When it comes to healing scars of the past and restoring life, Master Intuitive healers and spiritual coaches Veronica and Stephen Schultz can help their client’s break the spell of fear and take control of their lives if they are willing to invest in a positive change. They assist aspiring people in achieving personal breakthroughs and go from invisible, disconnected, emotionally crushed to becoming confident with more clear vision for their business and personal life.

The Soul Journey Experiences are rewarding and meaningful to their clients for many reasons. Veronica and Stephen are brilliant in their ability to change the energy, helping people feel happier and peaceful, while the Soul Journey Experience cuts the cords to fears, reconnects them to the Mother’s love and self-love. Through the Soul Journey Experience clients discover the old programming nuances that sabotaged their success in business and personal life, kept them stuck and disconnected, and lost with no sense of purpose. Their clients experience a complete transformation after they release all the emotional weight that was holding them back, they are given the tools to step into the radiance of who they are cutting through the cloud and confusion giving them the ability to discern what matters the most.

During the spiritual guidance provided by Veronica and Stephen, clients regain their peace of mind and self-worth and get a better understanding of their patterns that keep them from experiencing the full potential. They then can deal with challenges, distractions and learn how to make simple on-the-spot decisions in their professional life. When it comes to clients’ personal life they are able to transform relationships with a new perspective on their core values.

According to Veronica Schultz, the Soul Journey Experience creates a positive energy flow in a person’s life; releasing blocks, unwanted negative energies, vibrations, and emotions that tie and bind and that are attached to them and replaces them with liquid white light of love.

Stephen Schultz added, “You come to this world to remember who you are, what your purpose is, and to step into this purpose. A Soul Journey Experience shows you your path.”

The most important element of the Soul Journey Experience is discovering and healing of old deep wounds without lengthy, boring, traumatic coaching.

The best part of the Soul Journey Experience is that clients are equipped with tools and resources after the initial Experience. Once their Soul Journey Experience is complete, they are then eligible for the “Soul Journey Synergy” of their private group exclusive only to other Soul Journeyers, that offers techniques that they can use daily to let go of the stories inside of them, move into their gifting’s, learning to trust their own guidance and they will establish new thought patterns to ensure successful healing and transformation. In her interview with a publicity expert Tatyana Gann, Veronica S. said, “It is a humbling moment to see measurable results. We are grateful to share the Soul Journey Experience with our clients and to help them find success, heal from life’s traumas and then watch them soar and finally using their gifts that they kept on the back burner.”

Through a powerful fusion of healing techniques and exercises that include meditations, mantras, exercises to create a mindset shift clients can finally express their authenticity without fear, feel free and have more clarity, courage and confidence.

To have an immediate access to Veronica and Stephen and book a session, visit their website www.JourneyAwakens.com

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Five Things You Can Give Up To Regain Happiness



166642_10150375089860463_5588847_nHi there.

It is Friday...As I woke up this morning and took my kids to school and wished them a happy day at school I thought about the meaning of happiness.

Is there anything in life that can cloud our happiness or even block it? What are we willing to give up to regain happiness and peace of mind? Let’s dive into the meaning of the word “HAPPINESS” According to the Webster dictionary the word happiness means three things:

1. Fortune and Prosperity

2. State of Being Content

3. Satisfying Experience

Never thought one of the meanings would be good fortune and prosperity. We have only believed that happiness would be a state of being content and satisfying pleasurable experience.What choices do we have to make to be happy and what does happiness mean to you?  Unfortunately we go through motions as adults and find ourselves lost, hopeless and even depressed.

Do you remember when you were a kid and played with friends and nothing mattered to you, but fun and play? You felt joy, freedom and you were accepted as you were.  As we get older , we lose a sense of play and what matters to us. We become professional collectors of STUFF and STUFF defines  our happiness. We live in the boxes and work in the very small cubicles and define our happiness by the size of our office, the size of our house and car brands we drive. Outside success becomes our temporary happiness.

What if it is taken away? Then what? Can we still be happy? I believe it all comes to conditioning our mindset and making it strong to withstand the storms of life that can take our happiness a way for a moment. It happened to me.

