HOT INTERVIEW: Subconscious Mind Tapping- Your Secret Formula to Get What You Truly Want!



Let me ask you a question,

What if you had a secret formula to get what you truly want?

Imagine having the exact blueprint to achieve your goals with ease and joy.

Is it possible? Well the creator of Subconscious Mind Tapping, Darren Little believes so.

I have interviewed Darren about his brand new training and you are about to learn how to transform your life by doing the work on your subconscious mind. Pretty cool, right?

Enjoy my interview and again thank you for being my awesome reader.  Please share the interview with your loved ones, friends you care about and make sure comment below. We love to hear from you!

I have asked Darren five important questions below and I want to make sure you check the training right here as well.

1. How do we know if we have limiting beliefs?

Just look at the money you have in your bank account.
If you are still struggling, you have limiting beliefs about
success, deserve-ability and worthiness and there are
emotional blockers between you and your dream.

Look at your relationships, your health, your communication,
your spiritual connection, your peace of mind, your career.

If any of them are off base. or out of line or not producing the
results you want, it’s usually connected to limiting beliefs.

These are all based upon past events, early programming
and our core beliefs about whatever the topic.

Example: If I go to the gym it will be painful. So why go?
If I speak up, people will laugh and judge me. So why speak up?
If I invest money, I will lose it. So why bother investing?
If I get into a relationship I will get hurt. So why bother being in one?

The human being moves away from,
or avoids pain and moves towards pleasure. As in the
examples above you can see why a person would be
stuck based on their limiting beliefs.

2. Where do limiting beliefs come from?

Early childhood programming that comes from our parents,
the school system and the media. They start before we
even understand the language. Right when we are curious
and innocent and reaching out to explore this new world
we are in. No. Don’t. Stop. Be careful.

They also come from past trauma and pain and then repeating
the scenario over and over and over in our minds.

The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between
a real event and a perceived event. Each time we replay an event
in our mind or think of a negative outcome the subconscious mind
believes that it actually happened.

3. How do limiting beliefs stop us from reaching our success?

They create a huge amount FEAR around the desired outcome.
Many times there is trauma and pain linked to a situation
based upon events that happened in the past. The subconscious
links taking action to pain. The human being moves away from,
or avoids pain and moves towards pleasure.

Example: “I tried an online business in the past and I lost
all of my money. I tried everything and it didn’t work.
So if I start another one, I will lose all of my money
again with that one too. Everyone I know has had the same
experience therefore, it won’t work, no matter what I do.

4. What has inspired you to create your product?

Over 25 years on the path of personal development and studying
with Tony Robbins, Dr. Lee Pulos and Dr. Dov Baron.

Success is more than just confidence, self esteem and personal power.
It is more than just understanding neurolinguistic programming,
mirroring and modelling, visualization, the subconscious mind
and our core beliefs about money. It is understanding how our
thoughts, words and emotions are creating our reality. The human
brain is programmed to self destruct and it takes daily effort and
understanding how all of these pieces of the puzzle fit together
to create optimum results.

5. How can this training help a person in achieving breakthroughs?

Once people learn the formula of Subconscious Mind Tapping, they
can take full control and ownership of their life path in all areas and
create total balance. Once they understand more about the two
worlds that exist simultaneously and how their body is communicating
with electrons, it becomes a lot easier to steer their success.

A few little tiny tweaks can make the world of difference.
Just like a radio that is slightly off the station. No matter how loud
you turn it up, all you will get is static. Just a little tiny adjustment
and a symphony of music begins to play.

Once a person understands how the Rubiks cube works, it’s very
easy to solve the puzzle and many people can do it with their
eyes closed.

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Your Coach T

Why Forgiveness: The Power to Heal, Restore and Live A Satisfied Life!


Why forgive? It is a question we often ask as we go through life. Life happens and it happens for our growth. In the process we learn to forgive and move on so we can restore our life, heal our minds and hearts and have a better life

What I know that the forgiveness of others and yourself can bring major transformation. It does change you. It makes you more caring and compassionate.  We all have people in our life that we need to forgive for big or small mistakes. We often do not forgive ourselves and we think there is nothing to forgive…What I have learned in my own transformational work and working with others—–forgiveness is a result of very deep inner work…You come to a place in life where you can start loving yourself enough that you longer choose to hold grudges. You realize the pain of holding it inside your heart is causing more issues in your life than just dropping it and working on letting it go..What is important? Living in pain or joy? at what cost?

