that helps her clients to achieve long term results and stay healthy.  We have tweaked her first press story and sent it out to the media list of health, fitness, yoga, celebrity lifestyle reporters, editors and writers. Her press releases got attention, and she has received several emails from the editors asking for more information and even a request for an interview.

It was exciting to see how we could easily match her with the right media sources and bring the media exactly what they wanted. The message reached out people who have a passion and a heart for what they do.

In my Star Publicity: Step By Step Guide I wrote recently what it took to get the star level publicity. We are not talking about celebrities, movie actors, musicians. We are talking about you being a star in your own backyard.

How do you do that?

It is all about heart!

I realized also that understanding what my client wanted and putting together PR plan that consisted of the right media list, keyword research and communicating with editors on her  behalf was the best strategy. always think ahead. Always research before you approach media. They want to be asked what to present to them.

My client has an extraordinary passion for what she does and when everything got aligned, things worked smoothly and brought REAL results with what seemed to many- NO EFFORT. WHY?

Publicity works ONLY when you heart is in what you do!

Like everyone you have a story to tell the people on the web. You have got a pretty blog or website, but sometimes you feel stuck! The reason could be is what you do is not what you really love . It is only one good idea and nothing more. You become an advertising machine instead of powerful passionate storyteller.  People do not want the advertising that only sells and sells! They want real connections! They want to trust YOU!

But can they trust you if they feel you are wishy-washy about your  business?

Let me ask you a question. If you were a customer would you want  your product and services after seeing how it got presented? It does not mean you must act like a fool about your products and lie that you are in love with them. Being real and honest with yourself will help you to determine the best and clear PR plan.

Here are my two golden publicity tips today:

Tip 1: If you do not have a clear publicity plan like in anything you do, you will fail and your expectations for PR services will be low. Some people say you can write a press release in 30 min, but for me it is a piece of art. It is a masterpiece. It takes research of topics, trends to get the buzz going and find what people discuss on the particular topic and if it makes sense even to write press release.

Tip 2: Writing press releases for your business is one of great options to reach your buyers and media. PR plan is very important for a business owner regardless the size of their company.

Enjoy your day!

Tatyana Gann

Tatyana Gann & Smokin’ Hot PR Ready to get access to the simple formula for creating a proven marketing and online PR campaign? It’s time to get back to the basics and enjoy simple PR and marketing methods that work around the clock. Learn how you can tap into the markets you never thought possible and how to establish your online credibility very fast. Tatyana and SmokinHotPR consulting is an online PR service on steroids – it gives you a quick and simple formula to do your own PR and eliminate marketing headaches.

Got pain.. here is the pain reliever…

“How To Get Customers To Give Your The Best Publicity”

You might have heard phrase “Got the pain.. here is the pain reliever” As you know  your clients buy what brings relief from their problem. They got a horrible pain and you have got pain killer. What pain reliever have you got?

Want to know how to get customers and grow your business? In my recent article I shared story about PR, cab and SEO and how I attracted new clients. It was fun, engaging and real.

Let me tell you how online publicity works. The truth, it is NOT all about your products. It is not about your company but about THEM, your clients, their pain and what THEY want.  Once you learn how to reach out your potential client by becoming “them”, your business will take off. Seriously!

Today I was on the phone with one of PR clients who is a scientist, a brilliant man.  They developed a product that can totally teach people how to attain happiness using thought process. It is brain wave technology, so you can imagine how much fun to work with them!  We had a hot debate about it  and I asked a very serious but simple question, “ Do you want to get customers or what?”  I am sure you guessed the answer right.

After I researched their products, their competition, I made a special report.   I had to bring bad news and to tell them they had to speak THEIR  language to get more customers and increase sales with such a unique product.

It is not for an average person who does not understand science. The average buyer has got bad pain. They want solution NOW. They want to see if you care ENOUGH about them to bring them solution they way they want it. If we can be like our customers and be our customers, we won the battle.  Our publicity is always going to be smokin’hot as I would say!

Are you paying attention to what they discuss and talk online?

That is the beauty of today PR 2.0 world soon to be PR 3.0 world. We are customers. As business owners we are still customers. We buy products every day. We use them. We talk about them.  We get engaged into conversation with our customers via forum, blog or social network.  We build relationships, trust and never hide behind the computer desk.  In my recent blog post “Fake Publicity, Fake You” I talked about the power of the genuine publicity and how to get customers and build a solid reputation.