As I faced many obstacles and struggled through my divorce, I was loosing a sense of happiness and thought that when things get settled I would be happy then. But they never did as I expected.

Over time I realized that happiness was a choice, and it was an ongoing learning process. It is a choice of letting go of what pollutes your state of mind and blocks you from having the satisfying life experiences. Happiness is allowing the world see your gifts and talents and using them to make a difference.

But…we are afraid to shine our true talents and gifts because  we were told we should be focusing on something solid and practical and get serious about our life. We are reminded we must be practical and take care of our life. I totally understand. We must take care our today’s needs and obligations, but our future depends on what we choose today.

What we choose today will show up in our life a year or 5 years from now.  I hope you choose happiness and being a person who is radiating joy, passion and confidence. I hope you will take actions that will allow happiness in your life. I hope you will do things that give you a feeling of ultimate joy and satisfaction.

When it comes to regaining happiness we all face our fears. Quite often, it is a fear of accepting ourselves as we are and living life according to somebody’s else standards and beliefs about ourselves that contradict the core of who we in reality.  Growing up in Russia my definition of happiness was my family gathering for a brunch on Sunday morning and my grandma house was my place of happiness where vanilla aroma and fresh baked bread reminded me I was loved and cared of.  We lived in one bedroom apartment with my parents and yet my parents allowed me experience life: from teaching me skating and skiing and putting me through years of ballroom dancing.  We cared for our neighbours and invited them for dinners and coffee on Friday night or even on a casual Monday evening. We took time to bring happiness in our life.

But we live in the world where we are afraid to invite a neighbour for a cup of coffee because we are just too busy working in collect STUFF that eventually will ruin and we will throw it away.

We are simply afraid to be ourselves. We see others being happy and we get jealous of their happiness instead of finding our own. We complain about our life. We surround ourselves with people that do not reflect who we are inside but who we try to be. We create an artificial environment because we are not living our truth…

Good news! We can really change it.

There are FIVE things we have to give up in order to give space to positive energy and feel happy again.

1. Complaining.

Think about all the times you have complained. What if you could find gratitude? My good friend and my mentor Katerina once said,  “It is destroying your life from inside. It destroys everything you have built and tried to do.

I agree. Gratitude is the antidote to our complaining. But if we can open our minds and see the reality of what it does to our life and we replace with deep authentic gratitude.

2. Unhealthy relationships and negative environment.

Do you feel blah after meeting such people and feel drained emotionally and even physically? Have you been in a toxic relationship with your loved one or even a friend? What did you do? Did you stay? Did you communicate openly that the other person need to make a new choice in their life if they want to keep a relationship strong and healthy?

3. Lack of passion

We focus so much on doing WORK and doing things to make ourselves happy but what if we find our passions instead. Passion means passing energy…PASSION ( PASS IONS). Knowing your passion will keep your happy. It will push you forward during life transitions.

4. Criticism

We are often too tough on ourselves. We keep digging and seeking our flaws. Every day when you find something wrong with you, you develop a pattern of seeing yourself as a failure, a looser and much more. It is time to change it. I do recommend affirmations as you look into the mirror. What is your favorite affirmation? How do you want people to view you? Write it down. That is your new affirmation.

5. Staying Busy- Not Productive

We get involved into too many things: from sports activities with kids, planning events and parties and trying to fit into other people schedules.  We also spend a lot of time on social media without learning something or sharing value. It is okay to do something fun but if it is not productive it will take your energy away.

Are you afraid to slow down and just do nothing for 1 hour a day? What would you do to relax and recharge? Then do it. Your body and your mind will be happy!

Write down your priorities for the next week and stick to them. Eliminate extra events from your schedule. Give yourself a break and recharge. Ask yourself “Is it good for me?

I hope it helps. I hope every morning you do somethings that makes you excited about life and brings happiness into every little moment of life!



Coach Tatyana

How to use corny gratitude practices to rebuild your life and heal your heart



Hi, there!

It is a Sunday afternoon. I usually love writing on Sundays and I have not written in a while. I have been debating what I should share with you that could make a difference in your life and something you can start doing right away to experience breakthroughs. It might be corny or cheesy but you know it is simple. It works!