Transformation happens when you let go of the old baggage…Once you let go, you will be filled with joy, feeling light, happy, more caring, giving…Forgiveness is the most powerful emotion. We wonder how to forgive and how far  forgiveness does go?! Forgiveness starts with your decision.  It is the most powerful decision in your life. If you are a leader and you work with people coming from different backgrounds with various expectations you might experience challenges and without forgiveness, compassion and understanding your leadership might suffer because of your ego.

The level of forgiveness depends on the level of our faith. Do you have faith in yourself that you can forgive? Do you have faith that God can forgive you because he DOES. If you want to transform your life…transform your mind and starts with forgiveness and it will be replaced with love and compassion.

Forgiveness opens doors to success. Anger, fear, resentment and your decision NOT to forgive is a negative emotion that can block the flow of success into your life. When you are angry or cannot forgive you severe the connections, relationships. It happens all the time in workplaces and even among business partners. You project the energy that repels people around you. They feel the poison.

Forgiveness sets you free. It gives you wings to fly..Think about it today. Whom do you need to forgive? Others, yourself? Make a list. Write a letter and send it or burn it. Make a decision to forgive. Release and trust.

Good job

Your coach Tatyana


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Simple ways to bounce back, rebuild your self-worth and move forward


I remember sitting in front of this mirror three years ago thinking “Where am I now? Where do I want to be?” You heard the story about the Magic Mirror asking “Mirror, mirror, who is the fairest in the land? What I found out that the Magic Mirror story was about self-love and speaking the truth and here I was ….looking for answers…just the way you are now looking for the ways to thrive and not to survive.  Even though I was writing my book and had a huge desire to share my story, I had a big intuition that my story had just begun and my book would have a different ending…

The question many folks ask themselves when they start thinking about their future, “Where am I going? Am I going in the right direction?” Sometimes the answer can be quite scary. We do not always know the right answer. We do not often see solutions and possibilities

I will be honest there is NO simple answer to the problem. If it did exist everyone would have it. However, the answer is within. It is deep within your mind, and it is buried under the layers of fears, uncertainty, doubts, little self-love and other issues that block you to see the answer you need.

How do we move forward?  How do we know what we want? If we do know what we want, do we have enough confidence to get it done? Can we leave all the stuff behind us and just focus on our dream and passion? Are we going to be judged for being risk takers?

It is possible to be unstuck, and free your life from the chains of toxic relationships, a career that has not growth potential, a bad health and financial crisis? How can we overcome fears that are weighing us down?

I can give you one simple answer. Until you fed up with where you are your MUST will be “may be” It must motivate you and you have NO choice but to transform your life.

You might wonder…”But how do I transform my life? How do I bounce back when I felt I could not even go on? How do I bounce after divorce or break up… How do I get the passion back in your life? How do I feel more joy, have more self-confidence when all these thoughts occupy my mind 24/7.”

Why do I tell you that? What is possible? I believe everything is possible. It is possible to fail and it is possible to succeed. Your thoughts activate you and your actions. They can make you fail if you let them and can help you to succeed in life. Certain events trigger your change and how you respond to that change will determine the outcome.

What if what you were seeking and searching and finally got it, you have realized it was not what you really wanted..Then, you have to start all over…but you are exhausted and do not have a clue how to get back on track.

What do you do when what you want is a simple thing- basics such as food, home, family. You do not even think about where you want to be months or years from now. You are thinking about where you want to be tomorrow and how you are going to get there. is that normal? YES it is getting back to living life and a part of bouncing back. You must have all your basics covered to feel safe and supported before you do BIG transformation.

Bouncing back is a journey. It is coming alive after life events that could have pushed you down, but somewhere in your heart you have believed you could get up and all you had in your arsenal was FAITH in the UNSEEN life ahead of you. It is called LIFE TRANSFORMATION.

