Kevin Thompson MLM lawyer

Kevin Thompson MLM lawyer

MLM Lawyer Kevin Thompson reveals cutting edge legal solutions for companies seeking to take Advantage of trends in referral marketing. Thompson focuses his law practice exclusively on new trends In relationship marketing.

Within a few short years, social media has completely transformed the landscape of marketing. According to a Nielson survey, recommendations from personal acquaintances are the most trusted forms of marketing, dramatically more trusted than traditional televised ads. The survey shows that 90% of those surveyed trust recommendations from people within their social network while only 70% trust recommendations published via televised ads.

This has led business owners to reinvent new and creative ways to market their products and services.
Nashville based MLM lawyer, Kevin Thompson,specializes in providing legal services for companies looking to offer referral based marketing programs.In an interview with publicist, Tatyana Gann, Thompson states: “Companies are looking for creative ways to turn their best customers into marketers. Given the diffusion of social media across the world, this exchange of information has never been easier. The best way to get customers talking isto provide financial incentives, which brings legal complications.”


MLM Lawyer Kevin Thompson Reveals Cutting Edge Legal Solutions for Companies Seeking to Take Advantage of Trends in Referral Marketing

Dr Rebecca Westbrook Dallas TX

Dr Rebecca Westbrook Dallas TX

Dr. Rebecca Westbrook brings proven techniques to prevent dogs weight gain. As a veterinarian dedicated to compassionate pet care in Dallas TX, she shares with the public cutting-edge discoveries when it comes to learning the causes of weight gain.

With today’s information rich media outlets and advanced technology, a pet owner may become overwhelmed and inundated with advice especially when it comes to dog obesity. Dr. Westbrook believes that it is important to question the soundness of advice and question the science behind it before a pet owner implements any type of pet hospice care that facilitates weight loss for dogs.

One of the biggest questions that an animal owner will often ask is how much weight their dog can stand to lose and in what time frame.

In an interview with her publicist, Tatyana Gann, Westbrook states that “A dog may safely lose 1% to 2% of their body weight on a weekly basis”. However, she is quick to point out that it is important to check with your veterinarian before embarking on a weight loss program.


Dr Rebecca Westbrook, Dallas Veterinary Clinic Owner, Speaks On Brand New Diet to Prevent Dogs’ Weight Gain

Jessica Miller Merrell

Jessica Miller Merrell

Jessica Miller Merrell Founder of and

Corporate Social Media Discrimination is a complex phenomenon because of the continually evolving social media trends. Human Resource Professionals traversing this minefield must have a keen understanding of discrimination laws and social media boundaries that must be adhered to.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, an HR veteran for over 10 years, reveals the strategic factor that social media plays inside the Human Resources arena with her four part series titled “Corporate Social Media Discrimination” on her blog,

Miller-Merrell speaks candidly about how the use of social media can cause discrimination upon a protected class. In particular, she discusses disparate treatment and disparate impact both as forms of discriminatory behavior used towards minority groups.

In her recent blog post, Miller-Merrell states, “A disparate impact is a concern if recruiters and companies exclusively use social media to source and search for candidates. For example, if a recruiter relies solely on Twitter to advertise job openings, they are reaching a predominantly Caucasian audience.”

HR Veteran, Jessica Miller-Merrell Reveals the Naked Truth: Corporate Social Media Discrimination


Shawn Phillips Fitness Guru

Shawn Phillips Fitness Guru

In a world of artificial foods, fast food crazes, fat-free food madness and 100 calorie snack packs, how does the busy, active type-A man stay lean, fit and healthy?

What if there was a food that could help you build lean muscle, lose weight, shed fat, and gain energy? There is and you have to look no further than Full Strength Premium Nutrition Shake for Men created by fitness innovator Shawn Phillips.

Phillips has taken his expertise in sculpting abs and chiseling athletes to helping busy, high-achieving men look great, feel great and perform great.

In a University of Oklahoma scientific study, later published in a prestigious peer-reviewed journal, Phillips’ Full Strength was proven to swap fat for lean muscle, while adding energy and significantly improving several other critical health markers in test subjects (

In his recent interview with Tatyana Gann, a publicist and founder of SmokinHotPR, Shawn Phillips said, “The busy modern-day warrior is turning to energy drinks, energy bars, “boxed” meal systems or choosing a debilitating diet to lose weight or stay fit and lean, while taking care of family, business and community. Full Strength is the perfect solution for the man in demand.”


Fitness Guru Shawn Phillips Lets the Best Kept Secret in Nutrition Out of the Closet

Burn The Fat ad Build Muscle Safely

Gastric Hypno Balloon Program

London, UK,  Dec. 5, 2011– The creator of the Gastric Hypno Balloon Weight Loss program Ryan Camana understands overweight patients are willing to go under the knife to correct their body but the problem is much deeper. With so many extreme weight loss extreme methods existing today and customers spending thousands of dollars on the weight loss and obesity treatments many new patients ask Camana  a very simple question “You want me to be hypnotized instead of having surgery?”

According to Ryan Camana’s weight loss research and his work with clients, he saw that hypnosis was one of the only ways proven to get a person back into the higher brain.  Using hypnosis a person can completely avoid the automatic stress response, eating, which invariably occurs on any diet where you are lowering your calories.

In his recent phone interview with publicist Tatyana Gann, Camana said a very profound truth about the power of our mind and how it affects our eating patterns and why diets simply do not work . Camana added, “Installing healthy eating patterns by switching cravings for sugar snacks to cravings for fruit.  We can also program your mind to feel full faster so you naturally eat fewer calories.  All while keeping you centered and peaceful in the higher thinking parts of your brain.


Breaking News: Can Gastric Hypno Balloon Weight Loss Program Replace Gastric Bypass Surgery Completely?