This year as I faced a few personal life and family challenges, the biggest challenge in 2015 was my Gratitude challenge. Right after my divorce was final in December 2014, I started a brand new divorce recovery challenge— a gratitude challenge.  I realized that if one thing I had to change, I had to change myself. I also saw if I wanted to change relationships with a father of my boys I had to change. If I wanted to be the best MOM I had to take an inventory of my mind and my heart.

Gratitude was the instrumental tool in my recovery. Gratitude became my number #1 choice.

Gratitude has helped me to weed all the negative thoughts, complaints, blames out of my mind and shape new positive and abundant thoughts. Gratitude helped me to cope and handle everyday stress and find blessings even when I could only count a few of them. It opened my heart to find blessings in the places I never thought was possible.

I saw the biggest opportunities were within my mind. If I wanted to be more, I needed to feed my mind with the most empowering thoughts, love, and positive energy. Gratitude practice became my discipline. It protected me from anger, envy and self-pity.

When I was little, my parents had a big garden. Every weekend I was working in the garden and was pulling the weeds out just to come back the following weekend and do it all over. It was a very important task for me. I had to make sure my garden was clean and cared for. I was so proud of it. We had a great harvest every fall and I was a quite accomplished gardener. It felt great to see the results of my labor and enjoy fresh veggies and berries.

When I was reading about Sir John Templeton, a legendary philantropist and investor, and his letter he had included in his Christmas card,  I was intrigued and it made a total sense to me. It was about our mind being a garden we should tend to.

According to the source, Sir John Templeton wrote a Christmas Letter to his family in 1962:

He looked at the mind as a garden: “If you exercise no control, it will become a weed patch and a source of shame and misery. If you exercise wise control, then it will be filled with God’s miracles and become a place of indescribable beauty. You are free to choose which. How can you do it? Simply, for example, develop a habit of looking at each thought as you would a plant. If it is worthy, if it fits the plan you desire for your mind, cultivate it. If not, replace it. How do you get it out of your mind? Simply by putting in its place two or three thoughts of love or worship, for no mind can dwell on more than two or three thoughts at one time. 

“Circumstances outside the garden of your mind do not shape you. You shape them. For example, if you expect treachery, allowing those thoughts to dwell in your mind, you will get it. If you fill your mind with thoughts of love, you will give love and get it. If you think little of God, He will be far from you. If you think often of God, the Holy Spirit will dwell more in you. The glory of the universe is open to every man. Some look and see. Some look and see not.
“Gardens are not made in a day. God gave you one lifetime for the job. Control of your garden or your mind grows with practice and study of the wisdom other minds have bequeathed to you. He who produces an item of unique beauty in his garden or his mind may have a duty to give that seed to others. As your body is the dwelling place of your mind, so is your mind the dwelling place of your soul. The mind you develop is your dwelling place for all your days on earth, and the soul you develop on earth may be the soul you are stuck with for eternity. God has given you the choice.” 
My challenge to you is to write 10 blessings every day. Gratitude will be the best tool to clear your mind, your beautiful God’s gift.
The best side effects of gratitude:
1. Giving heart and generosity
2. Forgiving heart
3. Stress-free life
4. Uplifting others and focusing on helping less fortunate
5. Becoming clear about your life purpose and mission
6. Career or business success
7. Better relationships
8. Clear mind
9. Much more…
Are you ready to create a positive change….?
Start with gratitude today!
With love
Coach Tatyana

How to Become a Strong and Powerful Woman: 3 Things Every Woman Should Do…

11856473_10155892037655463_1181917273293991093_o “I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.” Louise Hay

Hello.. My name is Tatyana. I am a woman. I am a mom. and…I am worthy. Not long ago I was lost. Everything I once believed in was shattered. I had to start from scratch. Rebirthing experience was quite painful and learning to love myself was honestly scary. I had no choice but to emerge from the depth of the darkest pit in my life. I was living there. I was ready for a change. I was done living in fears I was ready for healing. I was ready for God’s magical touch. I was ready to learn how to live again. I was done with a struggle. I wanted a new relationship with God. And they say when a student is totally ready a teacher shows up.