I know I have been there where you are now this moment. After my divorce  and experiencing major losses, I had a big desire to bounce back, start fresh, go after my dreams but something was stopping me. I could not figure out what was causing me to be miserable, stuck, and it became my mission to figure it out. I decided to master the laws of mind. I believed I could figure it all out. The answer was fear. I had all tools and resources, but my fear was a little plug that needed to be removed and  little by little it started going away…

Let me assure you,  I am a human and I do still have fears but at least I learned to manage my mind to overcome them by focusing on the bigger picture and not being stuck in the fear zone. It is not always easy, but it’s a decision you have to make – to live with fear in your heart or not.

I also started to believe I was more than what I was saying about myself. I know you are much more than the story you are telling about yourself and rehearsing it every time you get a chance.

But it took a divorce, major life disappointments and  looking at my life from a different perspective to make change within and rebuild Tatyana and I know you can do it too. It may not be a divorce for you that triggered your change, but I am sure you have reasons to transform your life,. and I am so happy you are reading it. I am grateful and honored that I am helping you revive your spirit, bounce back, start all over, and create a new life story.

Let me show you what you need to do to make a fresh start in your life and how you can bounce back.’

Are you ready?

Then let’s go!

First of all, you should stop being AVAILABLE to everyone. Boundaries are importantYou must know your priorities and set boundaries before you commit to any change and transformation. You must determine your values and plan to stick to them no matter what if it even gets tough. Knowing what you stand for and what is your # 1 priority will get you going.

Write it all down. Take a notepad and get it out of your system. You must see it on the paper and let your heart guide you.

In order to change, you must know WHY you want to change. What is the driving force? Ask yourself “What are my fears?” Are they pushing me to change or stop me? What is my deepest pain that I wanted to heal inside?

How can I be more?

How did my life disappointments compel me to find something new about myself and discover what I was meant to be?

Secondly…what do you desire to have as a result of your change? What is the outcome?

Write it down.

Restore your life?

Be more confident?

Have more self-love?

Healthy respect for yourself?

Business or career that grows you?

Be alive and happy?

See opportunities and grab them?

Remember a very simple rule.Transformation starts with your ability to choose. You can make NEW choices today that can empower you, grow you, make you  accountable, develop you to be more and happier. Every day as you wake up write down the choices for today and stick to them. It is not going to be easy but it is so worth of making a change.

If you are ready to make a new step forward towards your transformation because you are sick and tired of your old YOU, book a session today. Click here for all details about my VIP transformational life coaching.


Coach T



How to Become a Strong and Powerful Woman: 3 Things Every Woman Should Do…

11856473_10155892037655463_1181917273293991093_o “I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.” Louise Hay

Hello.. My name is Tatyana. I am a woman. I am a mom. and…I am worthy. Not long ago I was lost. Everything I once believed in was shattered. I had to start from scratch. Rebirthing experience was quite painful and learning to love myself was honestly scary. I had no choice but to emerge from the depth of the darkest pit in my life. I was living there. I was ready for a change. I was done living in fears I was ready for healing. I was ready for God’s magical touch. I was ready to learn how to live again. I was done with a struggle. I wanted a new relationship with God. And they say when a student is totally ready a teacher shows up.

That was almost 2 years ago. I met one of my spiritual teachers. Mr E. He loves being mysterious, so I call him Mr E. To be honest, I was a bad student. I failed miserably. I thought I knew everything.  I was wrong. I am sure he is reading it and laughing with me, but at that time I thought my life would not get better with his principles and teachings. I was looking for something different, magical, spectacular with a lot of fireworks…and it was quite simple. I had to learn to be humble. I had to learn to silence my chatter. I had to deal with my ego. I had to tell it to stop. I was going through a spiritual boot camp. I felt exhausted. I was expecting meditations and healing would work fast. I was expecting peaceful mornings of prayer.

But it was a tough work. It was a battle of my ego and my soul.  He told me I had to do it or I would do 100 push ups. No thanks. I was ready for spiritual pushups instead. My mind was constantly racing. I was at war with my ego. I was releasing the old me. I was letting go of all negative patterns, programming and layers of what did not belong to me, so I could see REAL TATYANA.

