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“Creativity is a talent. It is a gift. Anyone can write a story but your goal is to get people hooked on your story.  Can you do it? “

You have ideas. You have a big vision. You feel lost. You might feel scared. You might have lost some confidence. You cannot decide what to do next. You want something new and fun with your business.  I have been there standing on the cross roads asking myself a simple question, “What should I do?”

I have decided to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes and share some insights to get you on a new path.  I wrote this article just for you to guide you in the world of PR  and content  marketing and teach you simple way to get ideal clients, become locally known in your community and also get a national exposure with good content, compelling stories and much  more.

Are you ready?

In the past few years you heard a myth that PR is only for the elite clients with big budgets. Yes it is true. If you want to get major media exposure to get new high end clients or thousands of loyal consumers, you will have to find a firm to do it all for you. However, it can be very simple. If you are getting started, you should focus on taking small steps to become known.

Good promotional campaign is about knowing who you are, your values and what you ideal clients are.  It is a psychological process. It is about connecting two dots- your story to address issues that can bring solutions to your customers, get them fall in love with you and build long term relationships.

 There are few things you must consider before mapping out your creative writing or PR campaign to attract new clients.

But…there is one more thing…

In PR and content development it is much more. It is about perception.  What  does public think of your company and about you? But…My main question for you – how do you view yourself? Do you believe in yourself? Do you feel you deserve to have a super star presence? Your self-worth is a part of your message.

Today social media is the perfect platform to get message heard and shared. Your blog or your website can be controlled by you and the content you put on your blog can bring a change in how public sees you.  Again your can control what they see and feel about you. Of course no lying please! Be yourself, simplify your message by doing what YOU LOVE. YES!

Your goal is to make public understand you and your product’s value regardless what others say…Your goal is to present facts in a creative fun way …You must elevate yourself and your product and make it a breath of fresh air for your customers and media.

Do not be afraid to use new PR and social media technology. From social media monitoring tools to PR tools you can see if your topic or your niche is being talked about and what they say…Your mission is to join into the conversation and share your story and how it can compliment or transform your customer’s life.

Remember in PR you must be fast before others start talking about the same topic. It does not have to be perfect.

Millions of viewers access the Web every day. Facebook alone has over 900 million of users.  Imagine if you can put your message out in front of 1% of Facebook users. You do the math. It can get great publicity and loyal fans and long term customers. You must think strategically. You should do research what publications your customers love and adore. What do they pay attention to?  Who are the editors, TV producers or freelance writers that write or talk on your subject. Start working on your new media list. Find them on Twitter. Your customers are your PR as well.

Get their names from the magazines you find in any bookstore. It is updated. Go for it. All they can do is to say NO or refer. Ask for the right person to talk to.  I have personally connected with TV producers and editors because I set an intention and was very genuine in my email to them. I did not use a cookie cutter email. It came from my heart and I expressed how I can serve their readers and viewers. But…I was sticking to my vision.

Tip: Know what you want. Be clear and have passion. It shows and editors are human too. They will feel it and bend backwards to get the message heard.

The biggest mistake business owners make – they are forcing people to look at their products instead of showing how their products can solve their problems. Pressure repels customers.  If you have a great product, compelling fun entertaining story you can earn a media coverage. If you start advertising and do heavy promotion you might get an angry email from editors. Stop advertising, become a story teller. Your content must exalt and praise customers!

Are you ready to attract new clients? 

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