How to stop being jealous and start moving towards our dreams



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As I was scrolling through my morning emails, I noticed an interesting subject that I would love to discuss further: How to Turn Jealousy Into Motivation To Achieve Goals.
As a life coach, I have witnessed many women being jealous of their successful peers. They become miserable, angry and ridicule every successful woman they meet.

I often ask myself, “Why do women do that? What does it for them?
My answer is low self-worth and giving up on the dreams but that it is another separate discussion.

I strongly believe that anyone can turn jealousy into the motivation, re-spark their passion and get moving towards their dreams. 
A wise woman can turn jealousy into the motivation, experience breakthroughs, and achieve new goals.
I believe that our belief system is responsible how we feel.
It is our deep beliefs system that blocks our goal achievement. It is our ego.

1. We are afraid to fail.
2. We are not worthy
3. I am brand new who would want me

This belief system can make us jealous and prevent from taking actions. Our ego does not want us see our true potential and be our best. It feeds on comparing ourselves to others, judging, being angry and ungrateful.

In my short article, I will describe how you can change it around in three short steps. They are not spiritual practices. They are simply your actions.
1. Look at where you are in life.

If you are a beginner at what you do, there is no point to be jealous of more successful women. Instead, reach out to them and build relationships with them, be of service and provide your fresh perspectives. Be grateful you have women you can look up to.
2. No success

If you are not successful yet or struggling with your business make sure you learn what they do. Watch them and make notes how they do it. Learning new skills is a humbling experience. It is about accepting the fact your need to grow and become the best version of yourself. Jealousy of their expertise is not too bad in my opinion. It can push you forward and get you unstuck. It will push you to take actions you never did.

3. Set your goals.

In goal setting, it is important to know what kind of goals want you to achieve so you avoid comparison and start being proactive in achieving your goals. You have to start by asking yourself a few goal questions that can be broken down into Goal questions, Reality questions, Option questions and Will questions.

What is short term goal?
What is the long term goal?
What do you need to deliver to your customers?
What does success look to you?

REALITY QUESTIONS to ask yourself the reality of your situation, skills, time issues, process and how you have come so far.
What is going on in your life now?
How busy are you?
What is working and what is not working?
Do you have extra time?
Do you need new skills to achieve this goal and what can you use now to get it done?

OPTION QUESTIONS– Remember you have options and plan B strategy to achieve the same goal.
What are the benefits and negatives of each goal?
What else can you do?
What would it take to achieve it?
What is good about this option?

WILL QUESTIONS– Once you understand your goals and believe in them you can start moving forward
When will I start?
What will I do first?
How likely will I succeed?

By answering these questions, you will focus on taking actions and be real with yourself rather than being stuck and jealous.

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Coach Tatyana

Simple ways to bounce back, rebuild your self-worth and move forward


I remember sitting in front of this mirror three years ago thinking “Where am I now? Where do I want to be?” You heard the story about the Magic Mirror asking “Mirror, mirror, who is the fairest in the land? What I found out that the Magic Mirror story was about self-love and speaking the truth and here I was ….looking for answers…just the way you are now looking for the ways to thrive and not to survive.  Even though I was writing my book and had a huge desire to share my story, I had a big intuition that my story had just begun and my book would have a different ending…

The question many folks ask themselves when they start thinking about their future, “Where am I going? Am I going in the right direction?” Sometimes the answer can be quite scary. We do not always know the right answer. We do not often see solutions and possibilities

I will be honest there is NO simple answer to the problem. If it did exist everyone would have it. However, the answer is within. It is deep within your mind, and it is buried under the layers of fears, uncertainty, doubts, little self-love and other issues that block you to see the answer you need.

How do we move forward?  How do we know what we want? If we do know what we want, do we have enough confidence to get it done? Can we leave all the stuff behind us and just focus on our dream and passion? Are we going to be judged for being risk takers?

It is possible to be unstuck, and free your life from the chains of toxic relationships, a career that has not growth potential, a bad health and financial crisis? How can we overcome fears that are weighing us down?

I can give you one simple answer. Until you fed up with where you are your MUST will be “may be” It must motivate you and you have NO choice but to transform your life.

You might wonder…”But how do I transform my life? How do I bounce back when I felt I could not even go on? How do I bounce after divorce or break up… How do I get the passion back in your life? How do I feel more joy, have more self-confidence when all these thoughts occupy my mind 24/7.”

Why do I tell you that? What is possible? I believe everything is possible. It is possible to fail and it is possible to succeed. Your thoughts activate you and your actions. They can make you fail if you let them and can help you to succeed in life. Certain events trigger your change and how you respond to that change will determine the outcome.