Mr E has taught me how to clear my negative beliefs and patterns, and to be in the moment. The peace of knowing how to handle challenging situations with joy was not an overnight success. It was days and months of practice or I would have to do 50 to 100 push ups a day. I learned how to reset my energy levels and regroup.  I embraced the principles of energy healing and meditation, understanding my body and the power of my mind. My daily prayer was to clear my mind and to see my purpose. I had to take care of my mind before I did anything else. I had to let go of insecurities and it was a long process.

I had to fix my thinking if I wanted a new beginning…

During the course of 20 months, I have learned that I did not have to become a strong woman. I was a strong woman. I was worthy. I realized that challenges would only polish us like a beautiful diamond. If you think you are not strong enough, think twice. If you are going through challenges this very moment, do not get discouraged. You are just being polished. You are being updated or even rebuilt. Be open to growth. Be open to thinking big and dreaming big! Your dreams will change. Your thoughts will change.

You experience a spiritual SHIFT. You become that strong woman. You are the girl who knows how to walk in peace because she experienced turmoil. You are that girl who knows how to love unconditionally because she learned to accept love from God. You are the strong woman who builds her spiritual muscles through her teachers that come into her life.  Courage is her best protection when she is singled out. She stands tall and light as a graceful birch tree but with deep strong roots of an oak tree because she experienced being yanked out of her comfort zone. She practices daily gratitude and kindness because it keeps her going.. I had thought that being a nice and compassionate woman would not make me a strong business woman.

….But I realized that my strength was in the compassion and kindness towards others to understand their needs. I learned we should never underestimate power of a woman. I could have been brutally honest and straightforward, but I choose a compassionate way of dealing with people. I used to be an aggressive gal in sales and push very hard but it is not my way. I believe in being authentic giving, nurturing, but I have my boundaries. People remembered Tatyana as a hustler…But…I said real Tatyana evolved.

Major Life lesson: You don’t need to be aggressive to be happy building a business or dealing with others. You do not need to prove your points..You just need to be confident in who you are… I am grateful for people who pushed me forward and ones who gave up on me because I was no longer an older version. I learned to be compassionate because I knew hate. I learned how to be courageous because I knew fears. I know loyalty of friends I knew betrayal. I know peace because I felt turmoils. So.. It taught me to seek love within me so I could be more. When you go through life challenges, you set much HIGHER goals. They seem unrealistic but they push you to do what YOU never did. You have new priorities. When you go through changes every woman must take care of three things

1. Health — your body, your mind and your spiritual health. I start my day with mediation, prayers. I drink my alkaline kangen water to hydrate myself and have more energy. It gives me mental clarity as well. I do walk at least three times a week and do my circuit training 2. Finances.

For women it is important to be secure and be independent or codependent. There is nothing wrong to seek solutions to create wealth, earn MORE income. it just shows you have a burning desire to make more. When women make more they contribute more. They are natural givers.

3. Love

I am talking about self love and self esteem. I have learned that when I loved myself, the doors opened. Sometimes my love relationship with my own self was not clear. It was not the way I wanted. I worked on my heart through clearing my blocks, using my own intuition, identifying what needed to be worked on. I was constantly in the state of awareness. The results were the reflection of my self love. When I have increased the levels of love within my heart everything else became better. I felt elevated, lighter.

When I let go of hurts and pains (it did take me while) I felt very peaceful. I could accept love from others. The doors opened that were shut and I found myself doing what I love- helping others to experience freedom and love shift. The journey into my heart was amazing and I am grateful because It helped me to see my vision, my purpose, my talents and appreciate myself for who I was…

I am a woman. I am a mom. I am God’s baby.. and what about YOU?> I want to tell you that life happens for YOU. Have a joy in your heart that is happening for your growth. You can have freedom in your life again. You can create income you deserve. You can be with people you love. You can forgive and heal. You can travel again. You can write again.

You can breath and live as God wants you.

If you want to see how I can help you to take ownership of your life, embrace life changes, and get your freedom back…click here

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Love you all! Tatyana

Life after divorce: I have not been honest….


I have not been honest with myself until….

