LEGOs, Starbucks, personas and new rules of PR


PR ( Public Relations) today is more than your company being seen on TV…It is about buyers seeing your products on the Web . Create stories and share. Stop selling your products. Focus on bringing accurate information about the issues and problems…What people whine about you – you talk about.

You must focus on 3 things:

  1. Essence of what your product can do
  2. Know your company and personal goals
  3. Know your customer’s persona

When you determine your content will match your buyer wants your next step is to get them to take an action. How?

Remember nobody cares about your products.  TRUE.  People care about themselves and their problems. Be a problem solver. Communicate via email newsletters, videos, and social media. Build relationships. Is your content outstanding and interesting? Is it entertaining and educating? Would they share your content with others?

When it comes to understanding customers we must set aside our passionate drive to sell our products. Devote your time to know your customers and their persona…I will explain how you can determine a persona.

I love Starbucks. I go to Starbucks for meetings, writing and reading my books. My favorite location is in a bookstore when we can get a cup of coffee and a book, pull a chair and read while sipping on a cup of latte or hot chocolate. Even my son Daniel become a Starbucks gourmand . He loves his kids cups and knows it is STARBUCKS!  Imagine we build a brand awareness in our kids since their childhood. We program their minds with the experiences, thoughts, desires. We show them what we love and they develop their taste. They trust our judgement. They are curious.


Also, my little son Daniel loves LEGO sets. We have collected and built over 30 sets just  in the past year alone.  It is our on Christmas list, our birthday list, our Easter list and even special rewards days.  We buy them. We love them. Are LEGOs better than other toys similar to them?  Can we find a generic brand? I am sure we can. We purchased them. But we go back to LEGOs. Why? It is called EXPERIENCE.  We know LEGO has something magical about it. Kids know it. Parents know it.

We have just celebrated his birthday and he made a list of his birthday wishes- LEGOS. Grandparents wanted to give him money to buy any LEGO set he wanted. We tried to buy LEGOs that were educational and his brother could build as well. As you can see grandparents love to spoil and be the coolest grandparents and spend money. Parents want to save, get something kids can share and be educated at the same time. You must target two personas- grandparents and parents.  They think different. They act different. Their mindset is different.

Your key is to show you have what your buyers are looking for. Create a separate PR campaign for your products targeting different personas.

Again focus on top 5 things:

  1. Who are my readers?
  2. What is motivating them to buy ?
  3. How do I reach them ( via video, press release, Amazon ( ebook), social media)
  4. How can I help them?
  5. Can my content entertain and educate them?


If you are brand new in your business your first 6 months is building awareness. Stop selling your products. Start sharing stories of your buyers using your products. That is best PR!

Have a great weekend!


Tatyana Gann

Tatyana Gann is a PR strategist, a branding consultant and an author of   a brand new “Build Your Product Buzz- Free 30 days publicity course”Get Tatyana’s free course and find out how you can get more buzz, more buyers and be in the spotlight TODAY! 






10 Things You Need To Map Out Your PR campaign

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Tatyana is here.

It is Friday 13.  Some say it is not a lucky day! Well, I decided to change it  and give you a sneak peak to my free training course called Build Your Product Buzz- 30 days FREE training for business owners. It is my way to show gratitude to my readers.

When people approach me they ask if PR stands for a press release.  Public relations campaign is more than press releases and getting them out- mailing or emailing to media contacts. It is a psychological process. It is about connecting two dots- your story to address issues that can bring solutions and the right medium to get media coverage.  There are few things you must consider before mapping out your PR campaign.

But…there is one more thing…

In PR it is much more. It is about perception.  What public thinks of your company and about you and your products are more valuable to decision making process than where they found the information about you. If your company has received negative publicity you can alter the perception that public and media has about you by giving your side of a story.

Today social media is the perfect platform to get message heard and shared. Your blog or your website can be controlled by you and the content you put on your blog can bring a change in how public sees you.  Again your can control what they see and feel about you. Of course no lying please!

Your goal is to make public understand you and your product’s value regardless what others say…Your goal is to present facts in a creative fun way …You must elevate yourself and your product and make it a breath of fresh air for your customers and media.

Do not be afraid to use new PR and social media technology. From social media monitoring tools to PR tools you can see if your topic or your niche is being talked about and what they say…Your mission is to join into the conversation and share your story and how it can compliment or transform your customer’s life.