That was almost 2 years ago. I met one of my spiritual teachers. Mr E. He loves being mysterious, so I call him Mr E. To be honest, I was a bad student. I failed miserably. I thought I knew everything.  I was wrong. I am sure he is reading it and laughing with me, but at that time I thought my life would not get better with his principles and teachings. I was looking for something different, magical, spectacular with a lot of fireworks…and it was quite simple. I had to learn to be humble. I had to learn to silence my chatter. I had to deal with my ego. I had to tell it to stop. I was going through a spiritual boot camp. I felt exhausted. I was expecting meditations and healing would work fast. I was expecting peaceful mornings of prayer.

But it was a tough work. It was a battle of my ego and my soul.  He told me I had to do it or I would do 100 push ups. No thanks. I was ready for spiritual pushups instead. My mind was constantly racing. I was at war with my ego. I was releasing the old me. I was letting go of all negative patterns, programming and layers of what did not belong to me, so I could see REAL TATYANA.

Mr E has taught me how to clear my negative beliefs and patterns, and to be in the moment. The peace of knowing how to handle challenging situations with joy was not an overnight success. It was days and months of practice or I would have to do 50 to 100 push ups a day. I learned how to reset my energy levels and regroup.  I embraced the principles of energy healing and meditation, understanding my body and the power of my mind. My daily prayer was to clear my mind and to see my purpose. I had to take care of my mind before I did anything else. I had to let go of insecurities and it was a long process.

I had to fix my thinking if I wanted a new beginning…

During the course of 20 months, I have learned that I did not have to become a strong woman. I was a strong woman. I was worthy. I realized that challenges would only polish us like a beautiful diamond. If you think you are not strong enough, think twice. If you are going through challenges this very moment, do not get discouraged. You are just being polished. You are being updated or even rebuilt. Be open to growth. Be open to thinking big and dreaming big! Your dreams will change. Your thoughts will change.

You experience a spiritual SHIFT. You become that strong woman. You are the girl who knows how to walk in peace because she experienced turmoil. You are that girl who knows how to love unconditionally because she learned to accept love from God. You are the strong woman who builds her spiritual muscles through her teachers that come into her life.  Courage is her best protection when she is singled out. She stands tall and light as a graceful birch tree but with deep strong roots of an oak tree because she experienced being yanked out of her comfort zone. She practices daily gratitude and kindness because it keeps her going.. I had thought that being a nice and compassionate woman would not make me a strong business woman.

….But I realized that my strength was in the compassion and kindness towards others to understand their needs. I learned we should never underestimate power of a woman. I could have been brutally honest and straightforward, but I choose a compassionate way of dealing with people. I used to be an aggressive gal in sales and push very hard but it is not my way. I believe in being authentic giving, nurturing, but I have my boundaries. People remembered Tatyana as a hustler…But…I said real Tatyana evolved.

Major Life lesson: You don’t need to be aggressive to be happy building a business or dealing with others. You do not need to prove your points..You just need to be confident in who you are… I am grateful for people who pushed me forward and ones who gave up on me because I was no longer an older version. I learned to be compassionate because I knew hate. I learned how to be courageous because I knew fears. I know loyalty of friends I knew betrayal. I know peace because I felt turmoils. So.. It taught me to seek love within me so I could be more. When you go through life challenges, you set much HIGHER goals. They seem unrealistic but they push you to do what YOU never did. You have new priorities. When you go through changes every woman must take care of three things

1. Health — your body, your mind and your spiritual health. I start my day with mediation, prayers. I drink my alkaline kangen water to hydrate myself and have more energy. It gives me mental clarity as well. I do walk at least three times a week and do my circuit training 2. Finances.

For women it is important to be secure and be independent or codependent. There is nothing wrong to seek solutions to create wealth, earn MORE income. it just shows you have a burning desire to make more. When women make more they contribute more. They are natural givers.

3. Love

I am talking about self love and self esteem. I have learned that when I loved myself, the doors opened. Sometimes my love relationship with my own self was not clear. It was not the way I wanted. I worked on my heart through clearing my blocks, using my own intuition, identifying what needed to be worked on. I was constantly in the state of awareness. The results were the reflection of my self love. When I have increased the levels of love within my heart everything else became better. I felt elevated, lighter.