I have not been honest with myself until I looked at my sons and said…”Heck…what am I doing? Where am I going”? I tell my kids to follow their passion and do what they desire…yet I let my desire slip away…

This thought has been on my mind for a long time. “Me, Tatyana…a woman who inspires people to be better and more…how can I NOT be honest with myself?”

I forgot what it was like to be honest …with one person I should honor the most –  ME. As I was looking at myself in the mirror putting my favorite makeup on, I saw a 40 year old woman who has always believed that honesty was the best policy , even if it would hurt others temporarily. I knew honesty would save myself and others from a long term emotional pain but I was afraid to make a quantum leap to accept myself as I was and just be “authentic me”. I let my divorce and other life trials steer me away from my dreams and I experienced major struggles in my heart. I had to stop it. I had to do it for my sake and my kids sake…YET my divorce pushed me forward to be honest with myself and what I truly craved in life- to love myself and accept who I was and what I loved doing. Drastic life changes either make you or break you. It is a choice. Being true to yourself can set you free.

Then one day I was reading an email from one of the leading coaches that got my attention. She said ONE SINGLE word that made a shift in my entire being – DESIRE. I felt it in every cell of my body. I saw a movie in my head of what had happened in my life to get me to where I was and who I became and where I was heading…

I have always told my coaching clients one thing “ TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF”…Today I had a big aha moment- taking care of yourself starts with honesty. Pure raw honesty that makes you cry from joy that you finally have some guts to say what you want to say and be what you want to be. You let your heart sing your song…you simply do not let the songs of others control your life.

Deep inside I knew what I wanted in life. I envisioned it. I trusted…but then sabotaged myself not because I was not worthy. But because I was not honest with my desire to be who I was destined to be – a coach, an inspirational writer, and the best MOM. When you embrace your desire and go with it your perception of the challenges changes. Challenges become fun and you seek the ways to overcome them. When you hate what you do, challenges become burdens and you have to push so hard that it stresses you out and you want to quit.

The beauty of your life journey…

You see it all starts with a raw authentic desire. Desire to live a real life. Desire to have the best things in life. Desire to love and be loved. Desire to find a soul mate and live in your passion doing what you love.


I love life coaching. It is one of my passions to serve people. I love to see people lives transform. Their mindset shifts. They see somebody cares enough to be compassionate and kind to them to show them how to move forward and make good choices in life.  They are afraid to love, live and laugh. They forget what is like to matter in somebody’s else life and they forget that they matter with their story, their desire, their passions. They might even believe they live in a fantasy world according to their friends’ opinions and they need someone to tell their dreams do matter.

I have talked to many men and women in my coaching and consulting work. They all want one thing – to do what they desire. They want passion in life. They want to matter. But it will NOT happen unless you are honest with who you are.

Ask yourself what you TRULY desire.

Ask yourself what would it look like?

Be child like.

As Proverbs in the Bible says “Where there is no vision life perishes….” Why do we put a vision on the back burner and forget our own song of life. We let others ‘ song lead us….and we just become the shy followers. No. we are meant to shine. We are meant to be the light God wants us to be.

Everything starts with our desires. Do not push them so deep inside of you and hide it that you forget about them or embarrassed by them.

Honesty is so important w hen it comes to asking yourself “What do I truly want in life?” It starts right there in your heart.

  • Knowing what you really want and being ok with it is honesty.
  • When you can be honest with yourself you become honest with others and meet other people who are honest with you. You start trusting that you will be guided to the right resources and people to help you with achieving it.
  • You will be focused on finding solutions and you will be motivated by your desire that came from a honest heart.
  • Somehow things will work out because you have been honest with yourself and that matters the most.

What you desire may not happen right away but you will be on your path. You will learn new things, experience new things, meet new people that will connect the dots to achieve what you desire.

The good thing happens when we are honest with ourselves – we become open to new adventures, and we are no longer afraid to get out and claim what we have been hiding in our heart for so long.

Honesty with others is awesome. But the awesome sauce, as my son Daniel would say, is honesty with yourself.

