ABCs of Facebook Marketing

“Discover ABCs Of Facebook Marketing and What It Takes To Become Successful In Social Media by Mari Smith”

Confused with Facebook marketing? Ready to simplify your business and bring more customers into your online or local business?

I have a special gift “ABCs of Facebook Marketing” for you from my canadian scottish friend Mari Smith, an awesome trainer and creator of Mari Smith Quick Start Social Media Kit that I personally believe should be in the home of every business owners who uses social media for marketing their business. Mari Smith is all about people relationships and her strategies reflect her passion for building long term relationships, having fun and skyrocketing our income.

She was very gracious to come and be a guest today on my Smokin HotPR Blog Talk Radio and you can listen to the call and share with your friends and collegues . Mari Smith, a truly social media expert and known as Pied Piper of Facebook by shared with many listeners the common facebook marketing mistakes.  It was a truly amazing call and the great news that is available for a replay.

As you know I credit Facebook as my #1 source of FREE traffic for many reasons. After using Facebook for over 2 years I can see how it can be an awesome marketing platform but also to build long relationships and the proof is the radio show I did with Mari Smith, a sought after speaker and a social media trainer!

Mari shared ABCs of Facebook Marketing and why Facebook is not a network but a powerhouse of social media world.

  • It is a truly connected community of unique people with different talents and skills
  • Over 430 million users registered on Facebook
  • Allows to upload over billion images a month
  • Allows to share content (personal and others content) and participate in viral marketing
  • Her favorite tools to automate her social media presence and how to combine it with a natural presence.
  • Her top facebook applications
  • The power of broadcasting other people content to show your intellectual property
  • How to connect, delegate and evaluate content
  • Plus many more awesome tips

I urge to check out Mari Smith’s Quick Start Social Media Kit because it gives you opportunity to get started with Facebook and Twitter and make a quantum leap in your social media presence.  It is fantastic home study course of 8 DVDs, webinars, recorded videos and PDF downloads where she covers common mistakes and gives the right social media strategies. Her clients experienced great results and you will be truly impressed when you see them.

Make sure listen to the recorded Facebook Marketing Blog Talk Radio Podcast and love to hear your feedback and comments!


Tatyana Gann

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