For example, my former client Jessica Miller started talking about social media discrimination via social media last year and we have shared her press releases via major publications and online PR directories. She gained a lot of media attention and was booked for interviews and people saw her as an expert in that field. Today she is writing for Fortune and Huffington Post about social media, HR and recruiting. She educated public about the things that some were afraid to talk about and become a HR pioneer and a leading voice in social media. She did not get scared but embraced what she knew and shared it with the right people who supported her vision.  She was fast…Remember in PR you must be fast before others start talking about the same topic. It does not have to be perfect.

Millions of viewers access the Web every day. Facebook alone has over 800 million of users.  Imagine if you can put your message out in front of 1% of Facebook users. You do the math. It can get great publicity and loyal fans and long term customers. You must think strategically. You should do research what publications your customers love and adore. What do they pay attention to?  Who are the editors, TV producers or freelance writers that write or talk on your subject. Start working on your new media list. Find them on Twitter. Get their names from the magazines you find in any bookstore. IT is updated. Go for it. All they can do is to say NO or refer. Ask for the right person to talk to.  I have personally connected with TV producers and editors because I set an intention and was very genuine in my email to them. I did not use a cookie cutter email. It came from my heart and I expressed how I can serve their readers and viewers. But…I was sticking to my vision.  In my case it is my book The Russian Wife that will be supporting my fight against human trafficking. Know what you want. Be clear and have passion. It shows and editors are human too. They will feel it and bend backwards to get the message heard.

The biggest mistake business owners make – they advertise their product and force into your mind. They repel customers that way. If you have a great product, compelling fun entertaining story you can earn a media coverage. If you start advertising and do heavy promotion you might get an angry email from editors. Stop advertising, become a story teller.

Forget about perfection. Often we think our story message is not good enough. Throw that limiting belief out of the window…It may be so simple for you but it is very valuable for your viewers.

Now we have put together a list of the most important factors for your effective PR campaign:

  1. Think about perception
  2. Do not lie
  3. Do not steal content
  4. Be fast
  5. Connect with the right media folks
  6. Do not be afraid to ask
  7. Get on the phone with magazine editors- they know you are a real deal then! It takes courage and faith!
  8. Stick to your vision and your passion (just because media folks can change their mind you do not. Do not try to fit in. Be consistent)
  9. No Perfection
  10. Stop advertising your message- become a storyteller instead

Your assignment:

  1. Collect names of all editors or TV producers you want to connect with.  Find them on Twitter Facebook or LinkedIn
  2. Write down 5-7 bullet points of your story.
  3. See what they are interested in and where they post their content.
  4. Who are the main people in their circles they engage into weekly or daily conversations via Twitter or Facebook.
  5. Start building relationship with them by giving your opinion or advice.
  6. Want to be viewed as an expert – become ONE!
  7. Write a letter to a friend about your product- share your excitement and show how they are going to love it or where they need to get it.  In storytelling your story flows. The way you share your story with a friend is the same way you share your story with public and media.


In my next lesson of our free publicity course, “Build Your Product Buzz” – FREE 30 days publicity course we will cover the types of stories media loves and where to aim your message and plus more…Make sure sign  up for our free training today!

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Tatyana Gann


How to write a press release for a brand new product

Summer time is a great time to share news about your products and future promotions. People are relaxed and less stressed! People are eager to read and learn more. Do not think that summer is a slow season. Media never sleeps. Buyers buy!

Today I want to give you an example of a press release I have written for my client ESP Botanicals. We have released it before a Mother’s Day to share news about special  healthy skin care options.

Here is the press release. I have included examples of headlines that includes important keywords.

Examples of titles: Announcing! Brand New Natural and Organic Skin Care for Moms –ESP Botanicals ( simple)

Brand New and Complete Beauty Regimen in a Glass- ESP Botanicals –Organic and Natural Skin Care for Moms

Finally, ESP Botanicals!… the Ancient Secret to Beautiful and Radiant Skin!



In honor of Mother’s Day Celebration, ESP Botanicals gives every mother  Mother’s Day gifts that she really wants- the perfect gift of healthy glowing Skin. ESP Botanicals is a brand new line of organic, non toxic skin care and baby care products inspired by a mother and a daughter’s mission to bring changes in the skin care industry.   The products are available on

The main text:

ESP Botanicals is a new upscale line of all natural and organic skin care which is formulated without parabens, restoring health and purity back into women’s delicate skin. ESP Botanicals CEO and product developer Trisha Springstead shares her vision for her organic skin care line that every woman should have in her vanity room. Her mission to bring the safest products in every family started when her mother was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. Springstead’s mother became her inspiration and the main reason to build awareness about the dangers of the commercial skincare products for women and babies.

