Writing a bio for your website: 10 questions you must ask yourself


When it comes to writing “about me” or “our story” page or  your social media profile, many business owners think that accomplishments and college education is important. YES they are…but people connect with you on an emotional level. They want to know if you have experience and knowledge. I have met many street smart business owners who have never been to college..but they have mastered something they were passionate about and made it work for them.  What  if you were just a beginner, your knowledge and your passion to serve others is important as well.

Before you sit down and start writing your website bio or your social media profile to impress potential clients and or get media attention, I will give you a list of 10 questions you  must have ask yourself.

Question # 1

Why am I in this business?

It is your why. It is your vision. It is your deep desire to be something more.

Question # 2

What does make me an expert in this field?

Your life experiences can make you qualified to coach, mentor and teach. Life is a great teacher and you can share your lessons.

Question # 3

What are my core values I stand for?

Question # 4

How do I help others to solve their core problems?

Question # 5

What is so unique and fun about me?

Question # 6

What do I love to do when I do not work?

Question # 7

What is your vision for your business?

Question # 8

What type of clients have you worked in the past?

Question # 9

What is your WOW factor?

You can talk about your strengths, passions, things that ignite your heart.

Question # 10

If you watched yourself from a distance….what would you say about yourself?

Here are additional questions that can help you to create a good bio for your website  and your publicity:

1. What words would you use to describe yourself? What words do others use to describe you?
2. How you would like to be perceived by others?
3. What are you passionate about?
4. What is your mission?
5. What talents and skills do you have to offer others?
6. What makes you an asset to the society?
7. What steps have you taken to share your brand with others?

Your brand identity is very important for you and your customers. Knowing what you stand for, your core values, your vision is the foundation of solid business. When you have a great business bio or about me page, you can share the most intimate part of your heart, your mind and your soul to build long term relationships.

Make sure to print these questions out and use them for writing your bio.

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How to Get Unstuck

How to Get Unstuck


Hi there

Have you ever thought you needed to become a super duper  writer to get effective publicity in order to obtain new clients?  Your  heart is filled with doubts and fears and you might have asked yourself questions “How can I write a story? or Where can I come up with topic ideas?”

Truth….We get scared, our mind goes blank and nothing happens with our creative flow.. That flow looks like congested traffic on the highway. We feel FEAR creeping in…We create scenarios in our head  and ask ourselves a question, “what if our story flops…blah blah…”! Then we have more questions, “What if nobody reads it. What if nobody pays attention.  What shiny tools do we need to have to add extra buzz?

Are you living in the world of “What if….” questions?

In the world of always changing content marketing every business owner, a celebrity or an average Joe wants to be famous for something. We go out of our way to do something EXTRAORDINARY and turn ourselves inside out to prove we are the BEST.  We seek the latest and greatest marketing and publicity tools to give us a makeover. We feel if we ONLY get the latest and the greatest thing it will equip us to be better at our business. We forget to look inside however.

We all know  the Bible story of David and the giant Goliath.  David was an average guy for everyone.  Nobody saw him great and even family did not see him the greatest! However, it did not stop him to see his own talents, greatness.  He believed he had EVERYTHING he needed to succeed in his life. As future king his biggest enemy Goliath was the tool that God used to make him David , the KING and of course he defeated the giant.  Later on, we know that David did not have much to defeat the giant but only one  slingshot and 5 stones. Not many powerful weapons you would say, but he had faith and took an action!

What are your stones? It can be imagination or your skill you take for granted right now. You may not be the greatest writer but you can be great story teller. Publicity does not have always be written. It is a spoken word. That is why so many business owners immerse in the video  marketing. Some take awesome photos and start photo  blogs to share the world who they are and how they think.

I learned that the best tool you could have in your arsenal was YOURSELF. Your thinking and your heart are your true weapons. They can defeat anyone. How? Nobody is like you..You may not know the latest and the greatest. You have imagination. Tools are always available there to use. Your faith in your story, your passion will do  more for you than fancy widget that carry no emotions. That is why I love content marketing because good content that brings value is far more important than fancy sites or tools you use. They are not YOU.

The lesson: You do not need many tools to compete with others. You do not need to worry about others stealing your ideas. Do not focus on it. Focus on what you have NOW, your mind, your talents and your passion! Go for it. Skills will be developed. Extra funds will show up to market your business when you use what YOU GOT now. It is the law of life. If you resist your calling and step forward you will do great.

Indecision is a slow poison. Put trust in yourself. Have faith..