Think about, you are a customer to other companies. You complain what you hate and praise what you love. You recommend and endorse w hat you love. If you are happy you share the news, and if you are cranky about product you complain even more.  Social media tools can bring all the news very fast into the world. Unhappy clients can use them very well to your disadvantage.  In my recent video about how to get customers on Twitter and Facebook I shared the tips on Dos and Taboos of Social media and you are welcome to check it out as well.

Here is the conclusion:

Nothing worse for a business owner to have nasty publicity that stinks than worse than a cute skunk and sticks like superglue!

PR Tip: Set up Media or Online PR room where you create press releases about your customers. You can attach videos, images. Add stories to your business blog, write in press releases. Give them applause. They want attention. They will grow your business. Send special gifts to them. Invite them to your future webinars and even online events. Give incentive to share their story. More attention, more publicity and happy customers!


If you do not show the genuine appreciation, they will become your competitor’s clients. We often praise our business partners for helping us but you must recognize the ones who made things  happen in your business.  Give more to customers they keep your business going! My mentor Sandi Krakowski shared my experiences about her event in her newsletter and I was very touched.  You can read my entire blog post about my Indiana event experience  right here

Have an awesome week with more customers and more sales!

Tatyana Gann

Tatyana Gann & Smokin’ Hot PR Ready to get access to the simple formula for creating a proven marketing and online PR campaign? It’s time to get back to the basics and enjoy simple PR and marketing methods that work around the clock. Learn how you can tap into the markets you never thought possible and how to establish your online credibility very fast. Tatyana and SmokinHotPR consulting is an online PR service on steroids – it gives you a quick and simple formula to do your own PR and eliminate marketing headaches.

Fake Publicity, Fake You and Where is Real Make Up!?

When you are real in your music, people know it and they feel your authenticity”.  Wynonna Judd

(that is real me!)

Beautiful words, right? I think each of us is an artist inside. Each of us plays our own music. We are composers of our life and how the world views us!

“The publicity is all I need!” I hear it all the time from some of my clients who are seeking to get media attention and increase their online presence.  I often want to ask them the question if they really know what they are getting themselves into because I often see some of them do not know what they really want to be and do in life!

Just a few days ago, I made a visit to my favorite makeup artist, my German friend Kim, at the Chanel boutique.  As women, we all love having “Me” time to feel special and beautiful while enjoying a lady’s chat. We were talking about fashion, new fall styles, new holiday colors and the quality of Chanel products. While chatting, we brought up a great point: quality, authentic products will always enhance your inner beauty as well. We cannot put something fake on our face. It will damage our skin, how we look and how we feel!

Often in our business, we want to create an image, a persona we want to go by and be known for in our circles of influence. However, many business owners forget one thing: they start to reinvent themselves! They try to come up with a new version by making up something about themselves that is not true or real. The real problem is that their new makeup is cheap… bad quality. They lose sight of who they are while chasing something that does not belong to them.

Here is one little tip I want to give you that can summarize what I want to say:

Publicity tip: Love what you do… because if you do not, you create the wrong image and wrong publicity for yourself. Publicity sticks to you and then it takes your own energy and your own time to bring the real you back. With the wrong publicity, you will bring wrong connections, wrong friends and wrong results and even worse- feeling miserable inside! Being a fake flake can cause more trouble for your business, your relationships and it can really destroy your reputation.

It takes some people years to realize that because they have been told to be something else; fit in the circle of people that can serve their business purpose. They felt it was important to be something else.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine shared a story about Johnny Carson. In his biography about his personal life, a shocking truth was revealed… Johnny was miserable. Right before going on the stage for his “The Tonight Show”, he would put his smile back on and would greet his audience. He was not happy inside. His real make up was absent. He wanted to please his audience ONLY. It was his job. It was his PUBLICITY.  Honestly, he was too afraid to tell the truth to himself. I would say he was too worried what everyone would think or say. Did he forgot why he was doing all that? Was he real? Was he passionate about his work?

That can happen to you. I want to ask you a question:

What do you REALLY love about yourself and what you do? Show it to people. Let it shine through… be YOU.  Authenticity is one of the major secrets of effective publicity that will stick out and bring more light into everything you do. It will truly open doors to the media and to new connections! Because when you feel that light inside, it attracts the best! The light attracts!

When you are not real with yourself, it shows up in every piece of publicity about your business and your life. You will eventually have to go back to the starting point and really begin all over again, because you will not feel right and it will not serve your purpose!