What if what you were seeking and searching and finally got it, you have realized it was not what you really wanted..Then, you have to start all over…but you are exhausted and do not have a clue how to get back on track.

What do you do when what you want is a simple thing- basics such as food, home, family. You do not even think about where you want to be months or years from now. You are thinking about where you want to be tomorrow and how you are going to get there. is that normal? YES it is getting back to living life and a part of bouncing back. You must have all your basics covered to feel safe and supported before you do BIG transformation.

Bouncing back is a journey. It is coming alive after life events that could have pushed you down, but somewhere in your heart you have believed you could get up and all you had in your arsenal was FAITH in the UNSEEN life ahead of you. It is called LIFE TRANSFORMATION.

I know I have been there where you are now this moment. After my divorce  and experiencing major losses, I had a big desire to bounce back, start fresh, go after my dreams but something was stopping me. I could not figure out what was causing me to be miserable, stuck, and it became my mission to figure it out. I decided to master the laws of mind. I believed I could figure it all out. The answer was fear. I had all tools and resources, but my fear was a little plug that needed to be removed and  little by little it started going away…

Let me assure you,  I am a human and I do still have fears but at least I learned to manage my mind to overcome them by focusing on the bigger picture and not being stuck in the fear zone. It is not always easy, but it’s a decision you have to make – to live with fear in your heart or not.

I also started to believe I was more than what I was saying about myself. I know you are much more than the story you are telling about yourself and rehearsing it every time you get a chance.

But it took a divorce, major life disappointments and  looking at my life from a different perspective to make change within and rebuild Tatyana and I know you can do it too. It may not be a divorce for you that triggered your change, but I am sure you have reasons to transform your life,. and I am so happy you are reading it. I am grateful and honored that I am helping you revive your spirit, bounce back, start all over, and create a new life story.

Let me show you what you need to do to make a fresh start in your life and how you can bounce back.’

Are you ready?

Then let’s go!

First of all, you should stop being AVAILABLE to everyone. Boundaries are importantYou must know your priorities and set boundaries before you commit to any change and transformation. You must determine your values and plan to stick to them no matter what if it even gets tough. Knowing what you stand for and what is your # 1 priority will get you going.

Write it all down. Take a notepad and get it out of your system. You must see it on the paper and let your heart guide you.

In order to change, you must know WHY you want to change. What is the driving force? Ask yourself “What are my fears?” Are they pushing me to change or stop me? What is my deepest pain that I wanted to heal inside?

How can I be more?

How did my life disappointments compel me to find something new about myself and discover what I was meant to be?

Secondly…what do you desire to have as a result of your change? What is the outcome?

Write it down.

Restore your life?

Be more confident?

Have more self-love?

Healthy respect for yourself?

Business or career that grows you?

Be alive and happy?

See opportunities and grab them?

Remember a very simple rule.Transformation starts with your ability to choose. You can make NEW choices today that can empower you, grow you, make you  accountable, develop you to be more and happier. Every day as you wake up write down the choices for today and stick to them. It is not going to be easy but it is so worth of making a change.

If you are ready to make a new step forward towards your transformation because you are sick and tired of your old YOU, book a session today. Click here for all details about my VIP transformational life coaching.


Coach T



Fear myths exposed….


In the past two weeks I got emails from my readers asking me about FEARS. They wanted to know how to manage and overcome fears. They were ashamed of living in fear. They did not have confidence to move forward. But they knew they needed to do something about it.

Does it sound familiar? Are you ashamed of your fears?

First of all you must accept your fears…Often we are taught to get rid of it as fast as we feel it. We are taught it is a bad thing. Good news— accept your fears, so you can understand the roots of your fears. It takes a very strong person to say “Heck, I do have fears and I am working through them”. Fears do teach us to take care of our basic necessities in life. They teach us how to be grounded and accountable.

Tip: When you push your fears in the corner, you do not get rid of them. You simply cover the mess up. You simply deny your human emotion. When you accept your fears you open your mind to do what you have never done. I used to be afraid of dogs. Growing up I had a major fear of dogs. It did not matter what size they were. I had FEAR of being attacked. I was attacked by a dog when I was little so I kept telling myself dogs were not my friends. Well, in 2012 I learned the dogs could be your therapy. They could be your loyal friend you never had  with the most unconditional love. FEAR melted away when I faced it and made a decision to see an alias in what I feared the most.