Trisha Springstead’s mission is to educate consumers about the harmful skin care products they use on a daily basis and about new
ESP Botanicals organic skincare products . Trisha Springstead points out “What you rub on your skin can kill you!”

Arriving just in time for Mother’s Day, ESP Botanicals make the perfect gift and come packaged in a Swiss Miron Glass to add that personal touch! It is a perfect gift to all moms and honoring her mother’s life!

Trisha Springstead’s ESP Botanical line uses only glass and non- leeching, reusable boxes. The company does not endorse any chemical or herbal placed in plastic.

Infused with the best oils and fruit botanical extracts, the new skincare line is a piece of heaven!  ESP Botanicals’ customers (including many international celebrities) have achieved tremendous radiance and total skin perfection!  It is truly a magical awakening experience when the balms gently touch your skin!

Springstead believes that women should not settle for cheap quality skincare. She has extensively evaluated all the ingredients and combined perfect natural and organic blends into her products, so that women can feel confident and beautiful, inside and out! With so many so-called “healthy” skin care lines, which are loaded with fillers and potentially harmful chemicals, the nourishing formula of ESP Botanicals protects and restores your skin… naturally!

Trisha Springstead pointed out, “I have conducted extensive research of countless organic skin care products brands, only to discover that not all of the ingredients are safe and effective. ESP Botanicals have been specifically formulated and developed to contain the highest quality organic ingredients for moms and babies, ensuring only the purest, most natural results!”

Preventing toxic chemical overload, ESP Botanicals brings the most green products to the organic skin care marketplace, creating products that women can feel confident in using for not only their delicate skin, but also for their baby’s gentle skin!

Finally, an organic, green, non toxic line of body and bath skin care products that will leave your skin feeling clean, light and nourished! When choosing a Mother’s Day gift or even a baby gift, you cannot go wrong with an “ancient beauty secret in Swiss glass”!

In a recent interview with PR strategist and publicist Tatyana Gann, Trisha Springstead stated that her skin care line is the hope that men and women have been waiting for… no longer do they have to be controlled by the way their skin looks and feels!

Who can it help?

  • Moms with infants and children up to the age of 12, who are seeking organic, natural skin care for the entire family
  • Individuals with skin problems can use the products to clean, protect, sooth and heal
  • Consumers who believe in the green way of living, a chemical free lifestyle


Finally moms can experience an “Awakening to Healthy Skincare”! There is always time for a new beginning… and new skin!


To get instant access go  to ESP Botanicals organic skincare products

For the media, contact Tatyana Gann, PR strategy consultant and publicist

615 354-7625


 Here are the rules for a product press release:

1.  Create few variations of headlines with two important keywords

2. Summary should include two keywords and about 3 sentences. 150 characters

3. Body should include introduction, announcement about your product and be very interesting, exciting information that will bring solutions to your new clients.

  • Focus on solutions
  • Focus on what it will do for your clients
  • Facts…Provide facts
  • Use interview pieces in the press release to refer to
  • Make it at least 500 words
  • Give instructions  how they can get an instant access to a sample or a free report
  • Tell media how to reach you…(make sure you have a page on your site for media )
  • Give link to your media kit if you have one made for your business or your product
  • Include contact info
  • Use images in the press release (which you can pin on pinterest)
  • Submit story to ONLY paid PR services as, CisionWire, and less expensive as, premium version of

Key is to give your clients a taste of your product by sharing experiences, case studies and how they can get buy it…Make it authentic!

Now you can go and create your own press release…If you are serious about creating a business PR plan contact me at 615 354 7625.

Have you seen our promotion for my summer training program? Get your 6 weeks consulting/coaching program with me today!


Tatyana Gann

PR strategist, Mompreneur


Look forward




Is your story SWEET enough to give your customers true aha moments?

When I think of the ways we can share a story about our brand I think about ice cream flavors. We go to an ice cream cafe or even a supermarket and our eyes become big, excited about trying new flavors! My children love ice cream and we love to be creative – tasting new flavors and creating new experiences and family memories!

When it comes to sharing a story about your brand, your products and  your name people love to hear stories. Customers love to hear stories. However,  not every business owner is talented and skilled at storytelling.