Use what works for you…Social media changes every day. Remember it is only a channel to share your message. Use videos, blogs, pictures, press releases. Submit your content to publications and major networks. Learn to pitch them.  Hire a coach.

What do you have today that makes you proud that you can do RIGHT AWAY to share your ideas, your concepts? Take time and think about it. You will come up with more things you think you had. No need for expensive VOODOO software, courses and events. Use what you have today and take you to a new level. Then you will be able  to deal with any other challenges much easily.

Ready to share your message and experience professional breakthroughs?

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Become a fabulous content writer and profit from your creative ideas

Smokin'Hot PR

“Creativity is a talent. It is a gift. Anyone can write a story but your goal is to get people hooked on your story.  Can you do it? “

You have ideas. You have a big vision. You feel lost. You might feel scared. You might have lost some confidence. You cannot decide what to do next. You want something new and fun with your business.  I have been there standing on the cross roads asking myself a simple question, “What should I do?”

I have decided to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes and share some insights to get you on a new path.  I wrote this article just for you to guide you in the world of PR  and content  marketing and teach you simple way to get ideal clients, become locally known in your community and also get a national exposure with good content, compelling stories and much  more.

Are you ready?

In the past few years you heard a myth that PR is only for the elite clients with big budgets. Yes it is true. If you want to get major media exposure to get new high end clients or thousands of loyal consumers, you will have to find a firm to do it all for you. However, it can be very simple. If you are getting started, you should focus on taking small steps to become known.

Good promotional campaign is about knowing who you are, your values and what you ideal clients are.  It is a psychological process. It is about connecting two dots- your story to address issues that can bring solutions to your customers, get them fall in love with you and build long term relationships.

 There are few things you must consider before mapping out your creative writing or PR campaign to attract new clients.

But…there is one more thing…

In PR and content development it is much more. It is about perception.  What  does public think of your company and about you? But…My main question for you – how do you view yourself? Do you believe in yourself? Do you feel you deserve to have a super star presence? Your self-worth is a part of your message.

Today social media is the perfect platform to get message heard and shared. Your blog or your website can be controlled by you and the content you put on your blog can bring a change in how public sees you.  Again your can control what they see and feel about you. Of course no lying please! Be yourself, simplify your message by doing what YOU LOVE. YES!

Your goal is to make public understand you and your product’s value regardless what others say…Your goal is to present facts in a creative fun way …You must elevate yourself and your product and make it a breath of fresh air for your customers and media.

Do not be afraid to use new PR and social media technology. From social media monitoring tools to PR tools you can see if your topic or your niche is being talked about and what they say…Your mission is to join into the conversation and share your story and how it can compliment or transform your customer’s life.

Remember in PR you must be fast before others start talking about the same topic. It does not have to be perfect.

Millions of viewers access the Web every day. Facebook alone has over 900 million of users.  Imagine if you can put your message out in front of 1% of Facebook users. You do the math. It can get great publicity and loyal fans and long term customers. You must think strategically. You should do research what publications your customers love and adore. What do they pay attention to?  Who are the editors, TV producers or freelance writers that write or talk on your subject. Start working on your new media list. Find them on Twitter. Your customers are your PR as well.

Get their names from the magazines you find in any bookstore. It is updated. Go for it. All they can do is to say NO or refer. Ask for the right person to talk to.  I have personally connected with TV producers and editors because I set an intention and was very genuine in my email to them. I did not use a cookie cutter email. It came from my heart and I expressed how I can serve their readers and viewers. But…I was sticking to my vision.

Tip: Know what you want. Be clear and have passion. It shows and editors are human too. They will feel it and bend backwards to get the message heard.

The biggest mistake business owners make – they are forcing people to look at their products instead of showing how their products can solve their problems. Pressure repels customers.  If you have a great product, compelling fun entertaining story you can earn a media coverage. If you start advertising and do heavy promotion you might get an angry email from editors. Stop advertising, become a story teller. Your content must exalt and praise customers!

Are you ready to attract new clients? 

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8 ways to write your media story

Tatyana is here.

Are you still thinking about your next big media story…?

I was talking to a friend of mine who has been in advertising and PR field for decades about writing a good media story and what it really took to put a good story together to impress readers and compel them to buy your products and share it in social media …It is all about results.  It takes research, creativity and being a good writer to bring your message to masses and to media.

However we can get a writer’s block and feel lost.  I know I have been there…stuck, confused…and looked at the ceiling and said to myself…Hmm….what should I write about?