When you accept your fears you open your mind to do what you have never done

Secondly ask yourself, “What if our our fear is that we have the power to do better things in life”?
I love what Marianne Williamson says about fear of being powerful beyond measure, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Your playing small does not serve the world

I think when we realize we can be powerful and improve our life, we simply resist the opportunity to grow. We, instead, should claim that we are God’s masterpiece and as Marianne says “Your playing small…” will not get us where we need to be in life.

Ask yourself again, “Does my fear of being powerful, significant, influential keep me from my true purpose of serving people”?

What is costing YOU to play small?

Do not let fear control your life. Even in the situations when we are scared for our life, ask yourself
“Is it a fear for my life– for my survival and my life safety?”
If it is then ask yourself “What resources do I have now to handle it and where I can get them?” Job or business security, establishing good health and a safe place are important in managing fears in order to move forward.

Another factor to consider is that fear can keep us stuck in the same situation and we repeat self sabotaging patterns.  What if you you establish a new belief, “What does fear allow me to do and be?” Is it serving a purpose of NOT doing what I want? Because fear can serve two purposes: one is to push you forward…and one to keep you stuck…Fear can push you to be brave.  You have to go through fear and quite often it is not bad as you think.

What do you allow fear to do to your life? Have you allowed fears to stop you doing things you wanted to do? When you realize that fears are costing you a success, a better relationship, a new career or even financial freedom you will make a decision to do something about it.

Do not run away from fears. They are normal emotions but you must NOT stay in the fearful state of mind for a long time. You must do something about it. Focus on your dreams. Taking baby steps towards your dreams will melt fears away because dreams are more significant than living in fear.

What if…it is a just illusion to justify something you are not willing to do…

What if I could mentor you to help you to overcome fears and regain confidence, peace and be happier in your professional and personal life? Are you committed to your success?

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Six Ingredients of Spiritual Growth

Six Ingredients of Spiritual Growth



Tatyana is here. I have not written in a while and I am glad I am back after almost two years  of silence. Going through a personal life change made me think about my life and how I wanted to grow from it and be more. I recognized that spiritual growth became the fancy phrase in the world of “self help gurus” but “spiritually hungry” people are still looking for answers.  My executive clients come to me with one big dream- to have a meaningful life, to have better relationships with kids, have more time and have a better health. Basic things right?

But they do not know how to find solutions and where to find them…

First thing you must realize is that YOU do matter in your own growth…

When you realize that the best asset you can have is not your real estate, cars, money in the bank and fake friends who are there for you when things are good…it is HOPE in the IMPOSSIBLE, FAITH in GOD and LOVE you have for yourself because God loves you.  When you are going to realize it, feel it and understand at a deeper level you will start your spiritual journey.

Quite often spiritual journey starts when you are wrecked, when you fall apart and when everything in your life has drastically changed. For a moment, you do not believe what is possible…But it is only for a brief moment. You regroup. You move forward.  You can look at it as the most challenging times in your life, but you can also see them as the most beautiful times in your life because God is FINALLY revealing your true power!

Secondly, one of the most important principles in spiritual growth is LOVE. Learning to love you is a step one in spiritual growth. It is not something you want to leave for later. You want to allow God’s love in your heart. It will move mountains and open new doors. It will give you strength and wisdom to do what you never did!

Love is the force that opens hearts of others to see the light in you. God’s love  that people will see in you changes hearts of the ones who hurt you most and makes you a big believer that God favors are coming your way…Believe it…Trust…and Take action…even small ones.

Third, Choices are very important. From this VERY point in your life only you are responsible for your choices…Only you can make things better or best in your life. Do not rush with choices…Make sure you feel at peace with them so everything follows smoothly…It will be if YOU believe it.

Fourth, YOUR WHY will make you do things that are not comfortable…It will open hidden gems in your soul and your heart that you never thought you had! Ask God for guidance because he placed them there and patiently waited for you to see your true power. Go for it. Aim HIGH…There are no limits!

My big WHYs are my boys…They are my reason to become a true polished diamond…Dream BIG!

my boys

Fifth, Your clarity is very important to see your path and recognize the right people in your life who could guide you and coach you. In confused mind it doesn’t happen. My point work on purifying your heart your soul and your mind!!!