Storytelling is an art. It requires inspiration, passion and determination to get the point across without sounding like a promotion. It takes digging DEEP into your soul to find what makes your heart sing and finding courage to show this passion to your audience! Think about storytelling times with your kids at your local bookstore! It was not about what you said, but how you said it!  It came from your heart !

Show your customers you are here for them to tell a story that will matter to them. Old rules of PR have changed. It is time for us to embrace the social media and learn the art of storytelling.  A good story requires some personalization. I mentioned many times that bloggers, editors, journalists are HUMAN! They want human connection. They are not hiding behind the cover of your favorite magazine. With new rules of PR storytelling is a huge factor in how your brand is being perceived!

You can humanize the process of writing your stories, your press releases, your pitches and you can improve the readers ability to connect with you and share what you have!  With major changes in the world of PR and social media one thing never goes out of fashion- your story. It might have different flavors, new twists, and you might attract new clients and new business relationships!

Remember very important thing when you are writing a press story.

1. SEO releases are designed to reach buyers and they are for customers to brings solutions

2. Social media releases are  for press, bloggers and customers.

3. Traditional releases announcing your event, product launch can also reach media and customers.

The most innovative “flavor” of a press story is a social media release. For many old school PR pros it brings controversy but for the risk takers, innovators,  creative minds this type of a press release is a perfect way to tell a story! You must learn how it can become a part of your daily business activities.

It is your rare diamond that can shed new light on how your customers view your product. It is a great way to add videos, audio clips.

A well crafted social media release has very important elements:

1. your story

2. videos

3. supporting docs

4. company contacts including social media profiles

5. social book marking sites to get more viral traffic

6. Images you can add to your story.

7. you can make it optimized for search engines to increase traffic

Often people share such stories on their blogs but I recommend Pitch Engine PR and Social Media Platform

Write a story, or retell a  story, link the original story and place it in Pitchengine. You can integrate with Facebook business page if you think it will save you some time!

 Very important factors to consider...

Your social media release is not a traditional release and it will never be. It is more easy going, more engaging and not as official as a traditional or SEO release. I think it can work great if you write a good optimized story! It is not to be shared via wired services.

You can use your social media release when your goal is to create more buzz about what is happening in your business. Get some conversation going.! Then the readers can share your story and link back to your site.

One thing…share it and ask people to share. By including fun photos and videos and links to other important content you are building your brand awareness! Sometimes we must plant the seeds before we reap the harvest!

Have a great day!

Tatyana Gann


How to write a consumer focused press release to get targeted buyer leads…

When it comes to writing a press story we think we should only focus on getting some media attention. We try to add some spice and uniqueness to our story because we know media professionals have very limited time to read and choose what best suits them.

However, if you want to reach buyers directly you must consider the following rules before you write a press release or a mini pitch. Remember if even your send your story to an editor she or he is still a human being and she/he would want to know if their readers benefit from your advice:

First, pay attention to your headlines. It is a very important element for your story that can bring your traffic or they delete it and never consider it regardless if your story is filled with the most updated, fun, exciting content!

Here is what you must consider when you write headlines.

  • You have 10 seconds to make an impression
  • You can write the press release first before you come up with the headline.

It will give you a direction about your headline if you have a hard time coming up with the ideas. If you only focus on a headline you might experience a writer block or miss the important information you want to share.

  • Headlines should be about 70 characters ( use same rule for tweets and facebook posts)
  • Hot trendy stories give your Ideas
  • Do reviews of  hot emerging trends
  • Ask yourself if you want to get media attention or consumer focused?
  • Talk about your major clients and achievements they had with your services
  • List all the information you want to include
  • Arrange in the order of importance
  • Say what you mean. Be simple.
  • Avoid jargon words. You are a talking to another human being. It is very important to keep communication simple and open.
  • Focus on the results in the press release…( achievement, news)

Before you sent out the story follow these rules:

Let the story sit overnight. Do not edit. Wait.

See the content for overuse of the same words

Grammar check

Choose the right press release submission services: do not use free sites unless you know they appear in Google search and good for link building.

I recommend Best press release sites for link building that have FREE press release option

Idea Marketers, PR Zoom, 24-7Pressrelease,

Paid: PRLOG, CisionWire, PRWEB

Have a great week!


Tatyana Gann

Can FREE Press Releases Destroy Your Online Reputation?