One more important aspect of real, authentic publicity is our core values. They affect our publicity and what we stand for. Personally, I had to let go of some people in my life, so that I could let the right ones in. Values can define how we want our customers to view us. Values are the core of how we do business and how the media perceives us. Values determine the network of people we build.

Remember, just one small mistake: being fake for the sake of popularity can be very costly! Your make-up can build you up or tear you and your business down. It’s your choice.

What do you think?

It’s time to be REAL.

Have an awesome week!

Tatyana Gann

How To Easily Remove Writer’s Block in 10 Steps

Writer’s block?

Did you know that there is a simple way to remove a writer’s block and have natural flow of thoughts?

No I am not talking about hypnosis or listening to some mind changing meditation Voodoo tapes.  Have you ever sat down to write and felt your mind was empty? You had no ideas and not even a hint of topics you want to write about…You take a note pad, a nice looking pen and get comfy ….Blank…Blank..

Nothing happens. You get coffee, some cream and even get some chocolate hidden in the cupboard. You get excited thinking “This is IT. I will be great” …  But nothing happens. You begin to worry how you are going to come up with the ideas for your next article, press release and blog post.

You feel tension is building up and you feel overwhelmed. You write couple ideas and then start writing. Your phone rings, your kids are at home asking twenty questions in less than 5 minutes.  Life goes on.. but you have projects in your mind that need to be completed. You are looking out of the window, watching clouds and getting nowhere..

Are you still in a dream land?

Much of what you are going through with a writer’s block is totally normal. Even the best writers get them. It is NOT something you have to worry. What I have discovered that people need to follow few steps that are so simple to practice and all you need is YOURSELF to do it on a daily basis. Yes I said on a daily basis.

Here is the simple formula that will help to remove the writer’s block and open your mind to seeing things differently with a fresh perspective.

1.       Make sure to REST: The most important factor that determines your creative flow is REST. You must have rest in order to function and that includes your writing, especially if you do it for living. You must rest during the day. Some may not agree but taking few short breaks and even nap if you work at home can help you to feel refreshed and recharge. It can remove the block when you let go.

2.       Tell funny stories : Funny stories related to the topics  might be ice breaker with your customers. Make sure they are REALLY funny and not just for you.

3.       Research what your customers talk about your products and services or even remember interesting stories they shared previously. It does not have to be totally new.

4.       Make a video: Video is an excellent way to speak what you want to say because later you transcribe it. You can even use older videos because  by listening it might give you ideas what to say and how to say it.

5.       Make Audio and then transcribe as well.

6.       Use photos for publicity. Often making a photo blog post can be quite effective because it shows your life or lifestyle of your clients/customers

7.      Famous authors: Read books of famous people in the same niche as you are.  Contact authors and ask them for permission and then tell them you wanted to interview them too. Then, write a book review and the review of the interview. You can blog  about it or send out as an event press release.

8.       Book reviews: Write reviews about the books on Amazon and then post review on your blog or talk in your press release. Amazon gets a lot of traffic and your reviews can be quite helpful. You will be attaching yourself as expert to the community of Bloggers or a business owners who also blog about their products. It is a huge plus!

9.       Gozillion of topics: Do not focus on writing zillion of topics. Take the hot related topics from and talk about on your blog or even video.

10.   Total relaxation: Sometimes all you need to take 2 days off and enjoy time with your family or your friends and let it come back to your naturally.

When you are ready to write, it will come together. When your mind is ready, it is ready to let the ideas out one idea at time. I usually feel them coming as natural flow and I write them down, record them. I have paragraphs come to my mind easily when I am relaxed, but focused. I do not feel tension. I feel smile inside and it becomes easy!

Ready to smile and enjoy the writing journey?

Enjoy it!

Tatyana Gann

Tatyana Gann & Smokin’ Hot PR Ready to get access to the simple formula for creating a proven marketing and online PR campaign? It’s time to get back to the basics and enjoy simple PR and marketing methods that work around the clock. Learn how you can tap into the markets you never thought possible and how to establish your online credibility very fast. Tatyana and SmokinHotPR consulting is an online PR service on steroids – it gives you a quick and simple formula to do your own PR and eliminate marketing headaches.

Press Release Rules: How To Write A Press Release

When it comes to writing a press release many business owners often feel stuck in the area of press release distribution.  How often did it happen to you? You felt your head was spinning with ideas and what each company could do you for you. You make a list of them, look at prices, features and get more confused. You do research and all you see everyone says they are the best service since the sliced bread. You give up, right? Does it sound like you now?