My simple advice to you is to think about your goals. What do you expect as your outcome? If your goal to submit your story to a media publication make sure contact editor and ask for guidelines. Do not be blind and make assumptions. Be prepared! Show them they matter by bringing the exact answers they are looking for.

—1. Always focus on how your readers can benefit from your story (it is not your product that matters to them but how it can make a difference in their life)
—2. Think how you can inform them and entertain them. Entertaining  your reader with a good story, with some humor can do a lot of good!
—3. Help your new readers to accomplish their goals, even small ones. Being famous is your second goal,  not first.  Help them to get success in life or business, you will bring it back into your life. It is a law!
—4. Share 3 to 4 lessons you have learned from your product development.
—5.  Few ways you paid attention to your customers and what determined to better meet their needs
—6. If you got  a new client,  share your strategy and what you did to compete with heavy hitters or may you did not have to compete
—7. Share stories in which you failed and what you learned from it.  Take your readers on a tour and explain what you learned, how you recognized your mistakes and what you did to correct them.
8.  If you landed a brand new business partnership, share news.  Share strategies and what you did  to help your new partner to see your vision.  Share your insights on what formed the foundation for this solid partnership.

Have a great week!

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How to start writing effortlessly – a magic formula to unlock your creativity

When asked, ‘How do you write?’
I invariably answer, ‘one word at a time.’- Stephen King

“How do I start writing? I do not write like you do, Tatyana! You write so well and so clear”! I hear this statement all the time from people I meet. They think they cannot write or I would say they do not know how to start writing well.

Yesterday I met with my dear friend and my biz associate Lindsay at a local coffee shop. We talked about writing her first blog post on Empower Network platform. She told me “Tatyana, where do I start and how much do I need to write every day to see results?” then she said “Tatyana, I am not like you!”

“Here we go again…” I thought…Nope…It is not about me writing well. It is about you expressing your heart creatively.  You get started writing by sharing your inspired moments.

Creative writing is always inspired!

When inspiration gets into your heart and realize you are doing what you love the words will flow. When you have an inner conflict about your life, your business and your desires in life, you will feel stuck. You will not move. You will be like a heavy door with a big lock. But it needs a small key to opening your heart- inspiration and passion.

When I talked to Lindsay she discovered her passion was more than a skin care or energy healing she did. It was much deeper. It was about gratitude for everything in her life, her family, being a mom and wanting to be a full time mom for her kids without spending hours in traffic working for somebody who did not appreciate her skills and talents and especially knowing her truth, her inspirations and passions.

She realized she wanted to help other moms to stay at home and create income while being a MOM.  I said “Lindsay, you are on the right track. Write about New Year goals, plans and where to look for simple solutions to help moms like yourself. Share exact steps. Be a guide to moms in your neighborhood and start with your best friends.”

Many of my former clients have always asked one simple question, “How to start writing a story about their business that does not feel like a sales pitch?” My answer will always be the same- true stories never sell. Great have WOW effect!  They touch your readers’ heart and build an emotional connection.

I advised her to write a blog post as if she would be writing a letter to her best friend, sharing her real story and what she did and she wanted to share something of VALUE to her best friends who were in a similar situation.

The important aspect of inspired writing is to have your heart in it.

The energy of love, passion, creativity and inspiration must be present in order to catch a reader’s attention and have a WOW effect on them!

We broke down her 60 days plan into a weekly post, a weekly advice for moms on how to get better younger looking skin without Botox and other expensive treatments and how to balance your mind, soul and body with few energy secrets she was willing to share.  Plus she would share solutions on growing income from home.  It is about her journey and painting picture for her readers of what it could be. It is about establishing a new belief system for them and all amazing possibilities!

In order to be inspired to write, you must be inspired to express your heart. You must love what you do and feel no blockages or inner battle if you should do this or that. It must flow like a beautiful waterfall.

Inspired writing is always effortless.

To be inspired you must let go of what you do not want to do. Write down what you do not want to do and threw that list away. Then write all you desire to do and what you want to share with people. Be a person of service and gratitude. When you let your readers FEEL you want to bring value and you are being grateful instead of selling, selling and selling, you will get more trust and respect. Be authentic. Use some humor as your icebreaker. It does not have to be perfect but REAL!

Here is the simple formula to share your passion, increase your marketing budget and keep it simple in the complicated marketing world…Watch this video.

In the next post we will talk about finding topics for your inspired writing when you  have a writer’s block or feel you do not have enough creativity.

Have a great day!

Tatyana Gann


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