In order to create the most precious moments in life you must do what you never done. You must leave your baby security blanket and put a shield on, find solutions to make things happen!!!  As a mom I am on fire and the best mission EVER- to give my boys the best gift- my unconditional love and show them that HOPE, FAITH and LOVE are most powerful attributes that God gave us…

To summarize, you cannot have spiritual growth without this: clarity, big WHYs,  love, self love, self acceptance, wise choices and YOU is the main actor on the stage of life! It is never too late to start dreaming again and loving yourself!!! I have simple solutions for you so you can dream again and dream BIG, feel better, look better and have more choices to do what you always wanted to do! It is a part of our journey to recognize our mission, our life purpose and be what we are meant to be!  Our spiritual growth is the foundation of who we are about to become! 


.If you are ready to use your setbacks and challenge yourself to move forward, get your vision back on track, I want to understand your ultimate goals, desires and help you to create a plan that is simplified so you have breakthroughs…get inspired again..

I will work with you one on one and coach you, support you and provide TOP resources to guide you back to original YOU !

I have worked with executives, small business owners, parents, professional working moms, college teachers people who wanted to overcome fears, feel confident, be MORE and BETTER..and you can read their stories on my page. I do not pretend or sugar coat but I gently address the issues you have talked about and create a plan to get to the roots of it and make a leap in your mind first…I am passionate about seeing you smile again and able to function and have a better life.

Quality of life starts with YOU…Let’s GO! Book your complimentary session today and let’s show you how awesome you are and what you can do.

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Five major lessons of my personal transformation


Tatyana is here.

We do not start our spiritual journey  when things are always RIGHT.  It starts in the midst of challenges.  As we enter the holiday season, we tend to talk about spirituality, God, Divine Creator and our life purpose. We reflect on our life and we find blessings in each life moment.  I want to share few life lessons  with you today and I hope it can help you to recognize your own power. 

My number one life lesson : To be grateful for all and where I am now to appreciate Gods abundance we see in this fall beauty and everything around us. It teaches us patience, love, compassion and stretches our faith.

Second  lesson: Stop making excuses..believe in explosive blessings..expect best. Dream BIG. Think BIG. Gods promise to give abundance so you can be a BIG blessing to others. People don’t control your destiny. God has a final say. Not everyone will love your success but stay positive and you have power to overcome negativity.  God will bring you out better if you stay cool and positive.
I know in the midst of chaos you control your emotions and can be peaceful…that is when you see what you need to do…when you find strength to say to yourself ” I am loved…at peace”…and really…really believe it…then peace will be given to you and clarity will emerge to make right decisions! Major aha moment was a verse from Bible, “Go let it be done to you as you believe…” Yes, what do you want to believe to happen in your life?

My third lesson: Loving yourself is not selfish.  Loving yourself brings people in your life who honor you and serve you and encourage your growth!  I have experienced a major transformation and awakening and still do. It have new courage new understanding and new look at my life. God has been a center of all my new choices. It gave me strength, self love and compassion!

My forth lesson: When it comes to professional growth transformation gave me direction and seeing that my creative writing, publicity and branding skills were valuable and unique.   I say with God you have no limits. It is your belief in yourself that drives your life and business forward! Only one thing that limits God is YOU…It starts with you and it is up to you to have best results or not.

Start removing limits from your Divine creator…Believe in the impossible…When you believe in the impossible and unseen your success will manifest faster because your faith has been stretched!

Happy Holidays!


Tatyana Gann

How NOT to lose your mind and be in the NOW!

How often do you look outside and everywhere else around but the forget the person you see every day in the  mirror!

On Sunday afternoon I was getting ready for my book photo shoot. It started raining outside right as I was I leaving my house and when I got to the studio I realized it would be few hours before I could leave …I said to myself, “Well, I am going to enjoy what I have now and will enjoy sitting in front of a big fancy mirror, getting my make up and hair done!! Then, I heard a voice in my head saying “I have to look at myself for hours. YIKES!” I got puzzled…

I had to regroup my thoughts and I focus on how fun it would be! I knew my kids were fine.  I knew my family was safe and sound.  I enjoyed being and  living in the moment. Nothing better than to spend an afternoon with amazing friends who are doing their best to make you look and feel fabulous. As I was looking in the mirror and saw the transformation – my make up, my hair I felt more confident and more beautiful. But I knew the make up would be eventually removed and my hair would not look like that every day. I thought about my heart, my soul and my mind. It is a part of who we are and the attitude toward our life is the best make up we could wear.  It leaves the impact on people around us and it keeps our heart pure and beautiful! A mirror becomes your friend and not your enemy. Your eyes reflect your soul’s condition and they tell your story…

It made me think….

When it comes to creating personal success, people spend their time, thousands of dollars searching for that perfect secret ingredient to creating success. They search for new ideas, better solutions, attend business seminars and even have private coaching lessons… It is all wonderful but… There is one thing that prevents people from moving forward or creating their success they want and deserve.

