How NOT to lose your mind and be in the NOW!

How often do you look outside and everywhere else around but the forget the person you see every day in the  mirror!

On Sunday afternoon I was getting ready for my book photo shoot. It started raining outside right as I was I leaving my house and when I got to the studio I realized it would be few hours before I could leave …I said to myself, “Well, I am going to enjoy what I have now and will enjoy sitting in front of a big fancy mirror, getting my make up and hair done!! Then, I heard a voice in my head saying “I have to look at myself for hours. YIKES!” I got puzzled…

I had to regroup my thoughts and I focus on how fun it would be! I knew my kids were fine.  I knew my family was safe and sound.  I enjoyed being and  living in the moment. Nothing better than to spend an afternoon with amazing friends who are doing their best to make you look and feel fabulous. As I was looking in the mirror and saw the transformation – my make up, my hair I felt more confident and more beautiful. But I knew the make up would be eventually removed and my hair would not look like that every day. I thought about my heart, my soul and my mind. It is a part of who we are and the attitude toward our life is the best make up we could wear.  It leaves the impact on people around us and it keeps our heart pure and beautiful! A mirror becomes your friend and not your enemy. Your eyes reflect your soul’s condition and they tell your story…

It made me think….

When it comes to creating personal success, people spend their time, thousands of dollars searching for that perfect secret ingredient to creating success. They search for new ideas, better solutions, attend business seminars and even have private coaching lessons… It is all wonderful but… There is one thing that prevents people from moving forward or creating their success they want and deserve.

Let me illustrate better
.. When I started as an entrepreneur over six years ago, I did not have a mentor. I did not know what to do, how to market a business, close and sell products. I did not know why people needed personal development. I even considered it a foreign subject.. Huh. It was a complete a new language for me that I was not willing to learn at that time and did not really consider as an important part of my life.

I was worried about too many things.  I created too many blocks in my mind called “If and But” … Does it sound familiar to you?

…I was worried if what I did would provide the income for my family I needed right that second, and I was in a constant mode of worrying. I felt like a driver who pushes his breaks and make turns because he or she did not know the direction or even a vision. But the problem was much bigger!

The problem was lack of focus on NOW… Every day of our life we worry and think about what we did a  few minutes ago, last week, last year and even few years ago. Then we are worried about tomorrow, next year and what people would think of us tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and we spend the entire day thinking, processing and we feel exhausted and realize we have not accomplished anything. Then we worry that we have not accomplished anything and we worry again about things we just thought.

Here is a simple solution:
1. You must gather your thoughts now.
What is your priority today? Write them down..
You must understand that you must focus on your priorities and not what others want you to do. What do you need to do to achieve your goal, your success in your life. It does not mean you ignore other people needs. It is not what I mean. It is about loving yourself then giving others what you can give.

2. You must take one step at time.
Break everything down to the little things you need to accomplish and then focus on them. We all have big intentions and beliefs we can do it but little deeds matter to our success more.

3. Do not dwell on the past
Past is gone. That is why it is called past. Close the chapter of the last events. They are experiences and lessons. Take what is good and apply to your future. Every negative event can bring the best in you.

4. Do not anticipate on the future events
It can really hurt you emotionally and even create physical ailments.
It can cause stress from worrying and thinking about the things that did not happen.

5. Focus on the moment of NOW.
Look around and focus on the present, this moment, today and do your best. Focus on the things that need to be done now and that is your responsibility. By focusing on the responsibilities of NOW you will less likely  get lazy and slack off.
Every day is a new page in our chapter of life. We must treasure it and nurture our mind with gratitude and believe that tomorrow will be better and even better than today. Enjoy your today!

When it comes to choosing a business, or a new career we often ask ourselves if we could really be successful, if we should choose a business based on our passion that pays little in the beginning but more in the future or should we go with a business that we like it okay , but gives us a bigger paycheck today. When we think this way we create a  block. It prevents us to live in the moment of NOW. We create future blocks that have not even come true. We worry about the end results knowing that we can not control the end results.

My personal advice is to ask yourself what you want to do now to achieve short term goals and where you see yourself in few months or years. Of course we cannot guarantee that we would not change our careers or business paths. It can happen for sure. Focus on what brings you joy and what you know will bring value to your clients or customers, and feel that in your heart at that moment and the “how to ideas” to accomplish your life goals will come to you. The most successful people live in the moment of NOW and take responsible risks as they grow their business.

Today I am still learning.. I am learning to focus and refocus on the moment of NOW and what I need to do NOW. It is a learning process and we always learn and it makes us stronger. The only struggle we deal with is the struggle with ourselves and it is within us. We must learn to accept that past was past and we cannot change it.. We can only change future and create the future we want but focusing on NOW.

Let me know what you think about this post. Leave comments. Look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great week!

Tatyana Gann

21 thoughts on “How NOT to lose your mind and be in the NOW!

  1. Tatyana, thank you for such good advice. It is important to keep learning in all things… even the basics like you have pointed out. Learn from the past and plan for the future but Focus on Today in order to move forward. Great info to apply Today.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Tatyana. I think we all have those moments of insecurity. You’ve found a great way of working though it. Great tips! Have a wonderful day! You are beautiful inside and out! Bless you!

  3. Loved it Tatyana, it resonated with me a lot, my friend. There is no guaranty in life, the more flexible and open minded we can become, the more joy we will experience in life and business. Thank you for sharing your amazing advice ~ appreciate it!

  4. Very wise post. Thanks for telling us your why, how, and where you were in the beginning of your business. It’s always great to see someone who opened their eyes and was willing to take a scary jump into the unknown. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Do not live in the past, don’t look to tomorrow unless you’re living right in the present.

    Just came up with that. For the longest time I forgot what it was like to live in the present. Life has an entirely new perspective now.

  6. Such good advice, Tatyana. I am glad you were able to focus on your day at the studio and enjoy it in the moment. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful portraits.

  7. Hi Tatyana,
    Thank you for give us a glimpse to what it was like for you to get started in business. I know a lot of people with similar stories and unfortunately they remained for too long in the overwhelming stage and got discouraged and quit. I love to read testimonials of success…I feel like celebrating with you. I love how you took us on your photo shoot….you look beautiful and more importantly you bring us on the road of good choices and tenacity. Great share!

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