Are YOU totally frustrated with your PR efforts?

You spend your evenings researching, writing and thinking my press story rocks. You love it. Your biz partners love it..Your submit your story to a free press release site that promises good results. You follow the instruction and believe the hype..

However when it comes to managing your online reputation and your image you must consider few things.  When new business ideas come to you and you want to implement them as soon as possible you must have a good publicity plan to build  and manage your online reputation. Never be cheap. As we say in Russia “A greedy man pays twice” and trust me you will do that.

Do free press releases and free advertising sites do more damage to your business?

My clients often ask me, “Can FREE press releases brand your product? Do they REALLY work in achieving the SEO results you are looking for? ” Well the feedback we see is mixed. It depends on your press release format and  many factors and I will share why they do not work for long term online presence. I do not personally believe in free advertising sites.

However, they can be a good strategy to use a temporary tool in your PR campaign, and I will explain my reasons:

  1. Getting your content into Google News you need to distribute your news, your press releases to a site that is part of the system such as PRWeb or PR Newswire
  2. Not every free press release site can EVEN get your press release into GOOGLE NEWS. Then you spend the entire budget for writing professional press releases about your products, your company events or special announcements and you really miss the opportunity to be seen.
  3. For local internet marketing free press release sites are not good. They are not recommended. I do not recommend for local business marketing campaigns. You must submit to paid press release sites who can do specific local campaigns targeting  your area. These types of press releases cost around 400 dollars for submission alone.
  4. First of all free press releases sites are not welcomed by journalists, bloggers and other media professionals. They do not research them to get news. They are relying on authority sites as PRWEB or CISIONWIRE
  5. Secondly, you cannot add links into the body of your FREE press release. They will NOT allow it. They will ask you to upgrade to a premium service. You are better off using an authority PR services which will discuss in the  next newsletter. It will affect your press release format.
  6. Free press releases are your second choice. You must always submit to paid press releases companies especially if your goal to get into web searches, Google news and be noticed by media. If you even write two press releases a month you will spend about 600 on a press release submission with the best pr service as Cision Wire or PRWeb. I used them both. They will get your story in front of media and also can help to achieve good SEO results.
  7. They are not good for link building. You must have links in your press story that will lead your visitors to your blog and videos. With free press releases it is not possible. Readers will not be able to click on links unless they copy and paste. Some press release sites do provide links and a few allow you to customize the anchor text. (If you’re not familiar with ‘dofollow’ or ‘nofollow’ links, remember that is that the ‘dofollow’ or ‘followed’ links are the links that usually give your SEO benefit. Over 70% of free press release sites don’t give a link.
  8. It is not good for your image especially if you are a well -known author, coach, or a product owner to build your brand with free press releases sites. Bad for branding. Period.
  9. They do not work when you plan to do online reputation repair and when you want to remove negative content from the first page of Google.

Let me ask you, ” Are you truly clear about the direction you want to go? Where do you see yourself in few years? How do you want to look to others?”

I want to hear from you…

Are you ready to take a new look how PR campaigns can get you MORE leads, MORE sales, BIGGER Profits?

Schedule 30 Min FREE consultation TODAY or grab our PR consulting packages and lets get started TODAY!


Tatyana Gann

Planning a public relations campaign?

From the desk of Tatyana Gann

Publicist, Nashville TN

In a recent meeting with a client of mine, we discussed creative, innovative and even non traditional strategies for an upcoming publicity campaign.  It is very exciting to meet and discuss PR plans with company owners who “get it”.  They have passion. They have a desire to expand. They want to be different.

They are willing to adapt to all the changes happening online. When it comes to online publicity strategies, the key is to be flexible and adapt to what are almost always instant changes.

In this lesson, I want to teach you the basic tools which you can implement immediately. You can launch your campaign within 24 hours without having the need to hire a publicist.  However, please do not think you can immediately do it all on your own, especially if you have never launched a campaign before. PR is a very creative way to spread the message. It takes time and patience… It takes determination!

Publicity provides free innovative ways to add more buzz about your company. You must first know what you want to be known for and your ideal market. Only then can you begin to set a publicity plan into action.

When planning a public relations campaign, you must include paid ads and sometimes even paid infomercials… everything should be presented as a package. It is a process that can take up to 9 months to be captured by the target audience. The results also depend upon how quick and creative you can be.