Let me illustrate better
.. When I started as an entrepreneur over six years ago, I did not have a mentor. I did not know what to do, how to market a business, close and sell products. I did not know why people needed personal development. I even considered it a foreign subject.. Huh. It was a complete a new language for me that I was not willing to learn at that time and did not really consider as an important part of my life.

I was worried about too many things.  I created too many blocks in my mind called “If and But” … Does it sound familiar to you?

…I was worried if what I did would provide the income for my family I needed right that second, and I was in a constant mode of worrying. I felt like a driver who pushes his breaks and make turns because he or she did not know the direction or even a vision. But the problem was much bigger!

The problem was lack of focus on NOW… Every day of our life we worry and think about what we did a  few minutes ago, last week, last year and even few years ago. Then we are worried about tomorrow, next year and what people would think of us tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and we spend the entire day thinking, processing and we feel exhausted and realize we have not accomplished anything. Then we worry that we have not accomplished anything and we worry again about things we just thought.

Here is a simple solution:
1. You must gather your thoughts now.
What is your priority today? Write them down..
You must understand that you must focus on your priorities and not what others want you to do. What do you need to do to achieve your goal, your success in your life. It does not mean you ignore other people needs. It is not what I mean. It is about loving yourself then giving others what you can give.

2. You must take one step at time.
Break everything down to the little things you need to accomplish and then focus on them. We all have big intentions and beliefs we can do it but little deeds matter to our success more.

3. Do not dwell on the past
Past is gone. That is why it is called past. Close the chapter of the last events. They are experiences and lessons. Take what is good and apply to your future. Every negative event can bring the best in you.

4. Do not anticipate on the future events
It can really hurt you emotionally and even create physical ailments.
It can cause stress from worrying and thinking about the things that did not happen.

5. Focus on the moment of NOW.
Look around and focus on the present, this moment, today and do your best. Focus on the things that need to be done now and that is your responsibility. By focusing on the responsibilities of NOW you will less likely  get lazy and slack off.
Every day is a new page in our chapter of life. We must treasure it and nurture our mind with gratitude and believe that tomorrow will be better and even better than today. Enjoy your today!

When it comes to choosing a business, or a new career we often ask ourselves if we could really be successful, if we should choose a business based on our passion that pays little in the beginning but more in the future or should we go with a business that we like it okay , but gives us a bigger paycheck today. When we think this way we create a  block. It prevents us to live in the moment of NOW. We create future blocks that have not even come true. We worry about the end results knowing that we can not control the end results.

My personal advice is to ask yourself what you want to do now to achieve short term goals and where you see yourself in few months or years. Of course we cannot guarantee that we would not change our careers or business paths. It can happen for sure. Focus on what brings you joy and what you know will bring value to your clients or customers, and feel that in your heart at that moment and the “how to ideas” to accomplish your life goals will come to you. The most successful people live in the moment of NOW and take responsible risks as they grow their business.

Today I am still learning.. I am learning to focus and refocus on the moment of NOW and what I need to do NOW. It is a learning process and we always learn and it makes us stronger. The only struggle we deal with is the struggle with ourselves and it is within us. We must learn to accept that past was past and we cannot change it.. We can only change future and create the future we want but focusing on NOW.

Let me know what you think about this post. Leave comments. Look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great week!

Tatyana Gann

Japanese Garden, Tranquility and Your Creativity

“In Silence, We Find Answers…” – The Bible

I love to meditate. Do you love to meditate? Have you tried it yet? As a family, we love to come to a place where we feel tranquility and serenity. I love the Japanese garden in Cheekwood Botanical Garden, here in Nashville. Being there helps me to define my life purpose. It helps me to regroup… and start things in the right direction. Answers come from inside with ease. It is a great place to remove my writing blocks or even entrepreneurial challenges. As a publicist, a business owner, a mompreneur, I deal with it often and I accept it as a new learning experience to be better at what I do!

Yesterday, I spent a day with my family and my friend and life coach Krisna Flum. We were working on my new project called “Kangen Princess: Guiding You Back To Original YOU” (we will share more news very soon…shh it is a top secret)… Krisna even brought her little gals to this beautiful place! We practiced balance in life; being with our families while working on our project. And… it worked! We accomplished a lot while seeing our kids play and have fun! Nothing better than the smile of your little kids! We were creative because we had fun, plotting new ideas, manifesting our dreams!!!

