Top 5 Secrets Women Must Know To Get The Power Back.



I am ready to claim my power! “

How often do you hear this statement?  Personal development experts believe anyone can claim their power just by speaking it. Interesting enough, not everyone understands the responsibilities that come with that power.

Over the weekend, my friend Irina invited me to spend Sunday afternoon on the lake, sailing with her friends. I immediately said “yes” without having a single clue what it would be like. You know you think you know and when you get there you realize it takes focus, knowledge and expertise to sail  effortlessly. You have to be in control of the boat. You are the captain! You cannot let winds and fears win you over. It was pretty scary at first, but I did it anyway…

Quite often we let strong winds of adversity distract us from the main vision or we simply give up and go back to the shore. In order to get things done, we must claim our power. We cannot have somebody else take over or we cannot allow life events control the desired outcome.
We all want to become a rare diamond….but are YOU  ready for some heat, pressure, and a lot of delicate carving….?

My golden rule of breakthrough:
When you stop talking yourself out of success, stop talking yourself out of being under pressure you have breakthroughs. If you want to experience any personal growth, your booty will be kicked. You will be criticized for being ambitious. You will be told what YOU can earn and what you can become, but only you can set your boundaries and do not let others change your views.

Secret #1 Knowing
When you  know what you want  at a very deep level and see yourself getting what you want…you become unstoppable. Be honest. Set an intention so strong that you feel it vibrating in every cell of your being. Honesty with yourself can open doors to miracles in life, things happening the way you want.

Knowing what you want will increase your faith. It will put you on the right course. Sometimes we doubt ourselves because we are not sure about what we truly want.  Sometimes we block our vision by our doubts. Imagine, if my friend did not know how to sail or where to go…It would be a disaster!!!
If you know what you want in life, never say, “I cannot do this…It is too overwhelming or I do not have means to achieve it…” Stop this self-sabotage immediately by writing down all the necessary steps you can take to achieve your dreams. Let your “secret wants” become your accomplished visions in your mind. See it first!

Secret # 2 LOVE
When you love what you do….people feel it and follow YOU. When you love who you are, you will choose what you love to do and will feel WORTHY of having the best life!
Do not waste time on what gives you very little joy! Focus on the activities that allow personal and professional GROWTH. Growth brings MORE LOVE in. When you witness your personal transformation, you become excited about life again. You see change and you want MORE of it.

Secret # 3 TRUST
When you trust yourself to achieve Big Goals, God will match your goals and your dreams. God says “I give according to your faith.” here is your answer! 4

In working with women I noticed that sometimes women want to look feminine but use sex appeal instead. I ask “Why is it important”? I do not get it. Bikinis, mini skirts, revealing shirts. Is that truly showing your professionalism? Well, unless you live on the island and even then modesty to some degree is always good.

For all my ladies friends.. Trust yourself to be a real woman. Do not try to create a sex appeal to attract customers. Do not use your looks to make a difference. You have a lot of inner power to impact others being a real woman. It is ENOUGH.

You must be around women who know their WHY and women who share their knowledge with you, support you, collaborate with you and help you genuinely without any agenda.

Secret #4. Know who you are

Know who you are– A WOMAN! When a woman goes through the challenging times in her life and comes out of them without losing her dignity, she shines like a diamond because she knows her personal power. She becomes LIMITLESS. She is FIERCE and UNSTOPPABLE!

However, women are often ashamed of their darkest life moments or do not share it with others until their soul cries. As I was going through the divorce, I had to be careful what I could share with others. It was a very difficult time in my life, but I was blessed with friends I could trust to share my journey with.  I saw a lot of pain in my experiences…They saw an inspirational and transformational message. I held onto their faith in me until I regained my power.

I dedicated my time to studying powerful women. I learned that almost every successful woman had experienced losses or failures, but she persevered. These women surrounded themselves with powerful women as their support system.

Are you surrounding yourself with strong women you can learn from?

Secret # 5 Do it anyway


Ladies, You can wear heels, put a little red dress on and OWN your place in life. Do not loose your feminine sweet side for the sake of being accepted in the man’s world. BE YOU! Do it anyway. Your inner joy of being a woman should never be controlled by the world’s standards.
It is your GIFT.

Coach Tatyana

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