Here are a few simple ways to spread the word about YOU:

Let’s talk about press releases: Announce the launch of your service, product and/or training in your press release. Talk about the benefits of what you have to offer. Show your expertise and how the launch of your business/service/product can impact your ideal, target market. After you write it, submit it to the right online distribution services. This is where a lot of folks get stuck. They do know which services to choose or trust.

The service you choose depends on your budget. I would recommend, The more customized your press release is, the more you are going to pay for distribution. You want to make sure you have a good SEO press release using two to three major keywords within the title, summary, and of course placed throughout the story. Do not forget to link the keywords to the related content you have written such as articles, YouTube videos and your blog.  The services I listed above will offer SEO press releases, which is extremely important that a service provider does this.

What If you have a local business? Well, CISIONWIRE can give you customized packages for local SEO and PR campaigns. Know what your target market is and where it is… then, submit to these publications.


You have a traditional way of submitting your story. Let’s talk about creative ways to become a person of influence.  In PR, we influence the actions of others.  We follow very simple rules. We build relationships, we provide awesome content, we build reputations and we show that we are truly genuine.

When it comes to content, we must conduct research to find out what the media is seeking… even if it is just glancing at the latest 3 to 4 magazines on the newsstands or in your local library. Going online will also help to discover the latest trends and which stories are the best to share.

The best way to do this is to define your favorite magazines. Contact the assistant to the editor and ask for guidelines to submit a pitch. Then, after you know what to send, you can connect with editor by building relationships via social media. Relationship Marketing is vital! In her recent book “The New Relationship Marketing”, author Mari Smith discusses the importance of solid content and building a network.  Mari Smith has shown the most effective ways to build solid reputation, become the center of influence and make a difference. I have written a book review on Amazon and very impressed with the quality of the content. It is powerful!!!!

When creating a publicity plan, you must focus on building a network of editors and journalists who have impact and the influence in the media.

Be the leader on your topic, especially popular ones. Write updates, write press releases, and create videos that are related to the hottest changes in your niche.  Identify what people complain about… then write about it. BE the expert who is always there to bring answers. Be personal. Be kind. Be grateful.

Now you know what you want to talk about. You have determined your niche. You know at least 3 topics you want to cover. Now create your presence using simple tools. I recommend services such as to create pitches, stories and share video news and – awesome PR tool that allows to upload your presentations, brand your company and your name.

With Pitchengine, you can customize it, build awareness about your brand, add an unlimited amount of stories, updates and even featured articles, and videos for a small fee (comparing to traditional PR directories). You can even integrate it with your Facebook Fan Page and have a social media newsroom on your Fan page to share stories you have posted in

You can get PR 2. 0 traffic using social media press releases using SEO guidelines to get more traffic. The key to success with Pitchengine is to write an optimized press release to get into search engines. Once you publish them, you can add every story on your blog in the Blogroll or LINKS section. It is a simple trick that can help to get your blog ranked higher.

Another tool I am currently testing is  It is an innovative way to generate PR leads, especially if you generate B2B leads. This service can make a difference. I recommend their PRO package for $49, which gives you 70 business leads.

Here is the catch: You must be very specific with You must define your topic and go with it… Just one and see what will happen. The beauty of this tool is that it comes with analytics, branding features, and a video channel where you can upload videos and presentations. It is way to capture business leads and get instant notification.

One last little tip I’ll share with you: You can also link your Pitchengine and Slideshare content to create an awesome online authority for you or your business!


Tatyana Gann

Tatyana Gann is the founder of the Smokin’ Hot PR Ezine and Smokin’ Hot PR Boutique, providing publicity, online PR services and even private VIP consulting. Tatyana Gann is ready to bring you publicity tips, advice and PR services to help you gain more raving fans for your business and create smokin’ hot publicity! She has a simple formula for creating a publicity plan that brings results! Grab your FREE publicity weekly advice at:

Can you still respark flame in your business? Yep, believe it!

From the desk

Tatyana Gann

Founder SmokinHotPR

Successful publicity is like a good marriage. You got to keep the flame burning and work on it. Nurture. Be in love with who you are first and know what your passions are! “– Tatyana Gann

But what about your business. Is it becoming dull, not interesting?  Are you dragging your feet into your office and turning laptop and your bright shiny screen comes on and your brain goes BLANK. You feel stuck. You feel a creative block. Well. It happens with everyone.  Resparking flame in your business no matter if it is coaching, info product or just service based business can be done by treating with gentle attitude and not beating yourself for failures.