(we are on a mission)

An interesting thing I read about Japanese gardens… people come to a Japanese garden to experience tranquility, so that their imagination and creativity will experience a boost! I remember reading in the Bible that Within Silence We Find Deep Answers.

It is all within…

…But, here is the thing we all struggle with: A balance of work and finding the time to relax.  So, I want to ask you…

Want to be more productive, but no clue where to go?  How do you define what it means to be productive? Do you feel you are spinning the wheels? Do you feel you are active in what you do, but never produce results? Are you striving  to be a perfectionist?

Just a few days ago, I was in my favorite bookstore and I grabbed a nice comfy chair.  I was also listening to water fall sounds and felt I was in my own little escape world from stress and life outside of the bookstore.  Personally for me, staying sane in a world filled with daily stress and constant new demands can be quite challenging and sometimes seemingly impossible.  70% of all medical problems are stress related and honestly there is no quick fix.  However, there are a few solutions or tips that can help anyone. They are very simple and so often overlooked.

Economic conditions are often false triggers

Especially due to the economic condition our country and the world is in  today, no wonder more and more people are depressed, overweight and develop chronic health conditions. Have we “created” a belief for ourselves about our current conditions due to the media and what we hear on weekly basis?

Did we allow what is happening in this country and even globally, to stop us from being productive?

I think it is an excuse for some to justify laziness. What should we do? We feel we are stuck in this mess and we often do not know whom to listen to and who can listen to us!

Control the stress. First and foremost we must put stress in its place like a misbehaving child who is out of control… and we must do the same with our stress. We must recognize we have a problem and determine what we must do about it. I learned to focus on the important matters in my life, despite the daily distractions. I call them “destructive distractions” since they carry destructive power. I learned to regroup and refocus on my priorities to ease anxiety and create a balanced life.  My best advice to you: find time for yourself!

Here are  10+ Steps to Feeling Alive and Productive

1. Deep Breathing.

Honestly, we sometimes get so rushed and pushed in so many different directions and being occupied with life that we tend to forget to slow down and smell the roses! We must slow down and take a few deep breaths.  It helps us to calm down, to gather our thoughts and start all over or move on.  I love to listen to the calming water fall sounds like I did in the bookstore and just relax by closing my eyes and connecting with nature sounds.

2.  Stay Positive

You may say, “Yeah, right Tatyana!” Positive people have better results and outcomes in any difficult situation. It does not mean that positive people do not have stress. They do. They just handle it differently. Their minds are programmed to expect positive results. Negative and positive cannot exist together, so we must choose one or the other.

When things went wrong in my life and my business, or something just did not work out the way I expected, I often felt like giving up or quitting… but, I made a choice of being positive, even though I was hurt or disappointed because I knew something better would come out of it.

3. Pamper yourself

When is the last time you took time to enjoy a relaxing candle lit bath, took a long walk, or listened to soothing music? You deserve to love your mind and body and create positive energy around yourself! I love to listen to meditation music.  A few minutes of listening to this type of music helps to release negative energy that can build up.  As they say, “If Momma is not happy, no one is happy!” And don’t forget, you can also indulge in a nice velvety piece of dark chocolate!

4. Don’t worry about the little things in life

If it is not a big deal, let it go. We often put too much attention to things that just do not matter. We make little things look like elephants and create a reality around it. Once you realize that certain little things do not serve any purpose and cannot be undone, you can move forward.

5. Learn to forgive

Forgive others and forgive yourself. Believe in forgiveness and forget it.  Forgetting is a part of forgiveness.  Forgiving yourself for mistakes will free you to do what you need to do and prevent you from sitting in the mud pile of sorrow, pain and misery.  Forgiving yourself for what you have not done or done poorly will allow you to move forward.

6. De-Clutter Your life

De-cluttering your life means less stress. Do not feel that you have to be a supermom or a super-dad and try to do too many things at once!  Multitasking can clutter your life and create chaos.  Determine what needs to be done first and stick to your plan. Write a list of things that are IMPORTANT. Usually the most important things will always tend to be on the top of the list.  As they say, “the creme always rises to the top”. You will always know what is important to you.

7. Use the word “NO”

It is a quite negative word, however it could also be your best friend.  There are times we must learn to say “NO” to the requests and demands of others and sometimes isolate ourselves from the rushed world. I love making casseroles, stews and bake desserts for friends who are sick, or for someone who has just had a baby and needs assistance… or even just watching someone’s else child though I have my own jungle at home with my two boys! Often, we are afraid to say “NO” because we wonder what people would think of us or if perhaps they might think less of us.  NO is a powerful word, so learn to use it wisely!