Taken From

Well, let me tell you a short story…

A few days ago I was talking to my client who was using  PR distribution services couple years ago but it did not work for him as he wanted to.  He gave up on PR services though he truly believed it was a way to go to share his story, his product concept. He knew he needed PR for his business but he did not know where to go. Can I tell you it happens often? Customers try PR services for short period of time and then get discouraged and cancel everything. They forget one thing. Publicity results are not always instant. It takes 60-90 days to bring the results.

You have to have a plan. If you do not have a publicity plan like in anything you do, you will fail and your expectations for PR services will be low. Writing a good press release takes efforts. Some people say you can write a press release in 30 min but for me it is a piece of art. It is a masterpiece. Why?

First of all you have to have one idea in mind. You write to an ideal buyer. If you are in a business of selling healthy chocolate and you want to write a press release to a buyer who is looking for gluten free chocolate, you must talk to a customer who wants that feature in their chocolate. They want to know how gluten free chocolate tastes before they even buy it, and what others say about it, such as experts in gluten free chocolate business. Your press release is not a generic dry story that you cannot even stand reading. It must be all about your customers and how you make them feel. You must research your niche, your keywords.

Secondly, when it is done, edited, you seek the ideal places. I personally recommend to use SEO releases services for press release distribution such as or and also  social media online PR rooms such as They are low cost, effective and they are authority. Depending on your budget you can use these services to distribute your press releases. Then, later on you can add new services. These are proven resources I use and recommend.

Third, you want to make it exciting. You can embed videos and images with your press releases. What I love about my Pitchengine media room is that you can add your images, related videos, links related to the content you are sharing and make it fun and easy to see. For example in my recent PR story for my client I wrote a social media release that was designed for local optimization and his name.

You can see a press release example and discover how fun and exciting it can be.  It had videos, images that are totally optimized for search engines. Times changed and today you can be creative and innovative with your PR strategies. Your story becomes the center of the party. You are the host and people are listening to you! ( We had fun at Mari Smith birthday party who is our Facebook marketing queen)

Fourth, you must submit to social bookmarking services as or to gain more exposure and links. I also recommend to submit your story to communities that can syndicate your stories. Hint. Take your press release you have written, write a review on it and post on your blog. Then take the blog post and submit to a blogging community..

Because  I am totally in love with public relations, writing publicity for my clients and bringing positive light that every business owner wants I have patience for working with people who are ready to threw in the towel.  I believe that PR is coming back full force and with new wave of PR 2.0 and upcoming PR 3.0 things will change in your favor. It will make it more easy, less expensive and easy for your customers to read and purchase your products.

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Are you truly listening…Late night PR geek chat, SEO and Cabernet

Writing SEO press releases for your business and products can be time consuming and challenging, especially if you have to understand SEO guidelines and how to push your story through social media channels.  Last week I was staying late and was talking to my new Twitter friends.

While I was enjoying glass of Cabernet, researching keywords for my new lessons, I engaged into the conversation with few people who were interested to know about PR. Some questioned the PR model and some loved it. My fun tweet about Cabernet made an impact!

I honestly did not expect that my tweet about Cabernet and SEO would turn into the late night PR chat. We talked about  SEO press releases, an online PR tool to share stories and create history for your company business. Later one I connected with my ideal clients who wanted to know how to get the publicity on the web. I did not have to convince anyone about the benefits and importance of PR campaign.

What I realized  I was being REAL with my audience. I was listening. Listening from my heart and was clear about what ideal prospects were talking and their feelings. I was also passionate about what I was sharing. I was using some elements of humor in my conversation. Social media is all about being SOCIAL. It is about putting effort and answering questions, adding comments, bringing more value. We must go extra mile!

Are you listening or come to social media platforms with your agenda and wearing ear muffs ?

When it comes to writing a press release for your business, we seek to bring solutions to problems. Press release story now becomes social platform. Your customers share your story because they know it will benefit their circle of friends. It is not any longer one way street. It is no longer fax press release, or a press release announcement that is dry and boring. We can share our stories and exciting news without being boring or too enthusiastic!

I think so many biz owners still think that Twitter or Facebook platform is all about advertising. They see people who automate every tweet and get discouraged.  They use cheap pitches. No wonder, business owners loose the hope in the social media and how it can help them. They focus on buying Twitter followers or have someone manage social media profiles. I think they are missing the main POINT- it is about listening others, listening from their heart and responding in the same manner. If you automate everything, who listens whom?