Today I want to talk to you about the biggest pain every business owner is dealing with- CLIENTS. If you are rolling out a new coaching program, or launching a new product, you need unique visitors who hopefully become your clients. Right? If you are interested in increasing traffic to your site you still want to know where to get them and how to get them to your site.

You wonder if you need media coverage and you get headache. You are not PR expert, you are far from it because you are only good at what yo know. That is fine. People fear of the word Public Relations short PR because it sounds too uptight, unattainable but to  understand what it truly means I want to provide you a deeper understanding of how PR online strategies work that you will give you A-ha moment!

Take any business owner, such as yourself, no matter if you have an offline business or an online business you are dying to know how to find the clients and how to keep them. Right? You might have purchased dozens of the marketing books, read old fashioned PR manuals that look like ancient Egyptian manuscripts that I am sure you are about to throw in the trash right now.
You know down deep inside that they worked for you few years ago, but they do not work today. That is the TRUTH. To be honest with you, you must know the truth because as they say it will set you FRE-E. You deserve to be fre-e of all the garbage and get the real proven marketing education and resources in one nice package without being bombarded with every course sold online and every GURU teaching you what they really DON’T know.
You can put MONEY in your bank account using press releases combined with other PR and social media tools if you do them right. Of course we cannot guarantee results. But in order for press releases to work right you must have the right combination. Imagine a formula that will work very beautifully for your business!
You must research your market. You must know three things
1. Your customers values
2. Your customers thoughts and what they feel
3. Where do they go to shop. You must know your competition and your competitor’s customers!
That is your IDEAL client. I have a simple 3 L Rule: Listen, Learn, Language.  Listen to what your customers say in their networks and other online communities. Learn the Language they speak and speak on their terms. Who cares if you are have dozens of Ph.Ds and master’s degrees in Business. Sorry for being blunt with you. Nobody cares a squat today. If you do not know your customer, they will leave you and you never make a dime.
Once you get it, you figured out the main part of the puzzle that some business owners do not even approach. They are too afraid and they fail because they are so hungry and they will get whatever comes their way. They lose by trying to satisfy every customer.
Once you know your customers and where they gather and what they say and how they say it you become a part of their tribe. They trust you with your knowledge, how YOU think and even short press release you write (imagine only about 500 words) can compel them to put their name on your list and even better reach out for the plastic card we all love and gently enter 16 digits and buy it RIGHT THEN.
The bonus for you is that they share your link about your product with their friends and biz partners and just scream on Twitter and Facebook that they found a gold mine! They feel like they found their twin- you spoke their language.
You get 3rd party publicity and believe me it can have a domino effect.
I want you to “set the web on fire” because it can be done with SIMPLE ways that can spark the flame!

Tatyana Gann is the founder of the Smokin’ Hot PR Ezine and Smokin’ Hot PR Boutique, providing publicity, online PR services and even private VIP consulting. Tatyana Gann is ready to bring you publicity tips, advice and PR services to help you gain more raving fans for your business and create smokin’ hot publicity! She has a simple formula for creating a publicity plan that brings results! Grab your FREE publicity weekly advice at:

News PR Builder Campaign: Your Online Publicity ToolKit For Higher Profits

“Are you ready to start news PR builder campaign without a hiring a public relations specialist  or being a PR  SEO geek?”

You do not have to have a college degree for becoming a public relations specialist in order to efficiently promote your business.  Some public relations agencies would tell you the opposite due to the fact t hey deal with corporate PR where the volume of work is much higher than for a start up business  and a solo entrepreneur.

News PR builder campaigns can allow you to achieve more media coverage and strong online presence. The campaigns take time and preparation. They require the research of your niche market, and I personally recommend a great tool for researching keywords such as so you know how to publicize your product and service.

But what are the easiest PR methods that even a beginner can use today?

Again you have to understand one thing…Trends change, people want something one day and next day their desire for your product is gone. can still find what makes them tick any time of the day. You  have to learn to be flexible. Flexibility in PR will take your business very far.

Here are some simple ways to get your publicity going:

1. Write Press Releases

A great way to share about your product as a solution to your customer problems, your events you host or attend, your product launch, your coaching webinars and much more. You can talk about your customers!

2. Submit Press Releases:

Send to  the targeted list of editors with a special email asking to review your story. We have a letter we usually give to our clients that they can use to send to editors. Make sure submit your press release to online distribution services such as PRWEB or MarketWire.