8. Find positive people

Surround yourself with positive people who understand and support your life, your vision and believe in you! They can enrich your life in many ways. The most positive people in my life are my kids! They are the ones who got me interested in meditation and learning how to relax..I heard my son Timothy saying “Mommy, lets meditate and relax”.  I never told him about meditation and he is the one who welcomed it in his life.

9. Be Grateful

Count your blessings, one by one. Consider all your challenges as blessings because there is beauty in challenges. Be grateful for happy and joyous moments in life.  Be grateful for the little things that bring a smile to you.  As they say, be thankful and pray when it rains and pray when the sun shines. It is all GOOD!

” To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven” -Johannes Gaertner

10. Take care of your body

Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours.  An adult in America sleeps on average 5 hours a night. No wonder people are stressed and tired. Sleep deprivation is right at the top along with bad eating habits, causing  countless health problems.  Create an exercise program and do it every day. Make it a habit.  I made a choice of eating healthy and a daily walking program… plus, drinking high ph water called kangen water.  Our well-being is a mirror of who we are.

11. Control what you do with your thoughts.

It does not matter if you have negative thoughts or positive things. It is about what you do with them. Do you like them, nurture them?  Your thoughts are like ice cream flavors. However, you only have one choice, one flavor at a time. Remember only you are in control of your life and well being.  Take baby steps and practice simple things that can ease your anxiety and create more harmony and balance. Have you ever been ina  situation where you wanted to make a huge leap into the future only to realize that you failed? The reason for that is that your mindset is not aligned yet with the quantum leap you wanted to make. Your views on life and how everything works have not changed.   Life is not always a bed of roses and learning how to improve your life takes time and wisdom.

12.  Be Creative

Creativity is the force behind productivity. Once you become creative and the ideas are flowing, you can then laser focus, providing you an opportunity to come  up with solutions that you never thought possible. Once you are creative and love what you do, it accelerates your productivity. I remember myself being involved in projects I loved and I felt very creative about… I could accomplish any task! In order to be creative we must relax, be tranquil and be at peace with who we are!

I want to end with a beautiful and simple quote, “Things do not change, we change”… Do not be afraid to make little changes in your life, because it is all for your good!

Have a great week!

Tatyana Gann, Nashville TN

(c) Copyright 2011 Tatyana Gann. All Rights Reserved.

Entrepreneurial Dangers…Do they exist?

Just a few weeks ago, I spent time with some of the most beautiful business women on the planet!  They are amazing women with big hearts, passion for life, for personal growth and serving others! We also made a video with a photo album to show you how social media brought us together (I hope you enjoy our feminine touch to it)!

As you know, entrepreneurs  tend to be risk takers, go givers and their income is the result of their mindset and actions combined.  When it comes to women running a business, women focus on giving 100% of their heart and energy because of the “mother hen” instinct that shines through!

Recent statistics show that more women start businesses now more than ever, and a very small percentage reach the million dollar income mark… Why?…What happens?

Lets look at these 5 qualities that I personally see women need today in order to reach true success in their business!

Top 5 best qualities:

1. Willingness to help
2. Empowering others
3. Determination
4. Giving heart
5. Teaching others

Watch the video. Tell me your thoughts. Feel free to leave comments and I hope it can help you to put things into perspective!

Tatyana Gann

(c) Copyright 2011 Tatyana Gann. All Rights Reserved

Tatyana Gann is the founder of SmokinHotPR Boutique. Tatyana Gann provides VIP publicity services. To Learn More about simple promotion and PR tips to spread the word about your business get an instant access to her publicity newsletter at

The power of your decision…How to decide what is best for YOU?

What a great summer we all had! I made many life decisions including a drastic decision to cut my long hair off and get a short haircut, start  a magazine, sell my house and even make plans to move.. My kids still ask me when it will grow back. They even asked me “Mommy, do you still feel like a woman?” Well, a change happens with a decision. Everything we do comes from the decision within…I love my new decision. It was based on my personal faith and nobody did that for me. What I realized when we make a decision, it is about our life, our own happiness. Some may not agree. Some will love it and stick to us and then we discover who true and loyal friends are!

The summer season is around the corner. I saw so many friends on Facebook making new decisions, opening their hearts, sharing their life stories. What an inspiration! I am grateful to know my wonderful friends and I dedicate it to them because they have inspired me, guided me and gave me the courage and they might not see it YET!