If you are ready to make a change but feel you need a push and guidance to get you moving I will be honored to work with you. You can apply for my personal coaching on my website and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

If you are a passionate about your life message and want to serve others through telling your story, reaching a bigger audience and even media I am taking a handful of qualified clients to work with me. It is not for everyone but it could be YOU. Let’s find out.. You can book your consultation here and I look forward to serving you.


Have a great week!


Six Ingredients of Spiritual Growth

Six Ingredients of Spiritual Growth



Tatyana is here. I have not written in a while and I am glad I am back after almost two years  of silence. Going through a personal life change made me think about my life and how I wanted to grow from it and be more. I recognized that spiritual growth became the fancy phrase in the world of “self help gurus” but “spiritually hungry” people are still looking for answers.  My executive clients come to me with one big dream- to have a meaningful life, to have better relationships with kids, have more time and have a better health. Basic things right?

But they do not know how to find solutions and where to find them…

First thing you must realize is that YOU do matter in your own growth…

When you realize that the best asset you can have is not your real estate, cars, money in the bank and fake friends who are there for you when things are good…it is HOPE in the IMPOSSIBLE, FAITH in GOD and LOVE you have for yourself because God loves you.  When you are going to realize it, feel it and understand at a deeper level you will start your spiritual journey.

Quite often spiritual journey starts when you are wrecked, when you fall apart and when everything in your life has drastically changed. For a moment, you do not believe what is possible…But it is only for a brief moment. You regroup. You move forward.  You can look at it as the most challenging times in your life, but you can also see them as the most beautiful times in your life because God is FINALLY revealing your true power!

Secondly, one of the most important principles in spiritual growth is LOVE. Learning to love you is a step one in spiritual growth. It is not something you want to leave for later. You want to allow God’s love in your heart. It will move mountains and open new doors. It will give you strength and wisdom to do what you never did!

Love is the force that opens hearts of others to see the light in you. God’s love  that people will see in you changes hearts of the ones who hurt you most and makes you a big believer that God favors are coming your way…Believe it…Trust…and Take action…even small ones.

Third, Choices are very important. From this VERY point in your life only you are responsible for your choices…Only you can make things better or best in your life. Do not rush with choices…Make sure you feel at peace with them so everything follows smoothly…It will be if YOU believe it.

Fourth, YOUR WHY will make you do things that are not comfortable…It will open hidden gems in your soul and your heart that you never thought you had! Ask God for guidance because he placed them there and patiently waited for you to see your true power. Go for it. Aim HIGH…There are no limits!

My big WHYs are my boys…They are my reason to become a true polished diamond…Dream BIG!

my boys

Fifth, Your clarity is very important to see your path and recognize the right people in your life who could guide you and coach you. In confused mind it doesn’t happen. My point work on purifying your heart your soul and your mind!!!

In order to create the most precious moments in life you must do what you never done. You must leave your baby security blanket and put a shield on, find solutions to make things happen!!!  As a mom I am on fire and the best mission EVER- to give my boys the best gift- my unconditional love and show them that HOPE, FAITH and LOVE are most powerful attributes that God gave us…

To summarize, you cannot have spiritual growth without this: clarity, big WHYs,  love, self love, self acceptance, wise choices and YOU is the main actor on the stage of life! It is never too late to start dreaming again and loving yourself!!! I have simple solutions for you so you can dream again and dream BIG, feel better, look better and have more choices to do what you always wanted to do! It is a part of our journey to recognize our mission, our life purpose and be what we are meant to be!  Our spiritual growth is the foundation of who we are about to become! 


.If you are ready to use your setbacks and challenge yourself to move forward, get your vision back on track, I want to understand your ultimate goals, desires and help you to create a plan that is simplified so you have breakthroughs…get inspired again..

I will work with you one on one and coach you, support you and provide TOP resources to guide you back to original YOU !

I have worked with executives, small business owners, parents, professional working moms, college teachers people who wanted to overcome fears, feel confident, be MORE and BETTER..and you can read their stories on my page. I do not pretend or sugar coat but I gently address the issues you have talked about and create a plan to get to the roots of it and make a leap in your mind first…I am passionate about seeing you smile again and able to function and have a better life.

Quality of life starts with YOU…Let’s GO! Book your complimentary session today and let’s show you how awesome you are and what you can do.

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Talk soon