3. Blog post

Post your press story on your blog as a blog post. It can add some extra content and you can link to the original press release. Also post your press release in the links or a blogroll.

4. LinkedIn

Post your press story as news to LinkedIn Groups

5. Bloggers

Contact top bloggers and ask them if you can contribute to their community with breaking news story. It must be something THEIR readers want to know. That is why it is very important to study niches and what people WANT.

6. Ezines and Newsletters.

Similar to bloggers find the best ezines in  your niche and build relationships with the editors. I prefer a simple strategy- get to know them on Facebook and read the content they post. Then contact them for permission to send the article or a press release about the topic of interest.




Remember be specific and focus on your customers. Make sure to remember the most important thing, “What do you want your customers to believe about your product or a business”?

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Have fun!

Tatyana Gann


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Publicity Campaign Steps- How to Set a Budget And Timeline

by Tatyana Gann

A Publicity campaign does not have to be complicated and stressful! I love this quote by Albert Einstein, “The only reason for time is so that everything does not happen at once”. I often think about how many business owners do not realize that from the VERY moment they make a decision to go into business and create a plan, for some magic reason, they forget to include a publicity campaign. They do not realize that publicity is a key ingredient that they are missing and try to add it only later!

Here are some key elements of a publicity campaign:

In order for any publicity campaign to be effective, you must start early so that you have more time to mastermind with your PR planning team, your biz partners and if any changes have to be made you can do it with NO EXTRA STRESS! Also, it allows you have time to build true business relationships without pitching it or being rushed to do so.

Secondly, the interesting thing about business owners who are working with investors often think of a publicity campaign as a luxury component for their business and never include it or barely mention it in their business PR plan!

Third, you must be a pioneer in some area of your business. Contact your local and regional media and show them that you have a media plan.  Show them your unique approach! For example, styling tips for petite women …or weight loss without a low calorie diet… Whatever makes you stand out as a pioneer or be the first to tell the news the better off you are!

You could ask me, ” Tatyana, What will a publicity plan do for me in the next 90 days?”

Simple answer- FOCUS

1. It becomes a checklist of your plans

2. Gives you idea of a realistic budget

3. Makes you take a look at your values and what is important to you.

4 . Gives you a Long Term vision of your branding. You will be able to ask yourself, “Is this WHAT I want?”

5. Know your available cashflow to spend on the publicity and other promotion methods

6. Gives you an idea of the time frame to plan the PR campaign

7. Opens doors to NEW approaches to grow your business

Tip #1 It really does not matter if you are doing a product launch or want to redo your business plan and add a publicity ingredient, creating a detailed  marketing plan outline will give clarity to your business partners and yourself!

Your next step is to set a STRUCTURE. Without structure, nothing in life will work or function. Your publicity plan might remind you of a beautiful dance performance. When I was a ballroom dancer performing in front of thousands of people, all that the audience saw was the final result. I could not go on the stage without practicing and knowing the exact steps, the order and what to expect. In the end, each performer had a role to play in the dance performance. With your publicity, every element of a publicity campaign should be balanced out, planned out.

Write down the steps to write your press releases,  list of your events and the content of your column articles that needs to go out.  Then, you must write down these important steps:

1. Your publicity campaign budget (monthly or 90 day budget, including the next 6-9 months)

2. Your personal involvement or outsourcing

3. Marketing research and the time you need for it

4. Cost of each publicity campaign assignment

5. Review all your marketing tactics and when they should each start, in order for everything to flow right

The truth some PR experts do not want to tell you is that it can take longer and more work is involved once they start working, because business owners always want to add something or do it differently.

Public relations campaign experts recommend that you calculate each assignment cost and DOUBLE IT. Do not focus on the budget as much as on your final goal! Relax and be flexible!

Last tip: Start your publicity early, think of each component of your campaign, your cost for press stories, submission, radio interviews, content creation (your time is your money!), your events, your contests and so on. Some business owners want to keep it simple and some want to have a huge publicity campaign to reach a bigger audience!

Tatyana Gann is the founder of Smokin’ Hot PR Ezine, and SmokinHotPR Boutique providing publicity, online PR services and even private VIP consulting.  Tatyana Gann is ready to bring you publicity tips, advice and PR services to help you gain more raving fans for your business and create smokin’ hot publicity! She has the simple formula for creating a publicity plan that brings results! Grab your FREE publicity weekly advice at: