How to create success from setbacks….Simple formula that works!


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Celebrating Christmas with my boys and friends was precious,  and it is time  to make a plan for 2013. As we are reflecting on the events of 2012 during this holiday week, I want to share few things with you about setbacks and victories. I hope it will give  you few a-ha moments and make you aware of who you are and what you can do to overcome setbacks.

When we get close to the victory we tend to stress out and want to quit…We become afraid of seeing a finish line…We think we have reasons to quit…we experience setbacks and use them as the excuses. I know quite a lot about setbacks in my own life and my business and asked God, myself why things were not the way they should be. But I did it anyway. There is a country song called “Do it anyway, dream anyway…”

Dream anyway…

We must find courage within to move forward and dream again…Dream BIG and believe in our heart what we focus we get. We must have a belief it will work out…Sometimes set backs are important to keep us from doing what we should not be doing…They are not roadblocks to stop us from success but to stop us from making new mistakes. We can take setbacks and create a positive change. It is an experience we must have in order to see who we are.  When we stop looking at setbacks as a negative experience we will have more positive results in on our life.

We cannot be suppressed but only empowered by our setbacks. They get us moving ONLY forward and never backwards. Setbacks are wonderful life lessons and can bring clarity in our life and create awareness of who we are and what we are really made of. (Hope you are made of steel !)

Setbacks create change.  Victories create change.

It is about how you view these changes.  If you are afraid of change you don’t know your worth yet. Focus on building confidence, self love by taking small actions and creating mini changes. That way you do not feel stressed or anxious…

One more thing….Success is not defined as a final outcome. It is a process. It is a step by step journey you go through with tears, frustrations, setbacks, people you meet who challenge you to be better. Then you get molded into the true you. That is REAL success.  You can start fresh today.  Every day brings something new and you should focus on expecting only BEST NEW!

You will find the best opportunities in the midst of setbacks because they come into your life to pull you through…They will simplify your life and give you a new energy you need..

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SmokinHotPR News: Mobile Marketing As A New Recruitment Trend?

From the desk of Tatyana Gann

Founder SmokinHotPR VIP PR Consulting and Coaching

Nashville TN

Sept 13, 2011

Could Mobile Recruitment Be The Next Hottest Recruitment Trend?

Among the classic recruitment strategies, mobile recruitment is gaining a lot of attention. It is becoming one of the hottest recruitment trends and a new, creative way to build a powerful workforce.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, HR strategist and a leading voice in Social Media along with Ron Cariker, the founder of 7 Group Media, which specializes in mobile marketing and Rayanne Thorn, marketing director for Broadbean Technologies, are hosting an exclusive webinar for Human Resource and Recruiting professionals entitled, Mobile: The Next Big Thing in Recruiting, HR & Employee Engagement.”

The webinar will bring more clarity on the topic of mobile recruitment becoming the hottest trend and a strategy that brings results to HR and recruiting professionals and is approved for receiving 1 HRCI Strategic Recertification credit, which is an honor and great news for all attendees.

HR expert, Jessica Miller-Merrell said, “Learn all about Mobile and how it is being used in Human Resources, Recruitment, and Employee Engagement. We’ll discuss mobile basics and success stories from this new and emerging industry.”

Traditional recruiting strategies are being supplemented by new and exciting methods such as social media and mobile recruitment.  Employers need to develop employment branding, communicate with potential employees, develop relationships and bring the right people into the company culture.

Miller-Merrell added, “Mobile recruitment is very efficient. Social media gives the employers the opportunity to be transparent, share business trends and show the potential employees why their company would be a great place to work…”   Are you ready for a social media transformation?

During the September 15th Webinar, attendees will learn:

  1. How recruiting professionals can use mobile strategies in Human Resources, Recruitment and Employee Engagement.
  2. Gain knowledge of mobile basics and exciting success stories from this new and emerging industry.
  3. Learn the secrets to effectively using mobile, texting, and QR Codes in addition to your social media and engagement campaigns

Benefit from this event by receiving key information from those currently active in social media and mobile, using it daily to achieve business success.

*Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR (@blogging4jobs) is an HR consultant, new media strategist, and contributing author at  Her company, Xceptional HR offers social media strategies, Human Resources, and recruiting consulting with an eye on digital media.  Listed as the number 6th most influential recruiter online and as the 21st most influential woman on Twitter, she is a highly sought after speaker and consultant.

*Ron Cariker (@roncariker) is the Founder and President of 7 Media Group, a marketing company specializing in mobile and online development. Concentrating on mobile marketing applied to customer development, 7 Media Group has created success for a variety of clients with a variety of marketing needs. Ron is a member of the Mobile Marketing Association and consults with dozens of businesses looking to enter the mobile space.

*Rayanne Thorn (@ray_anne) is the North American Marketing Director for Broadbean Technology.  Broadbean provides online and social media, mobile, and recruiting solutions for major employers, staffing agencies, and independent recruiters.  Rayanne is a former recruiter and a long-time blogger who has used mobile & social media to recruit candidates from all industries.

Register for the webinar TODAY.

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For serious company owners, Jessica Miller-Merrell, is available for speaking and both corporate and small business consulting.

Original press release is found on CisionWire Newsroom

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