When I let go of hurts and pains (it did take me while) I felt very peaceful. I could accept love from others. The doors opened that were shut and I found myself doing what I love- helping others to experience freedom and love shift. The journey into my heart was amazing and I am grateful because It helped me to see my vision, my purpose, my talents and appreciate myself for who I was…

I am a woman. I am a mom. I am God’s baby.. and what about YOU?> I want to tell you that life happens for YOU. Have a joy in your heart that is happening for your growth. You can have freedom in your life again. You can create income you deserve. You can be with people you love. You can forgive and heal. You can travel again. You can write again.

You can breath and live as God wants you.

If you want to see how I can help you to take ownership of your life, embrace life changes, and get your freedom back…click here

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Love you all! Tatyana

Life after divorce: I have not been honest….


I have not been honest with myself until….

I have not been honest with myself until I looked at my sons and said…”Heck…what am I doing? Where am I going”? I tell my kids to follow their passion and do what they desire…yet I let my desire slip away…

This thought has been on my mind for a long time. “Me, Tatyana…a woman who inspires people to be better and more…how can I NOT be honest with myself?”

I forgot what it was like to be honest …with one person I should honor the most –  ME. As I was looking at myself in the mirror putting my favorite makeup on, I saw a 40 year old woman who has always believed that honesty was the best policy , even if it would hurt others temporarily. I knew honesty would save myself and others from a long term emotional pain but I was afraid to make a quantum leap to accept myself as I was and just be “authentic me”. I let my divorce and other life trials steer me away from my dreams and I experienced major struggles in my heart. I had to stop it. I had to do it for my sake and my kids sake…YET my divorce pushed me forward to be honest with myself and what I truly craved in life- to love myself and accept who I was and what I loved doing. Drastic life changes either make you or break you. It is a choice. Being true to yourself can set you free.

Then one day I was reading an email from one of the leading coaches that got my attention. She said ONE SINGLE word that made a shift in my entire being – DESIRE. I felt it in every cell of my body. I saw a movie in my head of what had happened in my life to get me to where I was and who I became and where I was heading…

I have always told my coaching clients one thing “ TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF”…Today I had a big aha moment- taking care of yourself starts with honesty. Pure raw honesty that makes you cry from joy that you finally have some guts to say what you want to say and be what you want to be. You let your heart sing your song…you simply do not let the songs of others control your life.

Deep inside I knew what I wanted in life. I envisioned it. I trusted…but then sabotaged myself not because I was not worthy. But because I was not honest with my desire to be who I was destined to be – a coach, an inspirational writer, and the best MOM. When you embrace your desire and go with it your perception of the challenges changes. Challenges become fun and you seek the ways to overcome them. When you hate what you do, challenges become burdens and you have to push so hard that it stresses you out and you want to quit.

The beauty of your life journey…

You see it all starts with a raw authentic desire. Desire to live a real life. Desire to have the best things in life. Desire to love and be loved. Desire to find a soul mate and live in your passion doing what you love.


I love life coaching. It is one of my passions to serve people. I love to see people lives transform. Their mindset shifts. They see somebody cares enough to be compassionate and kind to them to show them how to move forward and make good choices in life.  They are afraid to love, live and laugh. They forget what is like to matter in somebody’s else life and they forget that they matter with their story, their desire, their passions. They might even believe they live in a fantasy world according to their friends’ opinions and they need someone to tell their dreams do matter.

I have talked to many men and women in my coaching and consulting work. They all want one thing – to do what they desire. They want passion in life. They want to matter. But it will NOT happen unless you are honest with who you are.

Ask yourself what you TRULY desire.

Ask yourself what would it look like?

Be child like.

As Proverbs in the Bible says “Where there is no vision life perishes….” Why do we put a vision on the back burner and forget our own song of life. We let others ‘ song lead us….and we just become the shy followers. No. we are meant to shine. We are meant to be the light God wants us to be.

Everything starts with our desires. Do not push them so deep inside of you and hide it that you forget about them or embarrassed by them.

Honesty is so important w hen it comes to asking yourself “What do I truly want in life?” It starts right there in your heart.