Social media is about showing real you, even when you have a glass of red wine and trying to figure out keywords, write ideas for your business. It may sound silly to you but it is REAL for viewers. Many business owners act so sterile. They are dry, without any emotions.

What happened with people? Did they remove the emotions and become robots who post and answer with no personal touch? Do they even show real them? How do they write? Where do they go? What is their life like today? Are they real?  Public relations is about people, interacting with people even if it is on sofa late at night with a glass of red wine!

Today writing PR stories are becoming more and more effective for several reasons:

  • Business owners are forced to be REAL to get the targeted buyers
  • It allows to bring visibility to the content of a website
  • It allows to share a story via social media networks
  • It generates instant feedback from the followers, fans
  • It is viral tool
  • Low cost comparing to traditional advertising
  • It allows to gain credibility
  • Awesome tool for online reputation
  • List Building Method To Bring Fresh Leads
  • Low cost method to connect with other business owners and form partnerships
  • SEO friendly: more stories more inbound links

What do you think about writing press releases or pitches- stories for your business and products?  How do you see it can benefit your business? It is time to write, share stories, gain visibility? Videos are not enough. You cannot be a slave to old marketing methods..In my video about using social media releases I shared my views on the old marketing methods and how we are still slaves to old ways instead of embracing the social media and PR trends.

Writing press releases can give you the missing piece you have been seeking for! It will make you stand out and give you authority. Today when we face daily competition we must stand out!

When you combine PR and SEO then add social media you can reach buyers, get media attention, share your radio interviews, videos and set up a newsroom to establish your brand..

Are you ready for a major change in your business? If you feel like you are ready for massive exposure, PR campaigns is the way to go of course along your marketing campaign.

Love to hear your feedback.

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Tatyana Gann

Tatyana Gann is the founder of Smokin’ Hot PR Ezine and SmokinHotPR Boutique, providing publicity, online PR services and even private VIP consulting.  Tatyana Gann is ready to bring you publicity tips, advice and PR services to help you gain more raving fans for your business and create smokin’ hot publicity! She has the simple formula for creating a publicity plan that brings results! Grab your FREE publicity weekly advice at:

Marketing Lessons From Seth Godin’s Action Figure

What can we learn from the best selling author Seth Godin?

On Saturday afternoon I found myself in the action figures section of a toy store in Franklin TN, while my boys were looking at their favorite toys when I saw something and I could not believe my eyes, the action figure of the best selling author Seth Godin.

To my surprise, it was the last doll on the shelf, and even though, they had other action figures of many famous people, Seth Godin figure got my attention. The creator got everything right about its design, even his socks. Well, but no purple cow!

Later that day I posted that photo on Facebook, and it got so much attention!  My facebook friends went WILD! One of my friends asked me, “Tatyana,  did they have a purple cow toy too?” Everyone was so anxious to learn if I got the toy and how cool it would be to use it for my training series. Tweeps on Twitter were tweeting my Twitpic Seth Godin photo.

One big lesson I learned that day that Seth Godin has become a marketing legend.  His impact on the marketing world brought fans around the world  and made him the best blogger, the best selling author of books from “The Linchpin”, “The Purple Cow”, ” Tribes”. In public relations branding is vital. His brand is recognized even in a small historical town of Franklin TN.

His style, his unique personality enabled fans to put his products in front of their friends and create more than just a customer base. It is building Seth Godin ‘s fans empire!

Seth Godin earned his amazing publicity on the web by being authentic .  He became known as the guy who speaks about tribes, a purple cow and why you must be a linchpin.  He is a true wizard, a philosopher that everyone respects online.

When I thought about his influence online and even offline I saw the the following:

1. He is unique

2. He stays true to what he thinks and speaks

3. His books tell the brutal truth

4. He knows how to engage into conversations with his audience

5.  He is not AFRAID to be different

6. His offline PR is superb. He reached new customers with an action figure.

7. He is an innovator

8. He is a mindset teacher

9. He teaches how to be human in business relationships

10. He loves to be shocking and controversial.

What do you want to be known for in your business community?

Your business is about YOU, your passions and sometimes being controversial, unique is WHAT people are seeking.

Being  YOU is the best online PR for your business and it will get in the right places. It will bring your the ideal clients you are seeking without forcing your product awareness down your potential customers throat!

One more thing….

Are you ready to get the best publicity for your business, share your story and let your customers put your name in front of each person?

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