I believe, that every answer comes to you when you are in a total silence. When I want the answers I look at this photo of a sunset we took at the lake here in Nashville. I love serenity and seeing the power of the Creator who made all things beautiful and with the purpose to serve our life mission!

I remember the quote from my favorite author, “God speaks to me in peace and not in confusion” Joseph Muprhy, and I do my best to apply in my daily life!

I moved to this country when I was 19. I had an urge to apply for a scholarship 17 years ago. I was 19 and then I thought I was a brave young lady ready to take over the world, my Russian America. It was an amazing journey. Learned a lot and still a lot of bumps on the road. I wish I knew about the mindset power and power of the divine source back then…I am grateful for what I know now.

I am reading an amazing book called Wealth And Success by Joseph Murphy. He has series of Maximizing Your Potential. There is a prayer that will help you to make the right choices following intuition.

Whatever I need to know comes to me from the infinite presence within. Infinite Intelligence is operating through me, revealing me what I need to know. I radiate love, peace, and goodwill to all humankind in thought word and deed. I know that what I send out comes back thousandfold. GOd in me knows the answer.

The perfect answer is made known to me now for God is eternal now. Now divine wisdom makes all decisions through me. and there is only right action and right decision taking place in my life. I wrap myself in the infinite ocean of love and I know Divine right decision is mine now. I am at peace. I walk in the light, full of faith and confidence. I recognize the lead that comes to me. It is impossible for me to miss it. God speaks to me in peace and not in confusion thank you”

Remember every decision is your gift. It is a gift of choice. Know that you have the power to choose happiness, love, joy and make decisions based on the fact that Divinity lives in you…God will NOT do it for you, stop believing He would jump out of sky and change YOUR life. He will guide you because his spirit lives in you and operates THROUGH YOU! Believe in your power and affirm you have the ability and integrity to CHOOSE!  You cannot live with the decision to NEVER decide..Do not miss out on the beauty of life!

Thank you again for being you. Wishing you all ONLY the best on your life journey!!!

Enjoy your weekend!  I am off to meet my awesome friend Krisna for some yummy sushi and celebrate my birthday!!! Turning 36 on Monday and I FEEL YOUNGER than ever!  I love  my birthday celebration, girls talk and a lot of laughter.

With love and gratitude

Tatyana Gann

How to Manifest and Master Your Appreciation Skills

Have you felt you have nothing major to be grateful for? Well, you are not alone. A lot of us feel we have to be experiencing big things in life to show appreciation.
Today I received the article from the life coach who teaches how to become super manifestor. Really. I want you to check it out and share your thoughts in comments


Written by Jafree Ozwald
Experiencing a continuous appreciation for yourself, the world and everyone in it is the super highway to opening your manifesting powers, and connecting with the highest cosmic consciousness in the Universe, When your appreciation valve (in your heart) is 100% open for 24 hours in a row, extra little miracles start popping up all over your life!

Try giving appreciation to everything you see, touch, taste, smell and hear for one day. One day, all day long, see if you can do it! This little practice is one of the most effective ways to becoming the master of your destiny.

Being in a constant state of appreciation is the ultimate goal of life. If you are challenged in the gratitude department you’re not alone. Many don’t know the secret to this ideal experience. It’s like finding a diamond filled gold mine! First start paying attention to whatever the little things you don’t appreciate at all. Find that which you are honestly thankful for and return to that thought and feeling as often as possible. Make a game of it!

See how many times in a 5 minutes you can crank up your Gratitude Barometer and re-ignite that blissful state inside. Whenever you find that honest appreciation feeling for anything, or anyone, stay connected with it and within it. Soon it will grow and evolve into a habit of gratitude that includes even those things you never imagined you could ever possibly appreciate.

If you can appreciate something that you’ve NEVER ever been able to appreciate you’ll be one step closer to becoming an appreciation master. The secret to mastering anything in your life is in how much FUN you can have within your experience.

The vibration of appreciation is so enjoyable and contagious that it will change you and everyone’s lives around you! The heartfelt feeling of gratitude contains magical seeds that plant the most enlightening, loving, delightful experiences to enjoy!!

You plant one seed of appreciation with your spouse today, and before you know it you’ll harvest the sweet fruit. By planting 100 seeds of gratitude a day you’ll have an abundant fortunate future indeed. I challenge you to live your life believing that there is NOTHING that you cannot appreciate.

Written by Jafree Ozwald. To learn about the author visit his website where you can watch video and instantly download over 300 pages of manifesting Materials and 240 minutes of MP3 Audio with this REVOLUTIONARY Super Manifesting Program!