  • Knowing what you really want and being ok with it is honesty.
  • When you can be honest with yourself you become honest with others and meet other people who are honest with you. You start trusting that you will be guided to the right resources and people to help you with achieving it.
  • You will be focused on finding solutions and you will be motivated by your desire that came from a honest heart.
  • Somehow things will work out because you have been honest with yourself and that matters the most.

What you desire may not happen right away but you will be on your path. You will learn new things, experience new things, meet new people that will connect the dots to achieve what you desire.

The good thing happens when we are honest with ourselves – we become open to new adventures, and we are no longer afraid to get out and claim what we have been hiding in our heart for so long.

Honesty with others is awesome. But the awesome sauce, as my son Daniel would say, is honesty with yourself.

If you are ready to make a change but feel you need a push and guidance to get you moving I will be honored to work with you. You can apply for my personal coaching on my website and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

If you are a passionate about your life message and want to serve others through telling your story, reaching a bigger audience and even media I am taking a handful of qualified clients to work with me. It is not for everyone but it could be YOU. Let’s find out.. You can book your consultation here and I look forward to serving you.


Have a great week!


Fear myths exposed….


In the past two weeks I got emails from my readers asking me about FEARS. They wanted to know how to manage and overcome fears. They were ashamed of living in fear. They did not have confidence to move forward. But they knew they needed to do something about it.

Does it sound familiar? Are you ashamed of your fears?

First of all you must accept your fears…Often we are taught to get rid of it as fast as we feel it. We are taught it is a bad thing. Good news— accept your fears, so you can understand the roots of your fears. It takes a very strong person to say “Heck, I do have fears and I am working through them”. Fears do teach us to take care of our basic necessities in life. They teach us how to be grounded and accountable.

Tip: When you push your fears in the corner, you do not get rid of them. You simply cover the mess up. You simply deny your human emotion. When you accept your fears you open your mind to do what you have never done. I used to be afraid of dogs. Growing up I had a major fear of dogs. It did not matter what size they were. I had FEAR of being attacked. I was attacked by a dog when I was little so I kept telling myself dogs were not my friends. Well, in 2012 I learned the dogs could be your therapy. They could be your loyal friend you never had  with the most unconditional love. FEAR melted away when I faced it and made a decision to see an alias in what I feared the most.

When you accept your fears you open your mind to do what you have never done

Secondly ask yourself, “What if our our fear is that we have the power to do better things in life”?
I love what Marianne Williamson says about fear of being powerful beyond measure, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Your playing small does not serve the world

I think when we realize we can be powerful and improve our life, we simply resist the opportunity to grow. We, instead, should claim that we are God’s masterpiece and as Marianne says “Your playing small…” will not get us where we need to be in life.

Ask yourself again, “Does my fear of being powerful, significant, influential keep me from my true purpose of serving people”?

What is costing YOU to play small?

Do not let fear control your life. Even in the situations when we are scared for our life, ask yourself
“Is it a fear for my life– for my survival and my life safety?”
If it is then ask yourself “What resources do I have now to handle it and where I can get them?” Job or business security, establishing good health and a safe place are important in managing fears in order to move forward.

Another factor to consider is that fear can keep us stuck in the same situation and we repeat self sabotaging patterns.  What if you you establish a new belief, “What does fear allow me to do and be?” Is it serving a purpose of NOT doing what I want? Because fear can serve two purposes: one is to push you forward…and one to keep you stuck…Fear can push you to be brave.  You have to go through fear and quite often it is not bad as you think.

What do you allow fear to do to your life? Have you allowed fears to stop you doing things you wanted to do? When you realize that fears are costing you a success, a better relationship, a new career or even financial freedom you will make a decision to do something about it.

Do not run away from fears. They are normal emotions but you must NOT stay in the fearful state of mind for a long time. You must do something about it. Focus on your dreams. Taking baby steps towards your dreams will melt fears away because dreams are more significant than living in fear.

What if…it is a just illusion to justify something you are not willing to do…

What if I could mentor you to help you to overcome fears and regain confidence, peace and be happier in your professional and personal life? Are you committed to your success?

Contact me for a private consultation TODAY

Have a great day!